Poll: Wishner Ahead In Sunrise Mayor’s Race


Sunrise Mayor Roger Wishner is winning the mayor’s race, according to a new poll by the Florida Voter.

Wishner is ahead of his opponent Mike Ryan by a comfortable 37 to 29 percent.  There is 31 percent undecided and more who didn’t answer the question, so the race could still go either way.

There are two other clues favorable to Wishner in the survey by Browardbeat.com’s pollster Jim Kane of 402 voters conducted by phone July 30-August 1:

*When asked if they approved or disapproved of the job the Sunrise City Commission was doing, 53 percent of voters approved and 26 percent disapproved.  Voters believe incumbents like Wishner are doing a good job.  

*Over 41 percent of those surveyed have a favorable opinion of Wishner, while 24 percent have an unfavorable opinion.  About 25 percent have no opinion.

Ryan does have an opening.  Over 55 percent of voters never heard of him.

That gives Ryan an opportunity to reach those voters with a favorable message.  Less than 5 percent of voters surveyed have an unfavorable opinion of him.

The mayor’s election is Aug. 24.

62 Responses to “Poll: Wishner Ahead In Sunrise Mayor’s Race”

  1. concerned resident says:

    How can this be accurate? The only thing I can think of is that Ryan is splitting the vote with the 3rd candidate (I can’t remember her name). If you go to any of the debates, Wishner has lost and the general residents have seem upset with him.

    FROM BUDDY: The poll question was just Wishner and Ryan, not any other candidate.

  2. Sal says:

    So basically the poll said this – approximately:

    150 people like Wishner
    120 people like Ryan
    130 aren’t sure yet

    …and apparently a little over 200 have never heard of him? Hmmm….

    I love how a poll of 400 represents over 4000 typical Sunrise voters.


    You have the same objection to polls that has been made for years.

    Pollsters argue that a blind telephone poll like the one done in Sunrise is statistically accurate.

    A poll only tells us who voters were backing on the day it was taken and things could change. Remember that because of the large number of undecided voters, I wrote that the results could go either way.

  3. Another Voice says:

    Anybody that follows Sunrise knows that Wishner is really in trouble. First he gets his buddy (sorry, Buddy) Stuart Michalson the City Attorney gig at three times the cost of the previous city attorney in a no-bid deal, then Michalson gives an opinion that the Deputy Mayor (appointed by the Commission and ceremonial in nature) gets to be mayor without an election! Wishner perpetuates corruption as he drives around Sunrise in his Porsche SUV with his “ladyfriend” but the truth is he is costing sunrise taxpayers a fortune. I’ll vote for Ryan, he is the real deal.

  4. Flip flop says:

    Roger has done a fine job for Sunrise. Tax revenues are up. The city has grown by leaps and bounds under his care.
    For the Sunrise voters out there if you want Sunrise to continue growing and bringing in jobs and services, then vote for Roger Wishner. If you want to stall progress and send the quality of life in the city backwards, vote for Mike Ryan, who has never accomplished anything significant in his life.

  5. Wishner is a Flip Flopper says:

    Flip Flop, is that you Wishner or Rubenstein. Grown leaps and bounds “under his care”. What? Tax revenues are up. What?

    Wishner is a true flip flopper. He supported a dump in the City until hundreds came out and he got lectured by tamarac and lauderhil officials, then backed down (disappointing his friends and contributors for sure). He supported the everglades project and took tons of contributions from the attorney and developers, until he had to back down when safety concerns made the front page. Gave police and fire overtime and raises and contracts, now hates them. Voted raises for himself, now says no one should get any. I guess those are accomplishments in your mind. No thanks. We dont need that type of “care”.

  6. Angie D'Amico says:

    Roger Wishner and Mike Ryan do not support their own city’s schools. Their children attend other cities public schools!Mike Ryan couldn’t handle problematic situations while he was PTA President.While a coach for Sunrise’s recreational sports, he would bad mouth other coaches to his players and their parents.When he lost a game he would not offer a hand shake or compliment. He is sore loser.Could you really see him handling much tougher issues???

  7. another sunrise resident says:

    Mike Ryan shook the hand of every coach and player on the field after every game. Additionally, after each game he coached he held a rally session to pump up each team member by commenting on their contributions to the game they had just played in whether they WON or LOST. He inspired us all to find the good in every LITTLE thing that our children did and to build on it.

