Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness Warned Endorsements Are Illegal!




Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness and two Sunrise candidates have been threatened with legal action if they continue to distribute a phony endorsement card from a non-existing group. 


Dale Holness


The group A Better Florida For All earlier was accused of endorsements for judges that appeared to violate the state Code of Ethics for judicial candidates.  The link is here.     And here. 

According to published reports and documents, A Better Florida For All is operated by a Palm Beach County political operative linked to candidates backed by Dale Holness.

Now A Better Florida For All has leaked into the Sunrise city campaign. 

In a letter, Sunrise candidates Jeptha “Jeff” Holness, Patrick Jabouin Sr. and Dale Holness were warned that the distribution of A Better Florida For All’s endorsement card is illegal and must stop. The letter is dated October 31 and sent by the law office of Sunrise Commissioner Neil Kerch, who is running for reelection against Jeptha “Jeff” Holness.

The letter reads: 

“I am in receipt of evidence that during the week of October 22, 2018 through October 29, 2018 you have distributed, disseminated or continue to distribute and/or disseminate a Campaign Flyer that was paid for by the political committee that is registered under the name of A BETTER FLORIDA FOR ALL (69720). You are hereby on Notice that a Final Order by the State of Florida, Department of State has cancelled said registration as of October 24, 2018….

“Pursuant to Florida Law, you are hereby notified to “Cease and Desist” all further distribution and/or dissemination of said Campaign Flyer. Evidence of distribution, dissemination and false claims that said flyer is the Official 2018 Broward Democratic Voters Guide will continue to be gathered. 

“All future violations will be dealt with in full accordance of the law. Said evidence may be forwarded to the Broward Democratic Party, the Florida Commission of Ethics, the Broward Inspector General Office, the Broward State Attorney’s Office, and any other interested Government Agency for Review. Furthermore, you may be subject to a Civil Lawsuit for damages, attorney fees and costs. 

“Please Govern Yourself Accordingly, 

“Law Offices of Neil C. Kerch LLC.” 


Attached to the letter is the following order: 


According to the order, on August 8 the group was fined $15 for a late filing of a financial report. When the fine was not paid, the Division of Elections sent a notice to A Better Florida For All’s address and the address of the registered agent. The notices were returned undeliverable along with a later notice of the division’s intent to cancel the registration of the organization.

State Election folks then obtained a final order cancelling the registration of the group, which makes it unlawful for the group to be involved in elections.

So A Better Florida For All can not legally distribute election endorsement flyers under Florida law.   

Dale Holness probably can’t be touched.  He is linked, but not directly connected to the group.

Holness has been accused of playing it fast-and-loose past campaigns as he tries to build a network of elected officials who will help him in some future race.

But judicial candidates Stefanie Moon, H. James Curry, Tanner Channing Demmery and Jackie Powell, who were endorsed by the same group on flyers that are still being distributed at the polls (see first link above.), have everything to lose.  They are running for judge and are governed by stricter Code of Ethics. Violations of the Code can result in severe penalties including removal from office, if they win.

So have they sent a written demand by certified mail insisting their name be taken off the illegal endorsement and that distribution of the card stop?


The Judicial Qualifications Commission and the Florida Bar are watching. These judicial candidates could hear from The Commission or The Bar and get a lesson in judicial and legal ethics….soon.


7 Responses to “Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness Warned Endorsements Are Illegal!”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Look at Comm.Holness .First i give kudos to him for beating Sen.Smith.That was not easy.He is right.And all this PAC money going to alot of these people running.Just today Comm.Lamarca raised a 1/2 mill.Unreal the money people are giving and hiding behind these poltical action commitees etc.Tell u one thing come Tuesday if Amed.4 passes i will be running .Will take not one dime from anyone or any PAC.No Judy Stern etc.Don’ t want your money, just your support.Anyhow its all about the Benjamins($).Comm.Holness come on if all this money and or support was going to u or candidates u support u wouldn.t say boo.Ps. Buddy keep up the 411 its greatly appreciated.

  2. Joseph Morguess says:

    And, flyers from” A better Florida for all “ supporting Tamarac candidates for Office in the non partisan races for Mayor and 2 Commission seats were received in the mail Monday 10/29/18 , a violation of those rules as welk, not just judges . Possibly relsted and also exposed was a group called Democrats of Tamarac with a non existent address who mailed a false flyer on Tamarac Mayoral candidate Elvin Vlillakobos’ behalf lying about Democratic Mayoral Candidate Gerald Heller’s affiliation, falsely naming him as a Republican, and urging the multitudes Of registered Democrat recipients to therefore vote for him, Villalobos, as the only Democrat in the race. Tamarac acommissioner Marlon Bolton is a major endorser of Villalobos , and appears regularly at the early polls along side Villalobos. The connection between Holness and Bolton is unclear at this point .

  3. Seth Platt, Treasurer says:

    Please feel free to stop by the Broward Democrats campaign headquarters on Thursday. We get a shipment of another 100,000 legal palm cards which may be distributed.
    Or you can go here for our recommendations and download them

  4. Business as Usual in Florida says:

    Nothing will happen between now and when Broward SOE gets the votes counted. The city of Tallahassee is supposedly under an FBI investigation because some lobbyists tried to influence electeds with gifts and items of value that exceed the allowable max. And the mayor is running for Governor of the whole state of Florida and will likely get elected in spite of the “cloud” over the city. Lots of lip service and cited statutes about ethicas and ethical behavior and why they shouldn’t be doing these things but in the end, it is Florida and no one gets even a slap on the wrist let alone charged. A demand letter via certified mail will remain unclaimed/unsigned and returned to sender.

  5. IRA says:


  6. Traveling man says:

    The Gillum FBI problem is no big deal. It he wins and then gets charged , he can always suspend himself and allow his Lt Gov to serve until the charges are resolved. No big deal.

  7. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #6.I disagree if these allegations stick, not only would he have to step down but would be heading to court to face criminal charges.Come on.Its a given he did take the Hamilton tickets.And yes he did not pay for them.I would like to hear from the undercover FBI agent who stung him.Gillum is lucky that Desantis has no fizz and is basically boring.However, he could still pull this off.With Amendment 4 shows me alot of people ( esp.African americans) will be showing up…

    Having a Black canidate makes it much easier for Gillum to prevail and along with Amendment 4.Both will prevail.

    Feel much more confident 4 will pass, along with Gillum as governor.

    What worries me is Trump.That rally last night in Fort Myers etc was no joke.Trump with this caravan on its way to US and with him stating they r MS 13, terrorist etc has put fear in alot of voters- and its working.And with Trump threating to stop anchor babies( illegals having babies in the States- automatically given citizenship( 14 amendment) guarantee them citizenship) and Trump wants to terminate this has alot of voters agreeing with him.It has got traction.

    With this maneuver could get Disantis elected.Although this Trump tactic helps Scott win over Nelson.Will see.

    My prediction is Gullum prevails and Gov.Scott beats Nelson.Anyhow the Senate race will be very close.Will see..

    Ps.if Amendment 4 passes im in.Look forward to seeing alot more of u Mayor Trantalis.Oh no worries no Judy.No PACS, no puppets.- just the issues.Top of my list- homeless situation- and your million dollars to county for free apts etc- no way.We will take back our city.Can.t wait…