Update: Barbra Stern’s Nomination Approved



The nomination of Barbra Stern to the Election Commission was unanimously approved by the state Senate in the waning hours of the Legislative session Friday.

Other Broward notables approved were entrepreneur Ron Bergeron’s nomination to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, business tycoon H. Wayne Huizenga and Fort Lauderdale power-lawyer Norm Tripp to the State University Board of Governors and private college queen Belinda Keiser to Enterprise Florida’s Board of Directors.

It was Stern’s nomination that became a statewide controversy.

Stern was questioned during her nomination hearing because of her co-ownership of a condo that state Sen. Maria Sacks allegedly uses to fake residency in her district .

She told the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee that her mother, well-known lobbyist and campaign consultant Judy Stern, managed the Fort Lauderdale townhouse. She said her mother gave her part ownership of the condo for estate planning purposes.

Meanwhile, Stern is using Facebook to lash out at those she perceive as her political enemies in the below note to a friend yesterday.  (Numbers next to names are mine.  See guide below for explanation.)

…Ron Gunzburger (1)  who trolled through Ricki’s (2)  Facebook. The rest is Michael Ahearn(3) (yes that one), Roger Stone (4) – Ron’s pal, Tom Lauder (5) aka Daily Broward – and the former Red Broward. Tom is the one who makes comments about mom being a salami server which I have reason to believe is code for hateful anti-Semitic comments. Just the usual Broward politics. No big deal for them to trash me but its Shame on Barbra for publicly chastising them and Stone’s connection to Sheriff Scott Israel and Ahean’s connection to Jack, Judge Dale Ross and school board member Katie Leach. Sorry folks but when you promote someone you take the good with the bad or else you shouldn’t promote. Lol

Miss Broward yet Cindy? Lol


Stern said her rant was prompted in part by the tweet below (click to enlarge):






There are other tweets and Facebook messages.

My view?  Barbra Stern is collateral damage by political operatives who are out to get back at her mother, Judy Stern.

They all had falling out over Scott Israel’s sheriff’s race for reasons too  arcane and ponderous to go into here.

Ain’t Broward politics fun?



Guide to those mentioned by Barbra Stern:

(1) Ron Gunzburger, son of Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, was a strategist behind Israel’s campaign victory.   He was hired as Broward Sheriff’s Office’s chief legal adviser after Israel took office in Jan. 2012.

(2) Ricki (Stern) is Judy Stern’s other daughter who lives in New York City.

(3) Mike Ahearn is a lawyer and political consultant who once worked with Judy Stern and had a bitter falling out with her. He works against her at every opportunity, according to Stern. Ahearn is close to Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler and managed campaigns for Judge Dale Ross and School Board member Katie Leach — all referred to in Stern’s comment.  

(4) Roger Stone is a long-time national political figure who was involved in the Israel campaign.  He has connections to the Internet website BrowardBugle, which has attacked both Judy and Barbra Stern.

(5) Tom Lauder writes RedBroward and writes for Media Tracker, two GOP-leaning websites.  I know Lauder and have absolutely no reason to believe he is anti-Semitic.   His writing is from a point of view, but are well done and accurate.


28 Responses to “Update: Barbra Stern’s Nomination Approved”

  1. Ron Gunzburger says:

    Congrats to Barbra Stern on her appointment and confirmation. Now, as to her allegations that all of us care what she does, I think she needs to adjust her meds. Whatever level she is on aren’t working so well, as I could care less whether she wants to help her mom’s pal Governor Scott (or not) in Broward. Not sure why I’m featured in her paranoid conspiracy fantasies, but I guess she spends lots more time thinking of me than I ever spend thinking of her.

  2. confused says:

    Collateral damage from her mother?

    Stone makes a comment about Stern unrelated to her mother
    Ahern makes response to Stone
    Stern lashes out at Ahern, Stone, Gunzberger, Isreal, Seiler, Leach, Ross.

    Looks to me like the collateral damage is everyone mentioned above besides Ahern and Stone.

    Being a member of the Florida Elections Commission isa position of public trust carrying an expectation of being treated as a public person. If Ms. Stern goes all nuts over this type of comment, maybe she should retreat to a more private existence.