    My son was fortunate enough to be on several of Coach Mike’s and Coach Ana’s teams and we have only heard of Coach Mike being upset with playing 4 games in 5 days one season and that some nights the games finishing times could effect school studies.

    Who is Angie D’Amico? I checked every roster of ours and could not find her on any team? Sometimes people speak of things they do not know about…or just create in their minds.

  8. Ana Lasher says:

    “Ms. D’Amico: as to Mike Ryan, your post utterly false.

    First strike, as to where his children are attending school, you are outright wrong. His daughter goes to an elementary school and his son finished elementary in Sunrise and is going to middle school BOTH in Sunrise this year. I would note, yours go to school in Coral Springs schools.

    Second, as to your PTA comments, you are utterly lying. I served PTA for 5 years, 3 while Mike was an officer, 1 while he was president. He was an accomplished PTA president and PTA Dad. I never saw you at any of the meetings or any board meetings where issues were decided with Mike (because your children were already in Coral Springs schools when he started his first year as president). In fact, your only issue with Mike was after he took over as President at the end of the school year, the yearbook from the year (before he became President) had your son’s last name (not D’Amico) missing a consonant and you wanted a complete refund of the yearbook. Mike offered to take money out of his own pocket rather than costing PTA (even thou he had nothing to do with yearbook and you accepted that). Not only did you get the refund and get to keep the yearbook, but he also worked with printer and other the PTA committee responsible for the yearbook, to reprint a page for you. That is the only issue you could have ever had with Mike because he was not even President while your child was there.

    Third, as to coaching; I coached with Mike in multiple leagues and sports, both girls and boys for the past five years. You are utterly lying here as well — in fact, this is painful mean-spirited lie given what parents and kids think of Mike as coach. He is universally seen by parents, kids, and other coaches as someone demonstrating the highest ideals of coaching, win or lose. Our coaching philosophy which we shared with every one of our players is, no matter the score at the end of the game, we respect everyone and congratulate all for their efforts and that included referees, coaches from all teams, and most importantly the players. You are just outright lying. One more point, even coaches that we competed against are supporting Mike now as they know his character.

    If you want to come out and speak your mind, make sure you can sustain it all the way through

    That’s three strikes for you…. You are OUT!!!
    Coach Ana

  9. Angie says:

    To “another Sunrise resident” At least I have the courage to give my name. How about you? Who R U ? Just because I have a different last name doesn’t mean I do not have a child who plays Sunrise sports. They let people like you vote.

  10. I know Mike and Roger says:

    Angie, kudos’s for posting your name with your comment. A suggestion— when attempting to make a credible post do not contradict your own post.

    I personally know Mike, Roger and their families. I have car pooled and my son has been on sport teams that Mike has coached. I am a manager in a company that conducts business with Roger Wishner and on a personal level our son’s have been in Cub Scouts, Soccer/Flag football practices and games, birthday parties and play in the park together.

    In one sentence you state that RYAN doesn’t support the schools in the City and the next you are commenting about him being PTA President which everyone knows takes a lot of personal time and effort. Your criticism clearly indicates a personal issue with Mike Ryan and something he has been involved with that has affected you and compelled you to speak out.

    Mike Ryan was the PTA President for the past two years and will be the Parliamentarian this coming year for Sunrise’s Sawgrass Elementary School. I KNOW he supports schools in Sunrise as he donates his time to making things better for everyone he is involved with. Regardless of who they are.

    Regarding attending the city’s schools. We shared the same plight last year with the Ryan Family. Our son’s assigned school had a B rating. The government school program No Child Left Behind makes provisions for parents to enroll their children in schools which “make the grade”. After significant planning and committments being made with other families having the same problem and concerns we sought out a public school which could support our higher academic needs. Late in the summer the schools rating reached an A. However, rather than break his comittment to our group he continued to carpool with all of the families but told us that his son would be attending his assigned school next/this year.

    Even though our originally assigned school has now reached an A rating, our son will still be going to a school outside of Sunrise. Mike’s son will and his daughter still does.

    Regarding Roger, even though our sons were on the same teams, camped together in scouts he never once approached anyone to say hello and introduce himself. This took place while he was running for office against Irwin Harlem. I thought this was odd and pretentious. Someone who should be campaigning and looking for votes did not associate with or introduce himself to the parents (constituents) of his son’s team mates. He was aloof and self consumed. As far as his son’s education, they both attend Indian Ridge…located in Davie, FL. His wife donated her time as a volunteer and chaired events at Sawgrass Elementary.

