Who Voted For and Against the Ed Bill


Who wore the white hats and who wore the black ones when the controversial education bill was rammed through the House last week?

That’s an easy one.

Broward Republicans= Bad.

Broward Democrats=Good.  

The bill would abolish tenure and tie future teachers pay to the performance of students on tests.  It would eliminate teachers’ pay for advanced degrees.

The state is waiting to see whether Gov. Charlie Crist will veto the measure.

Supporters say it will improve education.  Opponents say that the influence of teachers can not be measured on a single standardized test.

My take: I see this as a GOP ploy to divert attention from the real issues, like jobs and economic development.  

With all the economic problems in this state, was it the right time for the Republicans to pick this fight? 

Of those House members living in Broward, it was supported only by Republican state Rep.  Ellyn Bogdanoff of Fort Lauderdale.  All other Republicans representing portions of Broward voted for the bill.

Here is the list:

Bill Number ….: CS/CS/SB 6 Date: 04/09/2010
Amendment Number: Time: 02:26 AM
Reading Number .: 3 Session Sequence No: 768
Floor Actions ..: Passage    


Yeas – 64 Nays – 55 Not Voting – 1


N   Abruzzo
Y   Adams
Y   Adkins
Y   Ambler
Y   Anderson
Y   Aubuchon
N   Bembry
N   Bernard
Y   Bogdanoff
Y   Bovo
N   Boyd
N   Brandenburg
N   Braynon
N   Brisé
N   Bullard
Y   Burgin
N   Bush
Y   Cannon
Y   Carroll
N   Chestnut
N   Clarke-Reed
Y   Coley
CH   Cretul
Y   Crisafulli
N   Cruz
N   Culp
Y   Domino
Y   Dorworth
Y   Drake
Y   Eisnaugle
Y   Evers
N   Fetterman
N   Fitzgerald
Y   Flores
Y   Ford
Y   Fresen
Y   Frishe
Y   Galvano
N   Garcia
N   Gibbons
N   Gibson
Y   Glorioso
Y   Gonzalez
Y   Grady
Y   Grimsley
Y   Hasner
Y   Hays
N   Heller
Y   Holder
N   Homan
Y   Hooper
Y   Horner
Y   Hudson
Y   Hukill
N   Jenne
N   Jones
Y   Kelly
N   Kiar
Y   Kreegel
N   Kriseman
Y   Legg
N   Llorente
N   Long
Y   Lopez-Cantera
Y   Mayfield
Y   McBurney
Y   McKeel
Y   Murzin
N   Nehr
Y   Nelson
Y   O’Toole
N   Pafford
Y   Patronis
N   Patterson
Y   Plakon
N   Planas
Y   Poppell
N   Porth
Y   Precourt
Y   Proctor
N   Rader
N   Randolph
Y   Ray
Y   Reagan
N   Reed
N   Rehwinkel Vasilinda
Y   Renuart
Y   Rivera
N   Robaina
Y   Roberson, K.
N   Roberson, Y.
N   Rogers
N   Rouson
N   Sachs
N   Sands
N   Saunders
Y   Schenck
N   Schultz
N   Schwartz
N   Skidmore
Y   Snyder
N   Soto
Y   Stargel
N   Steinberg
N   Taylor
N   Thompson, G.
Y   Thompson, N.
N   Thurston
Y   Tobia
Y   Troutman
N   Van Zant
N   Waldman
Y   Weatherford
N   Weinstein
N   Williams, A.
Y   Williams, T.
Y   Wood
Y   Workman
N   Zapata

11 Responses to “Who Voted For and Against the Ed Bill”

  1. Thank you Ellyn says:

    Way to go Ellyn. Good day for teachers and students and a bad day for the Education Union thugs.

  2. One of Charlies Bosses says:

    Charlie better veto this thing.
    Of all the ridiculous laws to ever come out of Tallahassee, this one is the worse ever.
    The legislature will completely change come November. All of these Repugnant-cans are doomed to be ousted for this and many other faux-pas they have managed to foist upon a weary, economy sapped electorate.

    Let’s all help ’em pack.

    CHARLIE, we’re watching you. Do the right thing or you won’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning that Senate seat you covet. No matter what party you run on.

