Two Broward Judges Fighting For Promotion



Gov. Rick Scott has two sets of high-power, plugged-in references from two Broward judges who want a promotion.

It is interesting to see whom County Judge John Fry and Stacy Ross listed to vouch for them.  They are seeking a step up to the circuit court.

State Attorney Mike Satz, a Democrat, and County Commissioner Chip LaMarca, a Republican,  are  listed as references for both.

Who were the other references?

A former Margate cop and former U. S. Marine, Fry is 46 and married.

Fry listed as references:

*Former Sheriff Al Lamberti,

*Chief Judge Peter Weinstein,

*Property Appraiser Lori Parrish,

*Sam Goren, an attorney with an extensive practice representing Broward governments,

*Coconut Creek Vice Mayor Lisa Aronson,

*Michael Dutko, a veteran Broward criminal defense attorney,

*Howard Greitzer, a Fort Lauderdale attorney who practices criminal law and family law, and

*Dina Kaisen.

A former Broward prosecutor and daughter of former Chief Judge Dale Ross, Stacy Ross is 42 and married.

Ross listed as references:

*Broward Circuit Judge Martin Bidwill,

*Broward Circuit Judge Tom Lynch,

*Broward Circuit Judge Carlos Rebollo,

*School Board member Katie Leach,

*State Rep. George Moraitis Jr.,

*William Scherer, a politically powerful downtown Fort Lauderdale lawyer and friend of the governor,

*Norman Tripp, name partner in Fort Lauderdale’s best-known Republican law firm, Tripp Scott,

*David Di Pietro, an attorney, North Broward Hospital District commissioner and former general counsel of the Broward Republican Party.

Keep in mind there are four other qualified lawyers vying for the judicial appointment – Rene Harrod, an assistant county attorney; Anthony Loe, a Broward prosecutor, Charles Morehead, a civil litigation litigator and Abbe Rifkin, a Miami-Dade senior trial prosecutor.

Gov. Scott could pick one of these.

But if Scott wants someone who has been a Broward judge, he has only Fry and Ross’ applications in front of him.

Which one, Fry or Ross, has the best references?  Do any of the references matter to Scott?

Scott will decide and then make his choice, as early as this week.



7 Responses to “Two Broward Judges Fighting For Promotion”

  1. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    Anybody that lists the criminal Lamberti as a reference should not only be ignored, but also have a psychological exam administered. Imagine how embarrassing when citizen elect Lamberti become defendant Lamberti. John Fry, I am disappointed in you and surprised you would be so foolish.

  2. Cmon play it straight says:

    Chief Judge Weinstien, makes County Judge Arlene Backman, wife of Weinstein pal Judge Paul Backman a acting Circuit Judge over a Juvi division. After doing this, Weinstien tells the JNC that whomever gets the nod gets will be a Juvi judge, certainly an attempted boost for Mrs. Backman.

    Then that fails and now he recommends one of his Judges over another.

    A Chief Judge of ALL the Judges of a Circuit should not be playing favorites by recommending one Judge over another and should stay neutral.

    It is high time someone of the younger generation steps up and runs for Chief Judge so all these political games can stop and we can have Chief Judge term limits and a rotation of all the Judges.

  3. Kely H says:

    I truly hope that either Judge Fry or one of the other atorneys get this position. Anything less is unjust for the people of Broward county.

  4. amanda says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I suspect Judge Weinstein has had enough with 2 terms as chief judge.
    The clerk’s office is royally screwing up e-filing, backing one judge over the other and other issues have Weinstein thinking why did he want this job in the first place.
    And it will get worse before it gets better.

  6. Not so easy says:

    First one has to be aware Weinstien loves the ceremonial side of being a Judge its the actual work of being a Judge i.e. making the tough decision is not his forte. Anyone who went before him in criminal or civil knows that he would either take forever to make a ruling hoping for an eventual settlement or keep forcing the parties to got outside to “work it out” so he never had to make an unpopular decision.

    Weinstien loves too much to be referred to as the “Chief Judge” at parties and Commission meetings to give it up to go back to being a mere Circuit Court Judge who shows up for work before 10 and actually work.

    He won’t walk after two terms that is for sure.


    Chief Judge is not an easy job. Managing the courthouse is like herding cats.
    I think Peter Weinstein is a dedicated public servant.

  7. Come on Buddy says:

    Buddy –

    Peter Weinstein is a dedicated public servant, but as you pointed out here He is also a political animal trying to further his friend’s cause. As chief judge he should remain neutral.
    He’s a hack. Term-limited State Senator who got the Governor to appoint him judge so he can continue sucking on the state dole.