You Can’t Buy Campaign Publicity Like This


Broward County Judge Jay Hurley got a huge election boost Wednesday in the form of  name ID two juicy murder cases in one day that landed him on TV, newspapers and the Internet.

Jay Hurley

He was featured on every local television station and on the website of the Sun-Sentinel presiding over the first appearance of two men accused of murdering their wives.

Robert Oulton and Munawar Toha were shown in separate stories on TV standing in front of Hurley, who had his name prominently featured on the TV screen. 

I watched WPBT-Channel 10 and he was on screen for more than 20 seconds in two segments a lifetime on television news. In one segment, Hurley was shown questioning the accused.

Hurley has done a wonderful job speeding defendants through their first appearance in court.  He has quickly granted bond to those accused of minor crimes, but made sure to lock up anybody who is dangerous.

His only challenger at this point is Melissa Minsk Donoho.  Who?

Here is a warning to Ms. Donoho: Publicity like Hurley got tonight can’t be bought.

14 Responses to “You Can’t Buy Campaign Publicity Like This”

  1. Politico says:

    Buddy, Judges are going to have to earn their votes in this scam-filled and influence peddling political environment. I don’t care if they are an incumbent or not. There are mighty strong anti-incumbent feelings in the wind.

    If I don’t like any of the above, I just skip that category on the ballot. Yes, it shows up as an undervote. But it’s a really a “none of the above” vote.

  2. Politico too says:

    Buddy: Hurley has become a very good judge and good face for the Broward judiciary. Politically speaking: is she nuts?

  3. Tyronne Steele says:

    I think Judge Hurley is doing a great job and has restored some integrity to the local judiciary. I bet no one will back talk him in court again.

  4. Floridan says:

    Politico: “There are mighty strong anti-incumbent feelings in the wind.”

    And there are a lot of idiots out there.

    What does “anti-incumbent” mean? That you will vote against any elected official, no matter how good a job they’ve done, or how bad their opponent might be?


  5. Brian Lahton says:

    I’m not in a position to comment on Judge John Hurley’s effectiveness at “speeding defendants through their first appearance,” but I trust Mr. Nevins on that point, as he’s surely far more tuned-in to the local political/judicial scene than I. However, from what I’ve seen and read over the past year or so, including the two notable cases referenced in Mr. Nevin’s article this morning, it seems clear that Judge Hurley is certainly in control of his courtroom and engaged in the cases that go before him. He appears to be doing a fine job for the people of Broward County, particularly when it comes to keeping bad guys behind bars. For my money, that alone is worth making sure this guy stays on the Bench come election day.

    In response to Politico’s comment, I agree that there a number of incumbents who need to be reminded that it’s the electors, not the electees who are in charge of this country. However, as it pertains to Judge Hurley, the old adage comes to mind, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Putting a new body in the seat he currently occupies isn’t going to improve our judicial system one iota, and, quite frankly, it could very easily have an adverse effect.

    On a related note, I’ve read a few of the anti-incumbent-oriented pieces that have been published in the local media recently, including a couple that have specifically targeted Judge Hurley. Given the vitriolic tone employed in many of the subsequent comments, it’s clear that they’re written by people who have a professional stake in the outcome of the upcoming election(s), most of whom hide behind the Internet’s veil of anonymity. These notes are certainly not being written by folks who are just interested citizens. When comments reek of propaganda and dis-information, it’s pretty obvious that they originate with supporters of the “other side,” whatever that side may be, and not by folks who are just interested citizens.

    Personally, I don’t get it. Regardless of Judge Hurley’s political allegiance, the bottom line is that he’s doing a solid job on the Bench for the people of Broward County. He’s doesn’t appear to be a hard-ass when it’s unnecessary, nor is he afraid to apply the discipline of the Law when it comes to keeping bad guys off the streets. From my point of view, that’s the basic criteria for being a good Judge. So, kudo’s to Judge Hurley.

    Oh, and in case anyone’s wondering, I’ll be voting to retain Judge John Hurley!

  6. yep says:


    Sure are a lot of stupid voters who use that anti incumbent logic, and Mayor Keechel is in office because of this.

  7. Deby Weinstein says:

    I think Judge Hurley is doing a great job. I agree with Brian above. As for publicity, it is not Judge Hurley’s fault that these two husbands killed their loving wives. If this did not occur we would not have the “As Seen on TV” Judge Hurley in action.

    Keep up the Good Work, Judge Hurley. This voter will be in your corner come primary day.

  8. FLL says:

    Melissa who? I think Judge Hurley has been doing a great job. This Melissa character should hang it up now. She doesn’t stand a chance.

  9. Irish Rose says:

    I have been monitoring Judge Hurley and from what I can gather he is hard lined when he needs to be, but when the circumstance calls for some compassion and common sense, he also has those attributes. As a tax payer I find it disheartening that some of his predecessors locked up petty criminals far to flippantly, at our cost, for minor offenses, when there are many more affective alternatives. I view this position as the second line of our justice system and it requires a man, like Judge Hurley, regardless of others political agendas, to continue doing a fine job. You have my families vote, keep up the good work and retain Hurley!

  10. Special K says:

    Retain Hurley. He does a great job. Period.

  11. BigRedDog says:

    There are plenty of legitimate and “constitutional” reasons for ‘voting out’ incumbents; and our democracy doesn’t discriminate with respect to an informed voter’s ballot box decision versus an “idiot”‘s: they are both just as valid and legitimate (just like there’s no IQ test etc).

    That said, I think a sober, serious citizen who takes the responsiblity of voting seriously and soberly does him/herself a disservice by ‘blanketly’ voting out all incumbent judges.

    I am NOT a jurist or a member of the Bar (although in the interest of disclosure, “some of my best friends” are lawyers), but I think we should respect the professional integrity of an association, guild or trade group and its ability to regulate or self police, so it stands to reason that judges regardless of their political persuasion are highly regarded enough within their profession to have “earned” the right to wear vthe robes (don’t groan: I KNOWE money, influence and some degree of small ‘r’ republican corruption is a part of the deal, too). So I think we should look closely at the records of judges when we vote, and not “throw the rascals out” whole cloth.

    That said, I respect and support Jay Hurley.

  12. Go to Work says:

    Judge Hurley, you really should quit posting so much about yourself.
    No one will know you on election day because they will vote for the first Minsk on the ballot.

    FROM BUDDY: The comments lauding Hurley are coming from different IP numbers and e-mail addresses.

  13. Jerry Williams says:

    I’ve known Jay Hurley since we attended Cardinal Gibbons High School together. (Class of ’79) We were prosecutors together in the Broward State Attorney’s Office and we’ve worked together on cases as private attorneys. He’s a great guy and and has done an admirable job as Judge.

  14. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Hey Judge Hurley…

    How’s that JQC complaint I filed against you working out so far?