Who’s Richer? “Help Me Howard” Finkelstein Or Mike Satz?



Here is one difference between having children and not having children:

The childless State Attorney Michael Satz drives a 2011 Porche 911 worth $77,317, according to his financial disclosure made public this month.

Public Defender Howard Finkelstein, who has two daughters, disclosed he owned two cars – a 2008 Toyota Corolla and a 2005 Toyota Prius.

Finkelstein lags Satz in net worth, too.



Mike Satz: Millionaire


The colorful public defender had a net worth of $824,097 as of December 31, 2012.

The hard-nosed  prosecutor had a net worth of $1.4 million.

Most of their assets are in financial investments like stocks, retirement accounts and their homes.  Satz also owns rental property in Fort Lauderdale.

Satz earned $122,942 in wages and $25,358 in Social Security in 2012.

Finkelstein received $150,077 from the PDs office and $41,365 for his “Help Me Howard” legal advise feature on the WSVN-Channel 7 news.

13 Responses to “Who’s Richer? “Help Me Howard” Finkelstein Or Mike Satz?”

  1. Broward Resident says:

    Does Satz get paid per the black nonviolent crime offenders that he locks up?

  2. Barack Obama says:


    How does satz receive social security if he is still working?

    Also according to http://dmssalaries.herokuapp.com/salaries?employee_name=satz&employee_type=&agency_name=&salaries_length=10

    Satz makes 150k too


    Mike Satz’s income tax statement attached to the form indicates his total income is $160,319 for 2012. The form can be found here: http://public.ethics.state.fl.us/Forms/2012/15346-Form6.pdf

  3. modeengunch says:

    Quite frankly I’m surprised the difference is not larger. Satz has been steadily employed for eons. Howard has had a few bumps in the road.

  4. Sally fitz says:

    Is Help Me Howard still putting his net worth up his nose?

  5. Howard expenses says:

    Howard spends a lot of money on lifts for his boots to get to five foot one.

  6. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    Is Howard still using tax money to research his “Help Me Howie” personal gig? I thought that was illegal. But hey…it’s just Howie, right? I love Broward corruption hypocrisy.

  7. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear Barack,
    At age 62 you can get reduced SS but be penalized for income over 37k.

    At 66 the penalty disappears.

    In all cases you pay income taxes.

  8. PandaBear says:

    Is Satz’s salary based on how many cases he loses per year?

  9. Satz A Bargain says:

    Satz must handle every criminal case. Howard only handles the poor. Satz should get more money.

  10. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Satz aggressively prosecutes poor people for victimless crimes and gives the rich and well-connected either a free pass or inept prosecution that the high-powered defense lawyer(s) can easily defeat.

    That isn’t justice, and it’s not a “bargain” at any price. Even if Satz worked as an unpaid volunteer, the right thing to do would be to fire him immediately and then prohibit him from ever re-entering the premises.

  11. Sam The Sham says:

    Not that I care for Help Me Howard but in two or three centuries when he is as old as Satz is now, his net worth should be about the same.

  12. james says:

    i know 1st hand the ego and undeseved pay for howard finkelstein the man is mentally challannge he is a wise attorey yet warped @ has some serious issues.. so sad hes payed so well to ruin peiples lives under his hekp me coward show …DO SOME INVESTIGATING..tyoical of south flas corrupt kegal system

  13. Thomas Lacey says:

    Scam at Mar-Len Garden Senior Complex by Miami-Dade County. They are going back to 1997 on centeral air that was placed in our apartments. Former ownes didn’t get permits. The current owners,like me, are to be fined by Miami-Dade County for no permits. We edler owners are on fixed income. This to us is unlawfull it is beyond to many years.