Broward Tradition: Lobbyist Bernie Friedman Sets First Fundraiser For Commission Candidate.




The Broward County political tradition continues.

For a number of years, lobbyist Bernie Friedman and his law firm Becker & Poliakoff have thrown the first fundraisers for select Broward County Commission candidates.

This year is no different.


Bernie Friedman


Getting the early nod from Friedman and his crew is Pompano Beach Mayor Lamar Fisher, a Democrat who is running for the beachfront commission seat being given up by Commissioner Chip LaMarca.  

The importance of this fundraiser is not solely the money Fisher will raise.  It also demonstrates that at least some high rollers in the business community believe Fisher has the race sewn up.  Political players like Friedman try hard not to bet on losers.

If Friedman’s fund raiser is indicative of widespread sentiment among the downtown Fort Lauderdale business folks who fund campaigns, other candidates could have a tough time raising money and support.

Former Oakland Park Commissioner Shari McCartney, a Republican, is also running.  Former state Rep. Jim Waldman is considering a race, too.

The fund raiser — invitation is below — is at Noon, Oct. 30 at Becker & Poliakoff’s office, 1 E. Broward Blvd., Suite 1800, in downtown Fort Lauderdale.



8 Responses to “Broward Tradition: Lobbyist Bernie Friedman Sets First Fundraiser For Commission Candidate.”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Not so fast.Big Bernie needs that because he had no pull with Chip.Oh BF here will go heavy for Lamar.And yes Shari M has probably come to the realization that Lamar will carry Pompano.No kidding.Shari will have to hustle ans flow in the rest if the district.Keep in mind its my understanding that Shari here is on payroll at Trip &Scott or Scott &tripp-no offense to anyone.My point her boss At trip scott ate going to bet even heavier than Bernie here.BF knows this.This is why Bernie is starting so early.Shari if she plays her hand well will get Chip to show her around town to the whos who and give her the trade secrets that Chip has piled up on his desk.You certainly don.t think chip will be inviting Lamar to his county comm office any time soon,while Shari M can be in chip office on any given day of the week.Point closed.You bet your starting early Bernie because you want those trade secrets on Chippie desk.One piece of advice Bern tell the fashion esta to Lamar here ro loosen up.Trade in the designer suits for a tennis shirt(preferably Izod or Penguin-my favorite)and lose the glasses….

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    One more for the road this woyld have been a great seat for Chatlotte Rodstrom and as much as i like Charlotte and her husband is you should have listened to JS…

  3. Ban Lobbyists says:

    If Lamar is smart, he’ll steer clear of Bernie Friedman. East Broward County voters have seen where lobbyist controlled politicians get you, i.e. Ft. Lauderdale – overdevelopment, crumbling infrastructure that leaks thousands of gallons of sewage weekly, never ending traffic, and shell-game budget planning.

  4. Strategist says:

    This is Shari’s race to lose. Time for a Ft Lauderdale resident to serve on the BCC. She’s your next commissioner.

    Imagine the mail – “Fisher’s first move as a candidate? Private fundraisers with mega lobbyists.”

    Not a winning story.

  5. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Speaking of who is running and where.Comm.Dean trantalis will make announcement vey shortly that he is running for mayor.Speculation has it that former comm.Tim Smith is considering running to replace Dean.Along with Steve Glassman.Bob Kelley out…

  6. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Dean has no money for a citywide race. If the Rodstroms couldnt put it together how canTrantalis?

  7. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #6First so many people in this town owe the Rodstroms plenty.Charlotte Rodstrom will have plenty of cash.Dean Trantalis a pioneer in the LBGT community will do just as well.These millionaire gay guys(lots)will gladly get their check books out.Lots of cash will come Deans way.Even if its a long shot for them to have the first openly gay mayor.Boat loads of money are going to pour in.Not to underestimate Bruce Roberts he also will raise plenty ($) as well.Good luck to all…..

  8. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Rodstroms haven’t been in a position to give political favors in years as reflected in Chatlotte’s non campaign. John works I understand for Big Al Lisenstein in New York – no mobey there for a Ft Lauderdale race. Trantalis’ base is the declining nightclub business n a few minor real estate investors n brokers. Not much money there. As for Bernie Friedman he was the chairmman of the Broward County Jeewish Fedetation whose members raise more money than any other dimiliar organization. Once again Walsh KNOWS NOTHING.


    Although he is very active in the organized Jewish community, I don’t believe Friedman was chairman of the Jewish Federation. He was chairman of the Federation’s Community Campaign Celebration, according to his official biography.