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Q Poll: Scott Takes Lead, But Primary Races Wide Open

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A huge number of Florida voters remain undecided or might change their minds before the upcoming statewide primaries for U. S. Senate and governor, according to the Quinnipiac poll released today.
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Oct 29 2008

Exclusive Poll: Presidential Politics and the Broward Sheriff’s Race

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By  Jim Kane, The Florida Voter


With the Barack Obama campaign poised for a big win in Broward County, most political observers have assumed that The Democratic ticket’s coattails could sweep Scott Israel into the Sheriff’s office, even though he pales in comparison to Sheriff Al Lamberti in both name recognition and campaign cash.

This is not a new phenomenon in American politics. “Coattail effects usually occur in elections that are classified as electoral landslides.

But the coattail effects may not be helping Israel as much as he would hope, a new exclusive poll found this week. Read the rest of this entry »