Women-Only Event Set For Broward Judges





Although Lady Justice is a women, she rules over a court system that is supposed to be gender neutral.



Women are supposed to get the same treatment in a courtroom as a man. That is the intention, which sadly at times is not met. Still, a gender neutral justice is the goal.

So look at the emailed ad below and imagine if the judicial event was restricted to men only. Then imagine what reaction would be generated by a male-only judicial forum.

This event, sponsored by a female-owned notary firm in Lauderhill, no doubt has good intentions.  Yet should judges participate in a judicial forum be restricted to one gender only?

You decide.

11 Responses to “Women-Only Event Set For Broward Judges”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    They need Oprah and these judges would be all set.Yup Oprah gonna save us all(maybe all her money more like it)..

  2. Lady Lawyer says:


  3. Smart Marketing says:

    I see this Notary offers a legal insurance related product on its website called Legal Shiled, https://www.cynanotary.com

    So anyone can book get judges, like entertainers, to come to their private business to talk about a non law related subject? This is not promoting a private business?

  4. Chico's Bail Bonds says:

    What is the difference between this and a bail bond company or any another company that has any ties with the court system bringing in judges under the guise of a random topic to promote their business?

    I see the attendees are asked to contact the host company for information on the event. This enables the company to keep the email information and market them later.

    What is next? Putting logos on the robes like NASCAR?

  5. Maxine K. Streeter says:

    No. That being said I personally know over half of those judges and I do not believe that any one of them would have agreed to participate in a gender restricted forum. The judges did not draft and print the invitation– they just agreed to participate.

  6. A white gay man says:

    Equality is an interesting topic.

    The only group these days that would be lambasted if they were to exclude others is white heterosexual men. Must all men pay for the sins of a few?

  7. The Long Black Robe (Ret.) says:

    Justices should not participate in any expository events, especially ones sponsored by private businesses.

  8. ha ha ha says:

    Ms. Streeter your ass kissing is so noted.

    As a Judge, ignorance as to what someone is putting out for public consumption in your name is not an acceptable defense. If these Judges did not ask to see the final draft of the invitation, shame on them.

  9. Ha Ha Ha says:

    [Note: I have no relation to the similarly named poster “ha ha ha”, and I object to the disrespectful nature of that poster’s first sentence in #8 above]

    This event reeks of gender discrimination and it is an entirely improper activity for any judge, and for that matter any elected official. From a judicial perspective, the legal theory of “public accomodation” should be very forcefully applied to these events.

    All the judges shown above as featured participants have damaged their own credibility. If I were any of them, I would instantly issue a strongly worded apology and pledge never to go near any such event in the future.

    The commentary of Ms. Streeter in #5 indicates a lack of objectivity in that she appears to prejudge the cases of these featured participants. Judges must not either assume or suggest defenses to improper behavior; that is the job of the defendant.

    If in the future Ms. Streeter is elected as a judge (she has recently been a judicial candidate, though in the end she did not win the election), Ms. Streeter would now have to recuse herself in any proceeding (whether professional, civil or criminal) against these individuals. And given Broward’s sordid history of judges behaving badly, such proceedings are very likely to happen.

  10. Man United says:

    This event was canceled.

  11. Girl Power says:

    Why would someone question or oppose this event of female but not oppose the NAACP Black judges event in Broward?
    We’ve come a long way baby but clearly not far enough.