Browardbeat Has List Of AFL-CIO Endorsements




Below is the list of Broward AFL-CIO endorsements for the upcoming election.

Most interesting:  No endorsement in House District 94, where Commissioners Bobby DuBose of Fort Lauderdale and Levoyd Williams of Lauderdale Lakes are duking it out, along with an independent in the race, Christine Timmon. 

Also note that Stacey Schulman and Rhoda Sokoloff won endorsements in hotly-fought races for Circuit Court.  Jonathan Kasen, who is challenging incumbent Judge Ian Richards, and Judge Ellen Feld got the support of the union in their County Court campaigns.

Coconut Creek Commissioner Lisa Aronson got the endorsement over four other candidates for the open County Commission seat now held by term limited Commissioner Kristin Jacobs.

Here is the complete list:




10 Responses to “Browardbeat Has List Of AFL-CIO Endorsements”

  1. fraternally says:

    I guess “your comrade” sounds too obvious. Signing a letter “Fraternally” sounds so douchey even a frat bro wouldn’t do it.

  2. Andrew Markoff says:

    I find that list to be less than helpful. There aren’t even explanations provided. I recommend looking elsewhere for perhaps more astute consideration of the candidates.

  3. Alice McGill says:

    The Broward County Firefighters and Paramedics 4321(AFL-CIO) has already chosen Bobbie Grace, a perennial candidate in Dania Beach, to support. What in the world is the reasoning behind that move? Ms. Grace is President of the Dania Economic Development Corporation which owes approximately $15,000 in taxes to Broward County. Some of that delinquent tax money supports the firefighters and paramedics.
    What are they thinking?

  4. Aunty Union says:

    Who cares who the AFL-CIO endorsees? They have no power, even among Democrats. Nobody belongs to a union anymore except government workers who want to preserve their unrealistic benefits and pay. If the AFL-CIO endorses somebody, I vote the other way.

  5. Daniel Reynolds says:

    It should be noted that Nora Rupert was early-endorsed for re-election to the School Board in March. There is a typo. Kasan not Kasen.
    Mr. Markoff, the list is just an announcement. If you are interested in more information regarding our process you can contact me at the AFL-CIO office.
    Dear Aunty Union, every candidate for every office we screened showed up for their interview. Pretty good for a meaningless endorsement.


    Jonathan Kasen’s name is spelled K-A-S-E-N on the Supervisor’s website and on the documents he signed at that office.

  6. No surprise here bought and paid for says:

    May 17th, 2014 at 9:26 am
    Dirty politics Robinson a union attorney

    FYI, here are the links and press release we mentioned in the previous email. Thank you.


    Committee to Re-elect Judge Ian Richards

    4700 Sheridan Street, Suite J,

    Hollywood, FL 33021

    Phone: (954) 663-0266



    Click to listen to Judge Richards’ interview on Hot 105

    On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 10:22 AM, Committee to Re-elect Judge Ian Richards wrote:

    Thank you for giving Judge Ian Richards the opportunity to interview with the AFL-CIO, he will attend the interview. However, the committee to Re-elect Judge Ian Richards has a concern of bias. Mr. Alain V. Jean, who is listed as the main lobbyist for the AFL-CIO has just received $10,000 from the Kasen campaign (see Sunshine report and Candidate financial report). Mr. Alain V. Jean, the principle of the August Company, is currently employed by both the Kasen’s campaign and AFL-CIO. We also understand that Metro Broward Fire Fighters, Broward County Firefighters and Paramedics, and Broward County Police Benevolent Association have recently endorsed the two former public defenders seeking to unseat Judge Richards before interviewing all candidates. Hopefully the attached press release about Judge Richards speaks for it itself and Judge Richards will receive your support. Thank you again for your consideration.

    Committee to Re-elect Judge Ian Richards

    4700 Sheridan Street, Suite J,

    Hollywood, FL 33021

    Phone: (954) 663-0266



    Click to listen to Judge Richards’ interview on Hot 105

  7. They Are Clueless says:

    Really, a three time loser and ethically challenged Rhoda Sokoloff who could not raise 400.00 last month, really
    And do not get me started on Steve Feren

  8. Endorsements Are Useless says:

    Katie Edwards, who I like as a Republican, but a Edwards, endorsement by the unions, when Edwards voted against unions over and over again, show how useless their endorsements are

  9. Response to They are Clueless says:

    For your information to They are Clueless It is Rhoda’s third time running, not a three time loser, there are other judges judges like Feld, Marty Levy Cohen and they call them “Judge”. Which is what you will be calling her come next January. Happy New Year! Rhoda is not ethically challenged. Why is she ethically challenged?

  10. Here is why says:

    In my opinion Rhoda running against Judge O’Connor in 2010 because she was Jewish and the Judge was not plus telling everyone she was the granddaughter of holocaust survivors lacked class and character if not unethical(most likely why she does not mention this any more or in her last race)The voters agreed they reelected O’Connor by over 70%.