Wilton Manors’ Mayor: Clumsy Or Hard Working?



Scott Newton might be the hardest working politician Wilton Manors has ever seen.

Or he might be the clumsiest.

Voters can decide.

Newton was mayor from 2004 to 2008, quitting to run a losing race for state House.

He now wants back on the city commission.

His costly accidents have become the campaign issue that is being whispered across the back fences of Wilton Manors. 

Here is the truth:

Newton filed two workers’ comp claims in 18 months while mayor. 

Both injuries took place while Newton was fulfilling his mayoral duties. 

In December 2006, he slipped during a holiday event while playing in manufactured snow with city children.

Newton sliced his shoulder. It required complicated surgery. 

City records place the cost at $23,900.

In May 2008, Newton took a misstep while trying to get off a canoe at a city event.  He twisted his ankle.

The cost for treatment: $3,200.

I’ve never heard of a mayor filing two workers’ comp claims. 

Newton says the claims were legitimate.

Both events were investigated.  Both were found to be valid claims.

And, according to Newton, the claims didn’t hurt the city financially.

Wilton Manors recently got over $50,000 back from its workers’ comp carrier for low rate of claims, the former mayor said.

My take:  If Newton was hurt while mayor, he deserves to be covered by the city’s insurance.

But please, Mr. Newton.  If you get elected in March, be a little more careful.

8 Responses to “Wilton Manors’ Mayor: Clumsy Or Hard Working?”

  1. Wilton Manors Resident says:

    Let me get this straight-Scott works hard for the city, supports events and sometimes gets hurt in the process. Resnick hasn’t had so much as a hang nail…hmmmm.

    Resnick is being investigated by the State of Florida for campaign violations with the sleeezy trashhy Island City News. Hope Borward Beat will cover that!

  2. (The Phony and Not Real) Broward beat says:

    the claims were investigated and found to be valid. enough said.

  3. Seeks Medical Privacy says:

    An elected official is an employee of the city. While executing the duties of the office, if one becomes injured while acting in his capicty as mayor at a city function and on city grounds, the injury is processed the same as any other city employee who becomes injured while on duty. This would all city workers, police, and includes other commissioners.

    I’m disturbed as a citizen that members of our sitting commission (and/or their agents) find it necessary to feed the press confidiential medical information that may violate the United States’ HIPPA Information clauses where “Patient information can only be shared to treat the patient and cannot be used for marketing purposes without their explicit consent. Patients can ask their health insurers and providers to take reasonable steps to ensure that their communications with the patient are confidential, and file formal privacy-related complaints to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights. Health insurers and providers must document their privacy procedures so that patients and staff are aware of the policy that will be followed to give the patients the confidentiality that they expect from medical professionals.”

    Finally, if it were revealed during this past campaign a candiate suffered a heart attack due to excessive weight, lack of excercise and Sedentary lifestyle, or even, say, one’s HIV status you could be sure, all hell would break loose with a backlash. The community would scream “UNFAIR!” and the meida outfit who leaked it would see a law suit.

    Shame on you who find it necessary reveal private medical information for your own political puropses. I hope your private medical information never dragged out in the “Sunshine.”

    HIPPA Source: http://www.tech-faq.com/hipaa.shtml

    FROM BUDDY: Private medical information was not used. The descriptions of the incidents and the injuries came from Scott Newton.

  4. Wilton Manors Resident says:

    Good. So Gary Resnick violated state law. I wonder if Steve Kelley will report that in his trashy rag – Island City News!

    Resnick asked that Scott’s worker’s comp claim be investigated by the league of cities and fed info Sleeze Kelley. Isn’t that a violation of privacy laws?

  5. Dressing For Success! says:

    Clumsy or Fashion Faux Pas?

    This article missed one very major point. In his attempt to “Fit In” the mayor injured himself when he slipped breaking the heel of his Jimmy Choo’s Quinn Leopard Print Canvas Shoe. This fabulous shoe retails $523 at Neiman Marcus.

    As for the famous canoe incident. You didn’t hear this from me, however, the injury was a result of being off balance from being too “curvey in the rear.” We’ve been telling him for years to get back into shape!


  6. He's A Crook says:

    Please Mr. Newton. Don’t go out of your house or go out of your car. We, the taxpayers, wouldn’t want to pay for your “clumsiness” again.

  7. Wilton Manors Resident says:

    Hey Crook – I guess you want him to stay inside, never show up at events, never do anything for the city – like Gary Resnick. The only thing he’ll need worker’s comp for is a girdle!

  8. Nuetral says:

    I think if Scott was hurt he should be able to make a claim. I also think that Scotts suporters should leave Mayor Resnick alone. The election is over and the voters made their choice. Now can’t we just all get along.