Survey Shows That Mike Satz Is Vulnerable


The survey was done only in Sunrise, but it still should vitally interest State Attorney Mike Satz.

After 36 years in office, the survey* found:

  • Only about 25 percent of Sunrise voters thought Satz was doing a good job.  
  • A little over 8 percent said he wasn’t.
  • A whopping 64 percent of the Sunrise voters don’t have an opinion on whether Satz is doing a good job.
  • The rest refused to answer.

The key number is how many voters don’t have an opinion on whether Satz is doing a good job.

It means that 64 percent of the public in Sunrise have no opinion about Satz, even after all his years in office. There is no reason the results would not be similar in other parts of Broward.

Given these results, the public’s opinion of Satz is a blank slate.  A credible opponent has an opportunity.

An opponent could use the next two years to shape the public’s opinion of Satz. As a loser.  As a do-nothing.

Of course, Satz also has two more years until his re-election in 2012.

Two more years to step up his own media operation.  Two more years to burnish his image.  Two more years to make the name Satz synonymous with crime fighting.

Satz’s flack Ron Ishoy needs to start trumpeting his boss’s triumphs regularly and repeatedly.  Ishoy needs to push Satz out in front of the TV cameras.

The template is Katherine Fernandez Rundle, the Miami-Dade State Attorney. 

I saw Rundle do several minutes on the WPLG Channel 10 News last week talking about gang violence in Miami and what she is doing about it. When is the last time you saw Satz on TV?

Just look at the difference in the two prosecutors’ websites.

This is Rundle’s.  Here is Satz’s.

Rundle’s site is filled with information on how the prosecutor’s office can help the public.  She’s on Twitter.

Satz’s site looks like it was put together in the 1990s when twitter was only something a bird did.

This survey should be a wake up call for Satz.

He needs to start getting more visible now.  Or else somebody else will be sitting in the prosecutor’s office in two years.

(*The survey was done by’s pollster Jim Kane. It was a survey of 402 voters conducted by phone between July 30-August 1. )

4 Responses to “Survey Shows That Mike Satz Is Vulnerable”

  1. The Courthouse Rambler says:

    Everybody says that Howard Finkelstein will drum up an opponent for Satz. He has his eyes on a prosecutor to oppose Satz now and has promised his support.

  2. Politico says:

    I don’t believe Satz will win re-election. Too bad that the Feds had to take care of all the illegalities which were overlooked for so many years.

  3. Bob Z says:

    Satz has no future like all the innocent people he destroyed.

  4. Probably Insane says:

    FIX THE SPELLING ERROR ON VULNERABLE!!! It is absolutely irritating when “journalists” misspell words.

    FROM BUDDY: Thanks for catching my typo.