    Obviously, my vote goes to Ryan. He is intelligient, fiscally responsible, efficient and effective. Most importantly, he genuinely cares about others and puts many sacrifices on his own family before that of others. I cannot say the same for Wishner and his special interests.

  11. another sunrise resident says:

    Angie – it is not about courage of putting your name out for everyone to read. It’s about voicing an opinion and anonymity. And on this blog probably only 20 posts will make this string complete.

    Mike if you are out there – since Angie is using her real name…what did you do to upset her?

  12. Angie says:

    To Ana: Did his child attend a Sunrise school last yr? I’m not running for Mayor and being a hypocrite as to where my child goes to school. As far as the yr book goes I NEVER received a refund. Melissa handled the situation and I commended her for it. I have 14 emails you are most welcome to review in how he dealt with the situation as the upcoming PTA President. As far as sports go, I know of myself, other parents and coaches that saw his behavior towards the opposing coaches when he’d lose. I too have family members who coach in this city. Again, I do have facts so I speak of them. You are entitled to believe what you feel.

  13. Angie says:

    I stand corrected: it was a woman by the name of Ginny who rectified the yr.book situation. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was lying.

  14. another sunrise resident says:

    Angie for practical purposes my name is irrelevant. The constitution enabled my right to vote. Who are you referring to when you say “THEY” let people like you vote?”

    You obviously have an axe to grind…I’ll bet someone can dig up a cancelled check for a yearbook refund that Mike Ryan signed as PTA President or authorized as soon as he became PTA President.

  15. Angie says:

    To “I know Mike and Roger” Your post is most diplomatic.I should of made my comment clearer re supporting our schools. At the elementary level their children attend Sunrise schools and they seem to support them; after that they seek other city schools. My feeling is if you want to commit to being a representative for our city,then do it all the way. If Ryan is going to support all the Sunrise schools then kudos to him.

  16. Angie says:

    If you can find that check please do! He did not pay cash either. Obviously you have no idea what you’re talking about. We settled with a corrective yr.book page. Don’t worry “They” let you vote too.

  17. I know Mike and Roger says:

    Angie – thank you.

    Mr. Ryan’s children are both enrolled in City of Sunrise Schools K-6 and Elementary. Mr. Wishner’s are not.

    He clearly supports the City’s schools where his children are enrolled more so than any other individual who is not a direct employee paid by the school board.

    Based upon school issues who are you going to vote for and why?

    My choice is still Mike Ryan. He gives his free time to help others. I cannot say the same about our acting Mayor?

  18. Polling 101 says:

    Who helped you with your analysis of this poll???
    Any pollster worth a dime will tell you that an incumbent with the name ID of Wishner to have a favorability this far under 50% is in big trouble. and as to the 30% undecided, do you know how they historically break as the election gets closer? 2-1 to the challenger.
    Not sure what’s in it for you to put on the rose colored glasses for wishner but it’s certainly not the numbers in this poll.
    From Buddy:
    Jim Kane, who is Browardbeat’s pollster and teaches survey science at UF Gainesville, helped me with my analysis.

  19. Sunrise Mom says:

    Angie, I’m just curious – where do your children attend school? You seem so concerned about this issue, I’m wondering – do your children attend a Sunrise Middle School? Mine do. I chose to support our local school.

    The bottom line is that Mike Ryan and his wife were both extremely involved at a Sunrise school, Sawgrass Elementary. And, I expect to see the same from them at Bair Middle School.

    If you look at education as a topic, you can’t even begin to compare the candidates. Mike Ryan has buried Wishner in the sand without even blinking on that one.

    Then, start looking at the other issues facing our city and choose the candidate that will serve the city and its residents in the most ethical, professional and responsible way.

