Why Lamberti Has A Good Chance: Obama Fan Backs The Sheriff in East Broward

5 Responses to “Why Lamberti Has A Good Chance: Obama Fan Backs The Sheriff in East Broward”

  1. Good Ole Boy says:

    It was great to see convicted drug dealer Benjamin Bennett (1982 Dealing Cocaine from his marked unit while on duty) in Coconut Creek wearing his team Lamberti Shirt. Ben was taking a lead role in Al’s campaign and had the poll deputy take measurements regarding signs that he felt were too close to the poll. I am very excited that Al has selected another convicted felon for his team as this along with the Whittington donations are just another example of his “Pride in Service with Integrity”. If Al keeps continues picking all-stars like this we can only imagine the future of our agency.

  2. shocking says:

    another anti israel post on browardbeat what a shock

    ms waldman must really be sweet talking you… or is it on orders from bergeron or the forman family who bankroll this website?

    I have an interesting picture from BCC North polling place, its of a former deputy who was convicted of selling coke out of his car and fired…doubt you would post that one.


    Maybe you should read more carefully from my posts:

    9/17: “Scott Israel Will Be Sheriff”

    9/23: “Lamberti Misses Another Opportunity.”

    10/11: “Who’s Donating In Israel versus Lamberti,” which clearly shows Austin Forman gave to both candidates.

    And, bro. I don’t take orders from anybody except my wife. Because I am in the unique position of not needing anything from anybody.

    But the truth is not as interesting as some conspiracy you have fashioned in your pea brain.

  3. slant by Buddy says:

    This election will have more black voters than we have seen in years. Israel is on all of the voting guides. I bank my money w/ Israel winning this election! The polls were based on prior voters. This year is about new voters or people who haven’t voted before. No poll can determine this election. I’ll wait till election night.

  4. Good Ole Boy says:

    Is it true that Al is paying union reps to work the polls for him? I saw an e-mail stating that our boss is going to pay the union reps as if they are conducting union business? While we enjoy the union’s endorsement of canadiates, I think that paying your own people to work the polls for Al ( our boss) is illegal and unethical to say the least. If that is the case then each employee should be granted paid leave to support the canadiate of their choice.
    Hey Buddy, you might want to take a look at this one!!!!

  5. misson bells says:

    Lamberti signs are everywhere in Wilton Manors, which is Obama land. Who wants Israel who beat up blacks and anybody he could get his hands on whil an undercover cop?