We’ve Got ‘Em: Lobbyist’s Cry-Baby Rants Attacks Pols, Cops







Lobbyist and Broward Democratic Party honcho Seth Platt needs to put on Big Boy Pants. 

His intemperate, whiny posts drooled all over Facebook read like the cry of a child who just spilled his milk. 

He called the Fort Lauderdale Police “a-holes.”

He challenged Republican state Rep. Chip LaMarca of Fort Lauaderdale “to meet me outside” of a restaurant, an apparent challenge to a fight.  One source says when he left the restaurant he stood outside banging on the window and calling LaMarca and company a bunch of “pussies”.

A source says those comments have been reported to the Florida House Sergeant At Arms. Such complaints are traditionally investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

I don’t begin to capture to flavor of Platt’s rants. 

It amazes me that Platt, a bonafide member of Broward’s political elite almost from birth, would have such anger burning inside of him. Platt’s father is George Platt, a former County Commissioner,  veteran lobbyist top-dog and influential in the Democratic Party for decades. 




Seth Platt




Here are just a few of the posts:






Remember this is posted by a lobbyist with major business clients. It is wrong on so many levels.

First, is it good business practice for a lobbyist to fulminate publicly about an elected official and threaten the official’s friend. 

Second, Platt comments about the others having “a liquid lunch” hints they are alcoholics without any proof given.

What prompted all this? LaMarca and crew dared to send drinks to Platt’s table.

The delivery of drinks is an insult because Platt is a recovering alcoholic, he write.

(I didn’t know Platt was a recovering alcoholic, nor did several other political folks I asked.)

Platt should have just smiled, turned the other cheek and go on with his life.  

But nooooo. He had to dribble all over Facebook. 


Then there is this:









Platt should know. Police officers are like most others. They don’t like to be told how to do their jobs. And they don’t like to be “told off,” which is what Seth admits to doing.

Remember that he was so angry about a minor accident with no injuries. Not exactly the major police problem in Fort Lauderdale.

Platt should know that and be understanding…especially with the police.

Platt needs a refresher course in anger management straight from elementary school.

When he is mad he needs to breathe deeply and count to ten slowly. 

It works on upset children. Why not adults who are acting like children? 









11 Responses to “We’ve Got ‘Em: Lobbyist’s Cry-Baby Rants Attacks Pols, Cops”

  1. Mental health awareness says:

    Not a good look that you want to point all of this out without possibly mentioning his mental health.

  2. True That says:

    Typical Democrat. Attacking the police.

  3. Old Timer says:

    Not a chip off the old block.


    …but he has a chip on his shoulder. Chip LaMarca.

  4. Another whiney lobbyist kid says:

    Platt’s meltdown reminds me of the paycho rants of his fellow lobbyist kid, barb”lil judy”stern

    Remember her melt down… No wonder she didn’t get reappointed to the elections commission

    These kids think they are so special and entitled. Go earn something



    Her criticism of Roger Stone was prescient.

  5. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:


    2. HOWEVER

    This is the type of person who raises the money for BOTH REPUBLICAN N DEMOCRATIC candidates while the majority of eligible voters sit home n let LOBBYISTS LIKE MINDLESS SETH PRATT RUN THINGS TO.SUIT THEMSELVES.

  6. Sethy Doesn't Know says:

    This is not how a recovering alcoholic acts.

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I know Chip Lamarca.I like Chip Lamarca.Ok.So Mr.Platt has issues w/ substance abuse and Lamarca and crew sent over a drink.What Platt is not stable enough in his soberity etc.Prank/joke in poor taste- fine.Then he calls the police names,like this episode was there fault.I mean practice your sobriety.Let it go.

  8. Grow up, Seth says:

    Definition of “tweet”:

    A means to self destruct in public. Side effects include the dangers of embarrassment and regret, and possible cancellation by the cancel culture.

    Should not be used by adolescents or adults who think at an adolescent level.

  9. Marian Goldstein says:

    Don’t know much about Platt but he got the description of Lamarca and his lackeys down pat, that’s for sure.

  10. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Mr.Platt here in his defense he had a rough week.He disciplined ( never) a speeding motorist on his Street.Then he sees State Rep Lamarca and crew and to be wise guys send over a drink.Knowing( key) for well Mr.Platt is in recovery ( doesn’t give u the excuse Bern to be your mule) and they wanted to basically make fun of him( never) and conclusion,well it’s the cops fault etc.Mr.Platt show them all u can beat this( booze) and come out a better person( key)…

  11. Last Drink says:

    Mr Platt you are a “recovering” alcoholic., present tense not recovered past tense As a 30+ year recovering drug addict I will never truly recover from this disease and neither will you