Why Obama Is Ahead In Florida


This year, I didn’t need CNN to experience the election.  I didn’t need WIOD-AM. I didn’t need the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

I have experienced the campaign from my front door. 

Knock. Knock.

It’s another volunteer for Barack Obama.

On Sunday, the fourth one in three months came calling.

The volunteers are driven.  They are excited.  They want to talk about Obama and the change he promises.

In their enthusiasm, their smiles, you can see why Obama has pulled ahead in Florida.  And in the nation.

If I search hard enough, I can find a John McCain supporters.   They exhibit about as much excitement as someone on a trip to the Laundromat. It’s almost as if backing McCain is drugery they’ve got to do, like washing clothes.     

The spirited campaigning by Team Obama I experienced has been repeated in almost every part of Broward.  And across urban Florida.

Not only has he ignited a new generation. He has energized numerous middle-aged folks, too, judging from those who visited my house.

In my all-too-long experience in Florida politics, Obama’s grassroots operation is the most extensive and energetic I have ever experienced.

The result: My neighborhood is packed with Obama signs.

Although there are over 500 Republicans and over 300 independents registered in my precinct, I have to search hard for evidence of the GOP campaign. McCain has few signs and fewer bumper stickers. 

Maybe because nobody from his campaign bothered to visit? 

Based on my anecdotal information, I can see why Obama has pulled ahead in the polls.  I predict Obama will pull a record number of votes out of Broward County.  

Those votes will propel him to victory in Florida.

One interesting aside: No volunteer from a local campaign has visited my block.  There are more than 1,000 homes in the neighborhood and I have not seen one sign for a judicial or sheriffs candidate.

4 Responses to “Why Obama Is Ahead In Florida”

  1. S. Only says:

    LET’S HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT…true, the Obama team has energized this election and this country. I am hoping the YOUNG people get out and make “actions speak louder than words” (and VOTE). And THEN, after the election, people need to decide to follow through and become more responsible citizens.
    Yes, we can….but will we?

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    Obama is ahead because he deserves to win after 8 failed years of Bush. We need something new and not more of same for the rich.

  3. Stephanie Kraft says:

    Not just Broward, or even Florida…I was in Boston two weekends ago and was stopped no less than five times while walking all over Boston by enthusiastic Obama supporters wanting to tell me why I should vote for him. He definitely has more grassroot vocal supporters than the other guy.

  4. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I joined in a march for Obama and many gethered to walk in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago from South Broward High to the circle. Most had hand made their signs and I’ve seen hand made signs in my neighborhood in Dania Beach.