Broward Mayor Dale Holness’ Endless Hunt For Money





How much is enough?

Obviously Broward Mayor Dale Holness believe $169,942.01 is not enough.

That’s what Holness’ non-campaign scooped up through the end of July.

He wants more.

Holness wants more. And more. And more.

More despite having no credible opponent.  More in the midst of a looming recession that closed businesses. More money despite the continuing crisis with coronavirus.

Holness’ hunt for dollars is continuing right up until this week’s deadline.

Like his campaign needs the money!

In addition to anything Holness’ campaign spends, remember the mayor has gotten millions of dollars worth of free time on television almost daily because of the coronavirus.

What is sad is that Holness sends most of this money out of Broward to Palm Beach County consultants and printing. 

Why no Broward firm is worthy of getting a larger slice of his campaign cash? You’ll have to ask hizzoner.

His opponents are lightweights — Garrington Essue, a Democrat who raised $6,100, and Joseph Foster, a write-in.

I know more than one person who believe Holness and his opponents were acquaintances before the campaign.

Essue bought a home listed by Dale Holness six years ago, according to the Redfin real estate website. Both Essue and Holness are licensed real estate agents in west Central Broward.

Foster, the write-in candidate, is also a real estate agent in Central West Broward. Foster used the same notary as Holness on his filing papers and opened campaign accounts at the same bank.

Holness has been criticized for his campaign practices in the past here and here.

The good news is that Holness won’t be mayor after the election when Vice Mayor Steve Geller is expected to take over the largely ceremonial job. 















5 Responses to “Broward Mayor Dale Holness’ Endless Hunt For Money”

  1. Sue says:

    This person is so corupt, the devil looks holy. He preaches helping poor businesses publicly and is nothing like the person he claims to be. He will pay all of is friends with that money and no one but him (and them) will spend it. Has any body seen this?

  2. Just One Vote says:

    And term limited on BCC. So last opportunity to solicit donations.

  3. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Classic Broward on steroids

  4. Same Situtaion says:

    The same blog could be written about Steven Glassman who is running for re-election in Fort Lauderdale District 2. His campaign coffers are up to $230,272

    His opponent is Kyle Gibson with a warchest of $1,649.78

    What does a (Fort Lauderdale) City Commissioner need two hundred and thirty thousand for?

  5. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Holness’ candidates WON! Glassman has NO SIGNIFICANT OPPOSITION. Leonard destroyed Brinkworth. HAVE BROWARD BEAT BLOGGERS HAVE ANY ‘WINS’ EXCEPT SHEVRIN JONES N GORDON WEEKES? And they are both Black so maybe Holness’ crew’s work helped them too.