  20. Angie says:

    My oldest attended Sunrise schools. For West Sunrise students their high school is Plantation. My oldest could give you in great detail of what he thought of the education and safety of that school. He finished his last 2 yrs. of high school at the College Academy.(grad last summer)Note:you can request police reports of any school you like. My son was a witness to a crime at that school. For safety reasons I will not get into that.Due to our past experiences re: safety along with education I will be chosing a different route for my middle schooler who attends school in C.Springs. Have you ever wondered why we haven’t had any new schools built out in the much developed West Sunrise area? Why is Bair Middle/ Plantation High not over populated? Many Elem. schools feed into that middle school. Where are the children going? and why? You will not see new schools built out west because there is NO OVERCROWDING at our schools. Yes, I have done my homework on this issue. I feel if a person wants to run for office in their city they should give 100%. Maybe if their children attend our schools they can see the problems and help to fix them. We HAVE and HAD members of our city council who send their kids elsewhere. They get those reassignments/open seats luckily. Like I said before, KUDOS to Ryan if he can make a change in those schools. I am quite knowledgeable of the two main candidates running for Mayor. Thank you

  21. Angie says:

    Clarification: the crime my son was a witness to was at Plant. My middle schooler attend a Sunrise Elem. school before going to C. Springs

  22. Angie says:

    For those of you who chose to counter my discussions I take my hat off to you. Your compassion to the candidate you want in office is greatly noted. What a great country we have that we can speak our minds,and vote. Good luck to all

  23. Sunrise Mom says:

    Angie, I am a west side resident who had a daughter at Bair for 3 years without incident. She will now move on to Plantation High and I have faith that she will do just fine. My son is continuing at Bair and also has been fine with no incidents. I too was inundated with rumors and fear prior to our first year ar Bair. Lickily, many parents have chosen to support the local school rather than be scared into another city. All that does is leave empty seats in our home district, send funding to other schools instead and further guarantee that a new school will not be built for us west siders. In fact, both schools have dramatically improved in the last 4 years.

    The school board is who will make those determinations, not the mayor. We should all, therefore, also be paying close attention to the school board candidates who we will be voting for in this election.

  24. Angie says:

    Bair I wasn’t so concerned about. Plant.is a different story. These schools have not dramatically improved over the last 4 yrs. Sorry. Look into the college Academy. A phenomenal program! AYP schools get more funding than other schools. Bair is an AYP school. I have lived in Sunrise since 1990. That’s right 20 yrs! No new schools for us.Lots of promises though! U R right about the school board members though. Do ur homework on that. The city council could help the outcome of new schools. Land and cost of the land. I do hope ur daughter has a good outcome in that school.

  25. Flip flop says:


    Keep the kids out of this! Sunrise has provided land to the school board,
    and the school board still has property in Sunrise for a school. Your concerns are with the school board members and the Legislature.
    Where your kids go to school is your own buisness. You do what you have to for your kids in choosing the best and safest school. Angie, kudos to you. It is no concern to others where your kids attend school. However, this is politics. Again, be smart and keep the kids out of this!
    And to you Mr “I know Mike and Roger…. unless your family you really have no clue. You only have your opinion

  26. Polling 101 says:

    Thanks for your response Buddy but I find it hard to believe that your pollster did not mention any of these factors. What’s the point of talking about polls if you are going to completely misread the context of them?
    From Buddy:
    Jim Kane interpreted the poll the way I reported it.

  27. SUNRISE OLDIE says:


  28. DAVE says:

    Noticed how some of the bloggers noted how Ryan serves on the PTA and how he supports schools.There are many individuals serving their children’s schools.Those individuals are not advertising it; nor does it mean they should be Mayor of any city. Hope he isn’t doing it for political gain. Wishner has more experience and truly is concerned with the welfare of the city.

  29. oldtimer says:

    Just think. Ryan’s a lawyer and wants to be Mayor. Alu is a lawyer as well. Seems to me that last time we had two lawyers on the Sunrise commission we wound up with a screwed up city charter that’s directly responsible for the mess we’re in now.

    FROM BUDDY: Two lawyers and Roger Wishner, as I recall.

  30. Polling 101 says:

    That’s fine Buddy. So you played stenographer to your pollster. Perhaps you didn’t know the right questions to ask and took what he said at face value. Not your fault. But now you have another view on this. Have you taken this view to Mr. Kane and asked him his thoughts so that you might revise your post on the poll and more accurately reflect the meaning behind the numbers? Why leave a false impression that Wishner is in good shape when the numbers say something far different?
    Better yet, why not bring it to another pollster just in case Mr. Kane has some type of bias in this race for some reason? That would be some REAL “reporting”
    Just a thought.

    I’ve been reporting on political surveys for more than three decades. I never remember a story where pollsters other than the one who did the survey were quoted.

