Women’s Caucus Rejects School Board Females For Males






Don’t call The National Women’s Political Caucus-Florida the Good Ol’ Gal club anymore.

The group is out with its endorsements and in two key races, it rejected female incumbents for males.

For instance, the caucus picked the guy against two female incumbent School Board members:


  • Nick Sakhnovsky over Heather Brinkworth in East Broward District 3.
  • Bob Mayersohn over Abby Freedman in the Northwest Broward District 4.


It is no surprise the liberal group picked Circuit Judge Steve Feren over his conservative challenger John Contini.

And the caucus chose Claudia Robinson in County Court Group 27 over incumbent Judge Ian Richards.

How could they go with Richards when he was accused of making anti-female quip about “vagina justice” during a hearing in a domestic case?

But I find it noteworthy that the caucus couldn’t settle on one candidate in two judicial races:

  • Circuit Court Group 16: Andrea Gundersen and Russell Thompson.
  • Circuit Group Group 17:  Julie Shapiro Harris and Stacey Schulman.

The caucus did choose the woman in the hot House District 96 contest in North Broward. It endorsed County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs.

The group also picked Ken Keechl over Democrat Ben Lap and incumbent Republican Commissioner Chip LaMarca in the County Commission District 4 race.

All the endorsements from the caucus are here.




17 Responses to “Women’s Caucus Rejects School Board Females For Males”

  1. One they got right says:

    Beam Furr, what a great guy, a good family man who (get this) actually wishes to serve where his wife and kids live.

    Clearly the Caucus saw nothing redeeming in a man who leaves his young children and wife for weeks on end in a desperate attempt to remain an elected official in a County 4 hours from the home he has with his wife and small children.

    Cmon Joe, do right by your kids. It is 1030 am, do you even know where they are? what is going on with them at school today? do they miss being away from their parent during these formative years?

  2. Go Bob! says:

    Exciting to see so much momentum for Bob. He’s a great guy and really seems to have a strong shot this time around.

  3. The Guess Who says:

    Another classic example of non-reporting by Buddy. Did either Abby or Heather even submit the questionnaire? You can’t endorse someone who doesn’t seek the endorsement. (Unless of course, you’re the PBA, who endorsed Lynn Rosenthal without meeting with her opponent.)


    I can’t begin to tell you how many groups endorse candidates without interviews or questionnaires. A candidate should know which group’s endorse and seek them.

  4. Garl says:

    Endorsements by groups solely on the basis of identity politics should be given the weight they deserve — none. Brava, this time, to the caucus.

  5. Fact check says:

    Brinkworth was out of town and missed the application period. Otherwise should would have received the endorsement.
    Leach didn’t receive the endorsement either and still won in August in a three way race so that shows how much it matters.

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    I find it ridiculous that the group couldn’t figure out that Andrea Gundersen is way better than any of her opponents.

    Ian Richards was being accused in court of delivering “vagina justice” by a male litigant! Judge Richards explained why he was ruling in favor of the female litigant and observed that the male litigant’s assumption of female-centric judicial bias (“vagina justice”) was incorrect. Nobody could reasonably interpret this phrase in this context as any kind of anti-female bias indicator. Richards works hard, does a good job, and is very involved in community service. And Broward’s judiciary is very much in need of demographic balance with African-Americans being the most underrepresented. We need Judge Ian Richards & he is the best candidate.

    Best picks:

    17th Circuit Judicial seats
    8th – Frantz “Jahra” McLawrence
    16th – Andrea Gundersen
    17th – Stacey Schulman
    27th – Steven Feren

    County Court
    18th – Ellen Feld
    27th – Ian Richards

    Broward Soil & Water Conservation District, Dist. 4 – Fred Segal

    For Attorney General – George Sheldon.

  7. NWPC/FL says:


    Thank you for listing our endorsed and recommended candidates. Due to our national bylaws we can not endorse male candidates, but because we always want the best candidate to win, sometimes that recommendation needs to be made for the male over the female candidate.

    It is correct that Heather Brinkworth was unable to return her questionnaire. We are a non partisan organization and would have been happy to consider her candidacy had she done so. That being said, Nick will be an excellent school board member should he win.

    We are also honoring the Broward School Board next month at our 2nd Annual Women’s Equality Day lunch August 10th for passing the most comprehensive sex education curriculum in Florida. Heather is one of those members we plan to thank. As is Abby Freedman, though we were unable to endorse her this year.

  8. Nothing says:

    The group has Beth Lerner…Her endorsement isn’t worth anything. There are other women in the group that varicella respected. They should get rid of the nasty…and two faced Beth Lerner to keep their credit ability. She has none and us hated all over Broward.


    You didn’t specifically mention this race, but
    it is one where the woman was more qualified than her male opponent, not just because she was a woman…

  10. If you have met her says:

    I have yet to meet anyone who has encountered Gundersen who came away with anything positive to say. Clearly we know ha ha ha is David brown. Dave you forgot to add Peerman to your list of endorsements.

    Best part is you can’t even articulate why Gundersen is so great. Cmon Dave at least try to be less obvious.


    David Brown, a local political consultant handling Gundersen’s campaign, wrote to say he has not placed any comments on this post at all.

  11. Bias says:

    Who did they endorse in the School Board races? Oh yeah just one Laurie Levinson. That in and of itself speaks volumes.

  12. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Andrea R. Gundersen is an AV rated Marital & Family Law attorney and a Certified Family Mediator with more than 20 years experience. She has an office in Fort Lauderdale. David Brown is her campaign manager. Gundersen actually wrote a BrowardBeat column last year, which can be read here:


    As for people who have met Gundersen, perhaps you missed these BrowardBeat comments:


    Samantha Fitzgerald says: (July 25th, 2013 at 7:24 am)

    [i]I’ve known Andrea Gundersen for many years and she will make a fine judge. Andrea’s ethical standards are a cut above the rest. She’s extremely devoted to her clients, her family and the community. Andrea is very knowledgeable on the law and I believe she will be a fair and impartial judge.[/i]


    Jamerican says: (July 25th, 2013 at 11:22 am)

    [i]Andrea Gundersen even though not known for years but with the current case involving a child. She is an advocate for the client but most importantly is looking out for the best interest of the child in this case. Her knowledge of the law is incredible and with her experience it speaks for itself. The accolades that has been given shows someone that is devoted to the clients she represents and the community at large. She will be impartial and exemplify what a judge should be.[/i]

    Upon reviewing the Gundersen article from last year, please note that I posted two comments to that article indicating my opposition to the position that she took in that article. She argued her side well & the bill did end up getting vetoed.

  13. chacha says:

    Beam Furr….The best of the entire crop!

  14. The award goes too... says:

    Dumbest blog argument ever… Hahaha

    Using blog posts to justify that a candidate is liked..

    C’mon David you are slipping.

  15. Oh really says:

    In this race, Judge Richards deserves reelection on the basis of his record on the bench and the qualities he has shown both as a judge and as a manager of the huge number of pending cases, which continue to be a challenge for most judges in South Florida.

    For Broward County Court, Group 27, the Miami Herald recommends IAN RICHARDS.

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/07/24/4253750/the-heraldrecommends.html#storylink=cpy

  16. bill says:

    I do not trust Bob!, no teaching history


  17. Factsplease says:

    Abby claims to be a teacher but she is not certified by state? Where is your teaching license Abby? Maybe where you left your class the other night crashing the BTU event! Please do not reelect her.