Will Rothstein End Up With A Public Defender?


How does white collar lawyer Marc Nurik feel about not getting paid?

It is possible that his defense of discredited lawyer Scott Rothstein will end up pro bono work, according to a local criminal defense lawyer.

scott-rothsteinScott Rothstein

Rothstein is being sued, his law firm is bankrupt and the government has seized his real estate and personal property.  It doesn’t look like he has many legit assets left.
So how does he pay Nurik, who left the Rothstein firm two weeks before it collapsed?

Watch for a Nebbia Hearing, named after a federal case more than 40 years ago.
The hearing is triggered by a motion from the government or the judge.  It requires a defendant to prove that he is not paying for his bail or defense with crooked money.

If he is unable to establish legit assets for bail or private attorney Nurik, Rothstein could end up sitting in jail while he waits for his Public Defender to visit him.

Now that’s justice!

6 Responses to “Will Rothstein End Up With A Public Defender?”

  1. don't worry be happy says:

    hey buddy i don’t want you to be left out just stopped in to tell you that we are hanging out over at the pulp’s house these days.

  2. Lady Law says:

    Having to depend on the federal public defender would be justice for Mr. Rothstein. I would love to see that happen, but I suspect he will find a way to hire a private attorney. Either that or somebody will come forward to work for him in return for the tremendous news coverage they will receive.

  3. Willie Shear says:

    All this is foreplay. Rothstein will be arrested soon and will spend the rest of his life in prison. Either that, or he will kill himself.
    No matter what his defense is, it won’t help.

  4. j says:

    Buddy, your asleep. Nurik lives or lived in his house, had no clients, was involved in this crap yet you think hes gonna want to get paid? He either did already or Nurik can simply say Im “free” to the judge. Either way, Fed PD or not, name me someone who was up to his ears in this much paper who didnt plea? This will be plea’d out and a monkey could do it as this guy is not cooperating and is D O N E.

  5. j says:

    BTW, its disbarred lawyer now

  6. andy boy says:

    Nurik is in it for his “15 minutes”. He looked like a grinning ape in sunglasses in the Channel 6 interview with Fatass Rothstein. Why is he letting Rothstein talk and hang out in posh watering holes across Fort Lauderdale ?

    Nurik is a dope.