    Wishner’s unfavorables were 24 percent. Jeb Bush’s unfavorables were 33 percent right before the 1998 election and 39 percent before his 2002 re-election (Bill McBride’s were five points lower).

    In 1998, Bush beat Buddy MacKay 55-45 percent. In 2002, he beat Bill McBride 56 to 43 percent. This was despite his unfavorables.

  31. Get over it says:

    Hey (Polling 101 says) is this Mike Ryan. It seems that all you are trying to do is get Bubby to write what you want. Get over it. And go back ambulance chasing. The poll looks pretty accurate.

  32. Sunrise Mom says:


    You are correct that there are many parents who serve and volunteer at our schools and do not advertise it.

    However, the fact that Mr. Ryan was a PTA President (1 of only 2 male PTA Presidents in the State I believe) and spearheaded numerous other educational issues in Sunrise, Broward County and the State of Florida – all way before he was a candidate for Mayor of Sunrise is admirable and speaks volumes for his character and his genuine concern for Sunrise parents and children.

    Now, for those residents without children who are not concerned about the education topic, Mr. Ryan has many other attributes and experience to bring to the table and can be the best choice for you too.

    If you think that Mr. Wishner is doing a great job and is concerned with the welfare of Sunrise, then you may also support a garbage dump in our city, 2 empty high-rise towers that are an eyesore, development on the west side of the Sawgrass Expressway (along one of our most precious natural resources) when we already have tons of empty office, retail and hotel space.

    I think Sunrise is ready for a fresh vision from an ethical, professional, genuine and honest Mayor. The person who can accomplish this is Mr. Ryan.

  33. Sunrise Mom says:


    I’m sure that our local firefighters, paramedics and police officers really appreciate your comments. While they are out there protecting you and your family, you’re worried that they are overpaid. Personally, I don’t think you can put a price on that.

    How about the pay scale for the politicians who are only protecting their own pockets? What do you think about that? Not to mention the raise that Wishner voted to give himself during this economic disaster. That’s such an example of really hanging out in the wind for the citizens you are working for. Come on!

  34. oldtimer says:

    Yes, and Wishner was a newcomer at the time, but definitely not a lawyer. He was also the “outsider” as I remember. Meanwhile we had two attorneys who should have known better. Feren and Effman. As attorneys they should have recognized the errors in the code but they didn’t. Did they even bother to actually read the charter review minutes and the proposed amendments? Misfeasance. Especially when Feren proclaimed his innocence as he was leaving. Astonishing for an attorney about to be robed as a Judge.

  35. DAVE says:

    sunrise mom. You must be Ryan’s wife.Only his wife could be that gullible. Remember your city’s commissioners also vote on issues that affect this city, not just the Mayor. If you had it your way you’d hang the whole US economic demise on Wishner. It’s called tunnel vision. You should see an Optometrist about that. Ryan is an “ambulance chaser”. What a joke!

  36. Polling 101 says:

    Buddy- your ignorance is showing or you just can’t admit that your analysis is flawed. Did I say anything about UNfavorables? I said, and any pollster worth his salt will say this too, that you look at the favorables and you look to see where that number is in relation to the 50% threshold that indicates solid support. Anyone putting their name on the ballot is going to have a third of the people have an unfavorable opinion of him. And calling 37 to 29 comfortable is a joke when you consider that Wishner has been a public figure for decades and you still have all those undecideds.

  37. oldtimer says:

    Polling 101 is pretty much on the beam, but remember this: Ask those same people to name the Vice President, and the likelihood is that 90% or more won’t be able to. That makes 37% a damn good number. Comfortable? I’m not a pollster so I won’t know.

  38. Sunrise Mom says:


    For the record, I am not Ryan’s wife. And, you are way off base as to the type of attorney that Mr. Ryan is and the cases he handles but that’s not the real issue here.

    I am very well aware that the commissioners vote on issues as well. Hence, they will be held accountable for their record when it’s time for re-election.

    As I mentioned in my previous post, if you are happy with the decisions that the current Mayor has made and the direction he has taken the city, then he is your mayor.

    I am very unhappy with his performance and his record and I will therefore not be voting for him.