    I guess I was brought up differently than Ms. Stern, if I have a problem with someone I take it up directly with them. Why would she drag the other elected officials into this?

  3. Miss Sunshine says:

    You have made a common grammatical error in your above post.
    You said that you ” could care less”. How much less?
    I belive that you meant to say: “I couldn’t care less”. Which means that you care so little, it can’t get smaller.
    The above is a common mistake. Just pull out your 4th grade grammar book, blow off the dust and take a refresher.

  4. Anonomyte says:

    Roger Stone is right on. He’s described “both” Sterns to a “T”.

    I prefer to think of Judy Stern as a skank and a shrew, and I’m sure the leaf didn’t fall too far from the tree with her uber-politico daughter.

    I am far from involved in any campaigns. But I make sure to vote against anyone Judy Stern works for. Anyone!

  5. Who cares says:

    So it appears that Ms. Stern has been going on and on about this for weeks. She says the others involved don’t have a life? Look at the first comment, her own friend called her the same thing as Stone. War on women? Give it a rest, it is obvious this is about you and not the women of the world.



    Barbra Stern

    While I would not normally post negative comments about myself I feel compelled to do so in this situation.

    Self declared political dirty trickster and behind the scenes political operative for Broward Sheriff Scott Israel – Roger Stone aka Broward Bugle/George Gabby Hayes, along with attorney Michael G Ahearn aka campaign manager for City of Fort Lauderdale Mayor, John P. “Jack” Seiler, Judge Dale Ross and School Board Member Katie Leach, bring the war on women home to Ft Lauderdale.

    Roger Stone who has never met me but is closely tied to Ron Gunzburger publishes from his twitter account that “this Babs Stern is one self-important nasty c–t” to which Seiler, Ross and Leach’s campaign manager says is an “understatement”. Apparently these politicos think its acceptable to publicly use disgusting and derogatory language about a woman. Sheriff Scott Israel, Jack Seiler, Judge Ross and School Board Member Leach should be ashamed of their representatives and should demand they treat women with more respect. Shame on all of them for their affiliations.

    Next campaign season – remember the language these politicos have publicly used about a woman. That term is offensive to all women and all women are owed apologies!

  6. Stern =Wexler, Lamarca, Fisher and Gibbons says:

    Everything the Sterns’ touch turns to crap. I’m tired of their negative influence on broward politics. Judybstern is trying to take over the Browar Commission, the Broward Schoolboard and Ft. Lauderdale commission. No one should vote for any candidate who is friends with Judy or Barbara Stern. Mayor Seiler needs to get away from these two now. Period.

  7. Tomato Tomatoe says:

    Which is it Barbra or Barbara?



  8. Chaz Stevens, Malcontent says:

    >> He’s described “both” Sterns to a “T”.

    T, as in twat?

  9. Potatoe Potato says:

    Barbra Barbara Babs: twit or twat? Yes both.

  10. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Who is this Roger Stone? A lot of you are sore losers . To call her names like this where I come from Mr.Stone you would get a beating you would never forget. Barbra Stern did not derserve all this Buddy. Also to point out some of you- from Judy Stern is a bad mother, to she is corrupt, or more importantly brain-washed Barbie is just absurd. I have met Judy Stern several times and let me tell some of you I would be very careful w/ her. Congrats Barbra on your appointment. A lot of you are forgetting Judy has “Jack” on her side(and I ain’t talkin about Seiler). So word to the wise play dirty and a lot of us ,can play dirtier…..And i’m not talking about your name calling. Pigs is what they are Judy. Plain/simple.

  11. Stern Logic says:

    Using Stern logic, Ahearn, Stone and Lauder are anti woman for expressing their right to free speech against one person. Additionally, by use of the word Salami, Lauder is an anti-Semite.

    Using the same Stern Logic it would appear that Stern in her rants could be called anti-Catholic as Ahern, Leach, Seiler, Lauder and Ross are Catholics.

    I would suggest she subscribe to the age old theory of sticks and stones as opposed to stomping your feet and holding your breath until someone cares.

