Who Is Paying For School Bonds Polling?




One question: Who is paying for the poll taking place in Broward County that asks questions about the proposed $800 million school bonds?

There has not been one vote of the School Board to approve this bond issue yet.  A vote won’t come until next week.

That hasn’t stopped somebody — who knows who? — from moving ahead.

Browardbeat.com received two e-mails from readers detailing questions in a telephone poll they received this week.

The questions involve the favorability of the School Board and how any funds from a bond issue should be used.

Superintendent Robert Runcie bragged about the public system’s new transparency at this week’s meeting.  The School Board pledged transparency.

Transparency is the new buzz word for Runcie and the Board.

I get it.

To put decades of mismanagement, misspending, inside dealing and corruption behind and convince the public they can be trusted with $800 million in additional money,  Runcie and the Board need to forge a new environment of openness and candor.

So in the interest of transparency, does he know who is paying for this poll?

Is the poll being paid for by businesses and individuals who would benefit from a $800 million bond?

Contractors who stand to get work? Developers who want new schools near their projects? Computer companies that want to sell to the Board?

The School Board is being treated as an afterthought in this process. Somebody planned and started the poll before the bond proposal was made public on Thursday.


If these last few days are an example of how Runcie and his crew define transparency, the public has problems.

8 Responses to “Who Is Paying For School Bonds Polling?”

  1. Forgot something says:

    I have been told the polling asked questions about the Sheriff, what is up with that?


    My guess is that the poll is probably trying to compare the familiarity of the sheriff, the most recognizable politician in Broward, to the answers on the other questions. It could be the pollster was just curious about the sheriff.

  2. Emily Rubin says:

    They also asked about the County Commission and Congress.

  3. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    It will be most interesting to hear the answer on this one. Maybe the lobbyist for the company that the board let off the hook for most of the $700K the auditors said they owed? Quid pro quo Clarisse.

  4. Just Saying says:

    Rumor has it that lobbyist Judy Stern is behind the polling.

  5. @Charlotte says:

    Charlotte – Does Pat Reilly the district was short changed?

  6. Goldwater's Ghost says:

    Transparency has also been the watchword of the current Presidential administration-and we see how that is turning out. It must have some different definition in Chicago- possibly the same definition we use for “obfuscation” here in Broward. Interesting that some people believe that Judy Stern runs this county-including Judy. It’s probably time that perception was changed.

  7. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Yes. Look at the audit on the district’s website. I can also email it to Buddy. The district was due back over $700K and got only $210K. Didn’t even cover what the outside auditors (Berkowitz, Dick Pollak and Brandt) and attorney (Oscar Soto) cost.

  8. modeengunch says:

    I’m with #6. I’ve hated the T-word since 2008.