  39. Polling 101 says:

    Actually oldtimer, according to Buddy the poll was of voters (i’m assuming this means voters likely to vote in the upcoming primary?) so you are looking at a much more ‘tuned in’ segment of the population as opposed to the run of the mill citizen who I agree, would fail a test of basic knowledge about government. if they are likely to vote in a primary then they are likely to have a better than average grasp on politics.

  40. Sunrise Supporter says:

    ANA LASHER: I was reading the blogs on this site and came across yours. My son played on your flag football team last yr. You and Ryan coached the team. Wishner’s son also played on the team. My understanding is that all of you were friends and you even requested to get his son on your team. Is this how you show “loyality” to your friends? If so, why would anyone want to believe you? I did think you were a fair coach,maybe I was wrong.One last note. Just because you may not have seen or heard something doesn’t mean it did not happen. Coach Ryan would congratulate the kids but would turn away so he wouldn’t have to shake hands with some of the coaches. Not in good taste. Most politicians/lawyers are great at deceit. Keep your eyes WIDE OPEN.

  41. Ana Lasher says:

    To Sunrise Supporter:
    Since your son was on my team, you would know that this behavior was not accepted from anyone. As to friendhsip..Yes, we are friends and I will continue to be friends with the Ryans as well as the Wishners, regardless of the outcome. This is not about the kids’ birthday parties, or enjoying each other’s company. This is the beauty of our freedom we have in this country; to evaluate our candidates and decide which one is best to represent the City, not who is driving the kids to their next football practice.

  42. I know Mike and Roger says:

    Flip Flop – There is a difference between a fact and an opinion.

    My post reflects facts.

    Your post IS an OPINION about my post.

    And that is also a FACT.

  43. Sunrise Supporter says:

    Ana. Tell yourself what ever to make your conscience “feel better”. Obviously you’ve never experienced true friendship. A true friend wouldn’t be caught in the middle or take sides. Your behavior isn’t acceptable in a friendship. Wishner’s family would be better without you period.

  44. Sunrise Supporter is a Liar says:

    If you were on their team and could back your statements with facts, then give your name and which team. Until then, stop lying.

  45. another sunrise resident says:

    Sunrise Supporter – My son was on the team you speak of and it was 2 years ago not 1 year ago. The team never won a game and had the score ran up on them by one team in an embarrassing manner twice. Both games the kids played to the best of their ability and went off the field with their heads held high knowing that they played their best. All the while Coach Mike and Coach Ana found something positive that each player contributed to the team that day no matter how small it was. Coach Mike is not a sore loser he is a developer and coach of young men.

    I do not wear rose colored glasses when speaking of Coach Mike or Coach Ana, but it is clear you don’t really know either of them and your opinion of Ana having never experiencing true friendship is without merit, and seriously flawed. You owe her an apology.

    A wise man once said, “you are better off not talking about politics, religion or another man’s wife unless you are looking for trouble”.

    You are talking about 2 of the 3 and must be looking for trouble!

  46. another sunrise resident says:

    Sunrise Supporter – Let’s get back on topic—politics.

    What do you think about someone (forget he is a mayor who was not elected to the position) votes for others to take pay cuts and then votes himself a 1 year retro-active pay raise?

    What do you think about someone who raised over $100,000.00 from lobbyists and special interest groups from all over the country and state of Florida but yet only raised a @ $1000 dollars from citizens in Sunrise? IMO Someone owes somebody something for the money they have paid to his campaign…unless you believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny! Why else would they care about who is elected Mayor in Sunrise, Florida.

    Do you think it was right for Roger to take $5,000.00 of campaign contributions and buy a scooter for personal use?

    How about Promises Made Promises Kept…Wishner was going to have a benefit concert on July 17th to raise money for homeowners in Sunrise facing foreclosure. No Concert—Promise Broken…What about that?

    Note: He did help his neighbor with his foreclosure problem. His other neighbor has a Mike Ryan for Mayor sign in his front yard…somebody helped protect and keep his property value up and somebody else knows more than we do…

  47. Ana Lasher says:

    Sunrise Supporter:
    Thank you. I will let them know next time I see then…

    And since you know who I am, but I dont know who you are, please, next time you see me, say hello and let me tell you about true friendship!!!

