Update: Judge Dissed By JNC



County Judge Arlene Backman has been passed over by Broward’s Judicial Nominating Commission.

The JNC  has not recommended her to the governor for the latest open seat on the bench, picking other lawyers who want the job instead, several well-placed sources say.

Backman wanted to move up to the circuit court.

Instead of Backman, recommendations made to Gov. Rick Scott include Charles Moorehead and Rene Harrod, joining Stacy RossTony LoeJohn Fry and Abbe Rifkin, according to a report in JAAblog, which the website terms “unconfirmed.”

Backman’s rejection is a rebuke to her husband, Judge Paul Backman,  and Chief Judge Peter Weinstein, who both lobbied for her, according to one source.

In addition to Backman, two other candidates — John Fry and Stacy Ross — are county judges.  So I’m not sure I believe Weinstein was lobbying for one judge over another

Weinstein, who would not comment, told others he took no role in the process.

Shortly after the JNC rejection of Backman became known, JAAblog’s website began receiving anonymous comments attacking Weinstein’s alleged role in the appointment.

How did Weinstein allegedly work for Backman’s appointment?

“Weinstien made it known that whomever was appointed would go to the juvi spot that Backman is temping in now,” a source e-mailed Browardbeat.com.

Browardbeat.com could not confirm the allegation.

Backman is serving on a temporary basis in Juvenile Court, a job she volunteered for after Weinstein sent an e-mail out to Broward’s judges. Obviously, if the job was going to be a juvenile court position, she would be the candidate with the experience.

As chief judge, Weinstein makes assignments for the circuit and county judges.

The replacement, named by Gov. Rick Scott from a list of recommendations from the local JNC,  would  fill the circuit seat of Circuit Judge Susan Aramony, who died in April.  Scott is expected to make his appointment before the end of the summer.




Judge Paul and Arlene Backman at a charity event. 

13 Responses to “Update: Judge Dissed By JNC”

  1. Anybody But Sam Fields says:

    Ross, Fry or Bachman could do the job

  2. Go figure says:

    Same old same old…..unless your a prosecutor or a former prosecutor you need not apply.

  3. Broward Lawyer says:


    It’s no secret Judge Paul Backman (who is married to Judge Arlene Backman)went to Chief Judge Weinstein and asked him to put Arlene, a county judge, in delinquency, a circuit position, to give her an edge on the seat.
    The JNC picked up on this political maneuver and rebuked the Judges Backman and Weinstein.
    Good for the JNC!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is embarrassing that Backman is a judge and disgusting that he is on the JQC sitting in judgment of others. Karma will eventually get this guy ( we can only hope). In the meantime Paulie please wipe the grease off of your forehead.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A couple of points here:

    1. Judge Arlene Backman has been in South Satellite in Hollywood for over 6 years. She has no jury trial experience.

    2. Weinstein and Backman’s conspiracy to place her in juvenile delinquency to help promote her is wrong and shows nepotism.

    3. Judge Weinstein, as the chief judge of all 90 Broward judges should not be playing favorites. I suspect this will be Weinstein’s last term as chief judge. His tenure can best be described as a do nothing chief judge.

  6. kerri says:

    A Backman is the worse, she have no idea about being a judge. Im sure she’s taking bribes. Karma will get you Arlene. I know what you did!

  7. kerri says:

    Corruption! Fire Arlene Backman already…

  8. Ossie Levy says:

    I’m so sad right now, I cried all the way home after experiencing a horrible ruling by Judge Arlene Backman. *I’m 55 yrs old. and I dont cry easily, just at injustices.”
    Judge Backman had ruled against me the first time when I was served at an address at a different county I have never lived in. When my atty. filed a motion to quash service, Backman ruled against me without even sending us a notice to appear.
    We then filed a third motion, to vacate a void judgment and guess what, she once against ruled against me, saying my case was ALREADY DISPOSED OF…THIRD BITE AT THE APPLE…What is she talking about? This was my FIRST appearance in court. She had another female sitting next to her while my attorney was arguing his motion, not once did she bothered to even look at nor acknowledge him. She was too busy playing with her computer and speaking to her friend. When my lawyer was done speaking she said’: Well everyone has his day in court, motion deniend. I was so upset, my blood pressure went up, this case involves my forged signature on a contract I never signed and documents and court papers delivered at a wrong address.

  9. Ossie Levy says:

    By the way, the hearing was set for 130PM and she showed up at 204PM, did she apoligized for being late? Are you kidding……..She is Queen Bee, after all her husban is the chief judge,,,,broward county is such a horrible place to get justice…….just ask anyone and they will tell you what a Banana Republic it has become. Shame on Arlene Simon Backman and her enablers.

  10. Arthur Smiley says:

    This is just my opinion, I think Judge Arlene Backman is a pretty bad judge, last time I went to her courtroom the plaintiff’s lawyer had just started to argue his case, when suddenly she got up, look down to see if the court reporter was taking notes and as soon as she realized that she was not, she stop the procedding, took the doc”s from the plaintiff;s atty. and immediately signed them without even reading them. Lots of people complaint about the same thing, She does not listen, she does not read, she does not care. What in the world are we thinking of when we allowe this to continue on and on.
    Where is JUSTICE……Does anybody really care? Where is our Justice Dept.??????????????????????????

  11. kerri says:

    Arlene Backman was the judge in my son Juvenile case. On the day of the trial, she was in her chamber while the 911 tape was playing to prove that my son does not match the description. The prosecutor are just as bad. The system is so corrupted. The real judge on the case was Erlich but the state kept putting of the trial because they needed dirty Backman instead of Erlich. I really would love to talk to someone about this case. Its alot more information about this case.

  12. kerri says:

    Arlene Backman doesn’t care about justice, she’s all about her money….

  13. Past Case says:

    She does not follow the law. Anyone who has had an issue with her should file a JQCC complaint. So they will investigate to see how bad she is. Here is the link for the compliant form: http://www.floridajqc.com/images/JQCComplaintForm.pdf

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