    Luckily for Stern, she didn’t hold her breath until someone actually cared as should would have expired by now.

  12. Here we go again says:

    Around a year ago a fellow associate attorney to Barbra Stern at the Bohdan Neswiacheny Law Firm brings on the person running against Judge Dale Ross as co-counsel in a multi million dollar case which caused Judge Ross to recuse himself from the matter.

    Now a year later Barbra Stern of the Bohdan Neswiacheny Law Firm openly disparages Judge Ross while she has a case pending before him where she is representing her boss Bohdan Neswiacheny. I wonder if she will seek a recusal here as well.

    Smells like forum shopping.

    I always thought it was a better practice as an attorney to not openly disrespect judges. I guess Mr. Neswiacheny supports this type of lawyering from his associates. If so, I wonder if their clients fell the same way.

  13. C U Next Tuesday says:

    The word “C U Next Tuesday” is just a word! Behavior like lashing out in fits of hysteria does women kind more harm. I am a woman and I am more embarrassed for her ranting off like this. Clearly shows lack of control and education.
    Is this woman even sound enough to serve on a committee? To me she does appear to be emotional in control. This nomination should quickly be rescinded.
    By the way, in the United Kingdom, “C U Next Tuesday” is almost considered a term of endearment!

  14. walsh says:

    Is that a threat Walsh? If you accelerate the surgery I’ll make sure you two get a cell together.

  15. Chaz Stevens, Malcontent says:

    Robert Walsh, Internet Tough Guy.

    All 5’6″ of him.

  16. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    After reading all this Buddy was it really news worthy??. Also some of you are just plain pigs. I who is almost 47 yrs. old, seen murder, people disfigured, etc. However I have never used the “C” word. Why Stone? And you chiming in Ahern, double why? . Mrs.Stern(Judy) you can beat all of above mentioned,so just do so.( Again sorry Barbra , at least you got the appointment(that is why they are so pissed @ you. Again Congrats Barbra(carry mace)…..)

  17. Shitty Activist Robert Walsh the 2nd says:

    Robert,Walsh can’t be 5’6″ tall.. However, I could be wrong since ive never seen him standing up…. only on his knees kissing all that Stern butt (or whatever else he is known for doing on his knees.)

  18. walsh is a stern plant says:

    Walsh- Nobody is pissed she got the confirmation except team Babs. How else could she continue to play the victim?

  19. Dirty Dancing says:

    Poor Honey Boo Boo Stern, she thought she was wronged and believed enough people cared about her feelings that she could shame the bad elected officials to support her. I am woman hear me roar. More like, I am a spoiled mommas girl hear me whine.

    Didn’t you say Babs, “no one puts baby in a corner”? Here is your big chance here to lash out at those who wronged you and not a peep.

    Let’s guess, Mayor Seiler, Senator Smith, some local Judges, maybe even Geller and her clients put Momma Jude in a corner and told her to have you cut the crap? Maybe Bohdan chimed in as well? It must have worked. Silence.

    The sad thing is, a lot of people bought into your “don’t judge me by my mom/I am not my mother” act when you ran and lost. People had empathy for you for being judged by the many sins of your mother and not allow you to cut your own path.

    Like a good Stern, you had to run your mouth about candidates and races last election cycle despite being on the Elections Commission. You showed everyone who you really were, a shill for Mommy and her candidates, or more appropriately, Little Judy.

    Sorry Buddy, Barbra Stern is many things, collateral damage for her mother’s enemies she is not. She is far from being just another lawyer sitting on the Commission, In her race for the House and comments last election cycle she created her own enemies all by herself.

  20. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    Listen to the comments.This Chaz Stevens-when you get a job, then talk. As far as me being on my knees(I wish). I think that a lot of you are jealous of the Sterns. Clearly many of you are upset that Barbie got the appointment(probably thanks to her mother(so), but Mr.stone how would you like it if someone called your wife, mother, daughter(get it) the “C” word. Oh that would be horrible. And then for you to chime in Ahern, makes you just as bad. Some of you are pigs. And Buddy again, was this news worthy. Or was this an attempt just to smear Barbra?. I met Barbra @ the grocery store. Could not ask for a nicer person. For you to call her that name you should really examine why you said that(hmm). Mayor Seiler w/ friends like this(ahern/stone) who needs enemies. A lot of you are concerned(as you should be) because w/ Barbra on this Commission, let just say pay back is a bitch…

  21. walsh is a stern plant says:

    Walsh, are you saying that your friend, who you said you would do anything for, is threatening to abuse her position of trust and power to lash out at and punish her political enemies?