  48. Sunrise Supporter says:

    To Sunrise supporter is a liar and another Sunrise resident.There is no point in discussing Politics with you. You cant get the simplest information correct. Hint…2 yrs ago(2008)Ana coached the Eagles. NOT the team my child played on LAST yr..My child plays for the city so I will not give my name out for fear of retaliation from people like you.Gee,someone must have sprinkled fairy dust and “poof” Wishner became part of our city’s representatives. Didn’t this country vote for Obama who picked Bidden to be his Vice President? He must of used the same fairy dust. About the apology…SORRY you people are NUTS!

  49. Sunrise Mom says:

    Sunrise Supporter:

    Please note that our Vice President is BIDEN, not BIDDEN. Seems that you may be the one who has sniffed too much “fairy dust”.

    There are many residents and bloggers on this site that are friends with both of these families. As Mrs. Lasher mentioned, this election is not about the families of the candidates or the friendships they share. This is about the actual candidates and their ability to lead and do what is best for the City of Sunrise and its residents.

    It is not Mrs. Wishner nor Mrs. Ryan who is running for election. I think that the families you speak of have been friends long enough to not allow politics to interfere.

  50. another Sunrise resident says:

    Sunrise Supporter – revisit your prior posts. My information stands and is correct.

    You indicated your child played on the flag football team Ana coached last year (2009). She did not coach any flag football teams in 2009. Yet your son played on the flag football team (she didn’t coach) last year? I posted about the only flag football team she coached in 2008. You seem to have your information twisted or are sniffing the fairy dust from the spell you are under…get back on track to what this blog is about politics and a voters poll.

    Retaliation – If you really knew any of us and what we stand for you would either take advantage of us for our kindness and generosity or join us in our attempt to change the political corruption and back door deals of some of the politicians who currently represent Scumrise (sp).

    Are you the parent who complained about snacks after the games, yet never brought snacks when it was your turn because you always forgot?

  51. Sunrise Supporter says:

    Wow my finger hit the D twice while I was typing. Like no one else has misspelled anything in their blogs. You feel your “kind and generous” by making fun of a parent who did not bring snacks after a game. Maybe they couldn’t afford too. Did you think of that oh “kind and generous one”? You want change. How’s that Obama change working for you. Especially our tax paying dollars bailing out the banks (big business) who were greedy in the first place by handing out home loans to people that couldn’t afford them in the first place and now they find it hard to give ANYONE a loan. Wishner has no control of helping homeowners going into foreclosure. Either does Ryan. Unions were great many decades ago but with all the work laws established they’re really not needed anymore. There are a lot of successful businesses who do not have unions involved in their business. Volunteer firefighters are not backed by the union either. They have done such a magnificent job with Jackson Memorial.Hundreds of pink slips handed out despite a union and a hospital who is on very shaky ground due to greed as well. I too do not support unions obviously, and if Ryan has them backing him then they want something for it. Is Wishner perfect? Absolutely not, but at least we know of his lengthy resume and the good things he has done. Not everything is bad oh “kind and generous one” who seems to focus only on the bad things. Ryan has a very short resume and not enough history with the people to just say hey lets take a chance on him. They are both applying for a job and I take the one who has the most experience to do a big job. Maybe Ryan should look into running for the school board. Most of his resume seems to point toward helping with education. He would have a hard fight against Levinson. Even her resume is better suited than his.

  52. Sunrise Mom says:

    That’s typical!

  53. another Sunrise resident says:

    Sunrise Supporter –

    Ouch. You must be coming down off your fairy dust. Snappy Snappy Snappy! The snack question was merely to determine your character…Don’t complain about what other people bring if you yourself do not bring anything when it is your turn.

    Keep the topic on the local election not the Banana Republic of Miami.

    Regarding the unions backing Ryan…Roger cut everyone elses pay and and then gave himself a raise. Why wouldn’t they support someone else after what he did to them? I would bet if you were running against Roger they would support you…

    Ryan has a lengthy career dealing with politicians and doesn’t like the corruption and back door dealings that take place in our city. He is a watch dog to protect and watch over us without lining his own pockets.

    I assume at this point the reason you may support Wishner is because you feel that even though the shenanigans he has pulled and I have posted are bad, they may not be as bad as the unknown you could experience voting for Ryan.

    Ryan has character and looks out for others. Most of the union contracts are set and not even up for renewal. Additionally, he can read, write and spell…which if you want a laugh visit Roger’s facebook page…based upon it…he could be the posterboy for a campaign fighting illiteracy…and you could be his primary sponsor!

    Are you even registered to vote?

