Will Developer Get Debbie’s Help With The Commons?


She’s the darling of the national media.  She is positioned to be a Democratic leader in Congress one day. She was just named one of the top 50 Jews in America by Forward, a leading Jewish newspaper. 

But is U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, going to put all things congressional aside to go to bat for a controversial local development — The Commons?

This one is all about money.

Millions of dollars to be reaped by the big developer Turnberry Associates if they can build The Commons, a combination office and shopping complex.

Thousands of dollars that the firm, its principals and its employees have given Wasserman Schultz in campaign contributions.

The Commons is opposed by the Weston city government, who contend it will clog the streets and Interstate-75 exits with traffic.

Davie city government, which stands to gain millions in taxes from the project at I-75 and Royal Palm Boulevard, voted to approve it last year.

Wasserman Schultz, who represents the area, is in the middle. If it is soley about campaign contributions, her heart must be with The Commons.  

In the election cycle just ended, Wasserman Schultz got $13,800 from Turnberry Associates, developers of The Commons, according to Opensecrets.org. 

The organization says that Turnberry was her fourth biggest contributor along with Duty Free Americas.

Turnberry and its employees have been strong supporters of Wasserman Schultz since she arrived in Congress.  In addition, Turnberry principals Jeffrey and Donald Soffer have given generously to Wasserman Schultz’s favs like Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Word is that Wasserman Schultz quietly talked up The Commons around Davie Town Hall prior to its initial passage last year.  

With the 150 acre project up for approval at the county commission after Thanksgiving, don’t be surprised if Wasserman Schultz pinch hits for The Commons developers again. 

A phone call from a congresswoman to a county commissioner can do wonders. That one call could switch or solidify a vote.

Will Turnberry be asking for payback from Wasserman Schultz? And is that any way to make momentous decisions on the direction of development?

6 Responses to “Will Developer Get Debbie’s Help With The Commons?”

  1. Weston Resident says:

    I wouldn’t mind shopping at the fancy shops planned for the Commons. I would mind the traffic that Mayor Hersh said would be all over our streets because of it. We have plenty of places to shop without the cars being on top of us. I fear the Commons would destroy downtown Weston and all its quaint little shops. No, if the tradeoff for desirable shops nearby is the death of neighborhood Weston shops and traffic on our streets, I say no. Take that, Debbie.

  2. Redo lotz says:

    Weston residents have had a chance to throw out Wasserman Schultz many times and they haven’t. Now they can live with The Commons and she can live with all her special interst money

  3. concertlover64 says:

    I’ve visited the website and I am excited about the prospect of the commons. What does Davie want, more mobile home parks? They have 32 — the town and residents should be lucky they would get a project of this level in their town.

  4. Weston Resident2 says:

    The Commons will be fantastic for the residents of Weston along with everyone else.. It will be a fantastic place if given the opportunity to be built. Who cares who donated money where, Debbie should like and support the project simply on the projects merits… I know I do, along with my WESTON neighbors and friends.

  5. Ooooooh! says:

    If anybody reading this blog doesn’t understand that politicians like Debbie Wasserman Schultz care more about campaign contributions and being reelected than the good of the people, I have some beachfront land in Arizona to sell you. She’s the same as the next one. Tell us something new, Buddy.

  6. Joe Blow says:

    It’s funny how some of you pretend to know Debbie and her motives. Yes, she is a politician. But she is also a good mother, a kind friend and a dedicated community servant. So all of you posers can pretend to know who the real Debbie is and what nakes her tick – but you dont. So don’t publish it as though you know.