  22. Chaz Stevens, Malcontent says:

    City Activist Robert Walsh says:
    I have never used the “C” word.

    Man’s gotta know his limitations.
    – Dirty Harry

  23. Watcher says:

    Ron Gunzberger, Roger Stone, Scott Israel, Ken Jenne, Todd Wildler and Amy Rose are all liars. The comment made by Roger Stone is absolutely disgusting to say to anyone, especially a women. A person may have money, but doesn’t mean they have any class. Congratulations to Babra on her appointment. Attacking a campaign managers family member is nothing strange to any of them. I can’t wait til 2016 when Israel, Gunzberger, Jenne (Second Time) and Rose are all kicked out on their asses. Roger is a s bag and talk about feeling self-importance!!! Give it a break!!!

    Ronnie (Mama’s Boy) is a disgrace to the BSO and should be fired for his comments and behavior. He openly admitted to doing unethical campaigning to help Israel against Lamberti. How does anyone with any brains appoint him to General Counsel of a Police Organization when he admits to unethical behavior!!! O yeah!!! Scott Israel, Mr. Unethical!!!

  24. Facebook for Dummies says:

    1) If you don’t write stupid shit that makes you look like a whiney, spoiled nutjob on Facebook the media or others cant repeat what you say.

    2) You know your enemies, if they have been blocked from Facebook they cant access your page. If the stupid things you post are still going around that means your other “friends” are doing it. If you cant stop the leaks then refer to #1

  25. City activist Rober Walsh says:

    My God some of you(and I’m not 5’6-w/ shoe lifts I’m 5’9.) Bottom line you should not have said that Mr.stone. And you Mike Ahearn are just as bad for chimeing in. You have also put Mayor Seiler in a pickle(you do know Judy Stern was a big assest to Mayor Seiler getting re-elected-how quick they forget Judy). Apologize both of you Stone/Ahearn. Again Buddy was all this news worthy??.

  26. Central Broward says:

    I am not surprised by Israel being associated with a person like Roger Stone. Israel is a nasty, dirty, sneaky liar and surrounds himself with the same type of people. However, I am very disappointed and shocked that Mayor Jack Seiler is associated with a Michael Stern. I think Michael Sterns support of Roger Stones disgraceful remark using the C word on any women is horrific, not to mention looks very very bad for the Mayor.

    Mayor Seiler should come out an refute the remark and non supportive that Ahern is part of his law firm Ahearn and should never make remarks like that to anyone.

    Also, Ahearn is associated and worked on Scott Israel’s campaign all of which are against Judy Stern and Barbra because Israel got Judy sued because he refused to pay vendors that worked on his campaign. Judy Stern paid the vendors out of her own pocket because of her professional reputation as a Campaign Consultant.

    Everyone can take shots at Judy and her family members, but it sure seems like it related to a lot of jealousy!!!!

    Using the C word is despicable and Ahearn supporting Stones use of it should let everyone in Broward know deep down how Ahearn feels about women.

  27. Juanita says:

    Watchers wrote “Ron Gunzberger, Roger Stone, Scott Israel, Ken Jenne, Todd Wildler and Amy Rose are all liars”. Yes, they are. Funny, you should lump in Amy Rose to that mix. She’s always out and about with the Big Boys. Campaign consulting business must be brisk.

  28. Give Me A Break says:

    Ms. Stern, I would most respectfully submit that if you want to be a public official you might want make at least a minimal attempt to avoid the appearance of impropriety. It is obvious that you do not understand that your Facebook post constitutes a violation of the public trust and undermines confidence in the impartiality of the body on which you have (regettably) been appointed. For Mr. Nevins to characterize you as “collateral damage” is all the more insulting and surprising. You did this to yourself all by yourself.