  54. oldtimer says:

    So where’s the proof that Roger cut everybody else’s pay but gave himself a raise? All by his lonesome? Whose pay did “he” cut? How much? Who was the raise really for? Who voted for the raise? Who didn’t? Come on, now, tell the truth. The real fact is that the unions want a 2% raise while private industry and other unions are getting nothing. Roger wants to freeze pay while Ryan wants to give them a raise.

  55. Sunrise Supporter says:

    I couldn’t have said it better Oldtimer!

  56. Sunrise Supporter says:

    Another Sunrise Resident. How genuine using another persons criticism. (fairy dust) Obviously you can’t think for yourself. You are a follower and not a leader. I do vote. Do you need to follow me to the voting place. Wouldn’t want you to get lost now. Your remark about the snack wasn’t really a question but a statement that is out right rude. The “Banana Republic”???…there goes your “kind and generous” nature again! You can vote for your Ryan and I’ll vote for Wishner. See you at the Polls. That is…if you don’t get lost.

  57. oldtimer says:

    Pardon me if I borrow a paragraph from Another Sunrise Resident, but change one figure slightly to reflect another candidate.

    What do you think about someone who raised over $56,000.00 from lobbyists and special interest groups from all over the country and state of Florida but yet only raised a @ $1000 dollars from citizens in Sunrise? IMO Someone owes somebody something for the money they have paid to his campaign…unless you believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny! Why else would they care about who is elected Commissioner in Sunrise, Florida.

    That candidate was Joey Scuotto in last year’s election. Why no complaint about Scuotto who is a major supporter for Ryan? What’s the connection here?

  58. Another Sunrise Resident says:

    Sunrise Supporter and Old Timer – I apologize for not being able to post sooner. SS Bethel thank you for your kind offer to allow me to follow you to the voting place.,,but I cant vote. I am a puppet and paid political supporter of 16 years and posting what my Rabbi sends and directs me to post.

    But really, I am a kind and generous person and live by and recognize the golden rules in life.

    1) Treat people the way you want to be treated,,,But, if they continue to step on your toes or are abusive to you or your friends and loved ones..prepare and defend. You started this by piping in from the outside and assaulting Coach Ana wrongly. She is a genuine kind, caring and giving person. Her friendship and support of Coach Mike probably compelled her to post what she had to say and then she disappeared because she made her point and has better things to do with her time than banter with us.

    2) He who has the most gold usually makes, sets and controls the rules…this has been true since the beginning of time. And politics is no exception.

    A little insight for you….We are all followers. Without exception of anyone. We followed someone to get where we are today.

    Oldtimer, your spout cannot refute the vote which took place where Roger voted for pay cuts and then voted to raise his pay. Twist it any way you want… the record is public, accurate and stands.

    Additionally, thanks for pointing out the fact that Joey Scuotto a sitting commissioner who once supported, knows and works side by side with Whishner (sp) supports Ryan. He must know more than he can say publicly. As a Sunrise resident and business owner, his vote for Ryan counts! And now, I will make it a point to support his new restaurant. I have read reviews that the Pizza is fabulous.

    Ciao! For now!

  59. Another Sunrise Resident says:

    Oldtimer – after a lot of research the only thing on record about RYAN and pay raises is that he will vote to REPEAL THE PAY RAISES FOR THE MAYOR AND CITY COMMISSIONERS THAT THEY VOTED FOR and passed!

    Your post of Ryan supporting a pay raise for the unions is without basis or fact and conjured up in your mind.

    Since you stepped up to the plate – how about this FACT Roger wants to privatize City Services and award contracts to his supporters. From dumps to maintenance to golf courses and tennis facilities. Smells of kickbacks in Scumrise.

    Ryan wants to put the Sun back in our city.

    You appear to be a Wishner supporter who is in on the inside. Politics as usual

  60. Sunrise Smack says:

    Joey Scuotto should hope his restaurant does well. That maybe all he has left when he’s not re-elected. Furthermore, there is NO sun where Ryan comes from. Just a lot of heat and smoke…the kind he’s blowing out his … and your inhaling.

  61. Sunrise Supporter says:

    Another Sunrise Resident:Most people achieve their desires/goals through inspiration; not following someone. Big difference between the two.

  62. question for Buddy says:

    What is yout e-mail address to contact you Buddy?
    FROM BUDDY: It is on the site…Browardbeat@hotmail.com.