  3. Confused says:

    Buddy you wrote:
    “Of those House members living in Broward, it was supported only by Republican state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff of Fort Lauderdale. All other Republicans representing portions of Broward voted for the bill.” Did you mean all other republicans voted against the bill?
    Regardless, it is a horrible bill for teachers, students and pretty much everyone. Thank you to all representatives who voted nay, as that is truely listening to the constiuents and doing the right thing. What do you think the Governor will do?


    I meant what the post said: All Republicans representing portions of Broward voted for the bill.
    Ellyn Bogdanoff is the only Republican House member who lives in Broward. Others live in Dade, Broward of Collier Counties and represent parts of Broward.
    A number of Republicans voted against the bill, including four who represent portions of Miami-Dade County.
    On your other question, I believe the governor will do what he believes is good him politically. Other than that, I have no clue.
    But the Sun-Sentinel today stated Crist was about to veto the bill….

  4. Frank White says:

    I’m sure Charlie is shaking in his boots over the anonymous internet threats by the union that already endorsed his opponent Meek.

  5. Dan Reynolds says:

    It is incomprehesible that a measure to purportedly improve education would specifically prohibit teaching experience or advanced degrees from being a factor in setting educators’ salaries. Florida already has trouble attracting teachers because we are one of the lowest paying states now. Imagine trying to recruit the best and the brightest under this turkey.

    Dan Reynolds is right.
    What he doesn’t say is that this bill has its origin in politics. It may be masked by Republicans, who claim it will improve education. But these partisan Republicans have a very political motive in pushing this bill.
    It is designed to crush the teachers union. Republicans believe the teachers union support Democrats, so that is enough to strike back at teachers.
    Here are the facts: Most Florida teachers do not belong to the teachers union. Many Florida teachers vote Republican. And not one Republican can cite impartial studies that show that this bill will improve education.
    It is a cynical, political bill.

  6. Not fair says:

    This bill is completely unfair. Why should public school teachers be compensated based on their performance? If they wanted to be compensated that way, they would work at private schools.

  7. Open Your Eyes Up says:

    There are hudnreds of thousands of teachers and retired teachers. If you have a future in politics, VETO THE BILL.
    Can any Republican tell me how this bill improves education? I didn’t think so.

  8. To Not Fair says:

    Everybody should be based on their performance.
    How do you judge teaching? Some students are touched by a teacher and taught to be contributing citizens. However, they do poorly on tests.
    You can’t judge individuals by tests alone. There are so many other factors in life.
    Could you pass the FCAT?

  9. Real genius says:

    Dan is wrong. The only difference between the house bill the sun-sentinel blog said Charlie supported in committee and the bill on his desk is that the bill on his desk allows for consideration of advanced degrees.

  10. Concern for education says:

    OK, here are the facts: I live in Ms. Bogdanoff’s district, a parent of a child in the public school system, not a teacher nor a political party affiliate.
    Here is my opinion of this bill and Ms. Bogdanoff’s vote for it. It seems the legislature is learning from the Broward County School Board mantra, take care of yourself first, blame others for your lack of progress or accomplishments. This bill is designed to blame the easy visible target. Education is not just about teachers but the administrators, PARENTS and students. If you are going to determine whether or not a teacher is effective or not then you are missing the rest of the equation, PARENTS and STUDENTS. Surprise, there are parents and students that just, well let us just say, they don’t get an A grade. With some students and parents, it is like asking teachers to pick up a dead body the same as lifting up a ballerina from the floor, with no loss of enthusiasm. Until the bill asks parents and students to be willing to undergo the same scrutiny as this bill is asking teachers to undergo then we really are just talking about politics and power. Oh, another fact, guess who I will NOT be voting for next election…

  11. Dan Reynolds says:

    to Real Genius

    Page nine line 248-253 pertaining to Charter Schools forbids the use of teaching experience or advance degrees in setting teacher salaries.
    Page thirty-six, line 1031-1033 pertaining to school districts forbids the use of teaching experience or advanced degrees in setting teacher salaries.
    The only place in the bill that allows advanced degrees to be considered is page 43 line 1234-1235 where in assessing a teachers knowledge of subject matter in an evaluation advanced degrees “may” be taken into account.
    This is from the version of the bill sitting on the Governor’s desk. Read it and then if I am not right tell me where in the bill salaries can be determined from experience or advanced degrees.