Whiner of The Week: Jaemi Levine


Jaemi Levine gets my whiner of the week award.

Levine filed a police report contending that her opponent, Dave Thomas, squeezed her hand so tightly it that it caused her injury.

What a drama queen!

Boo hoo. 

When my sons were young, they took a lot worse and never complained. 

If this alleged incident has caused her such distress, imagine how she will deal with the real issues at the School Board.  They are all contentious, like boundaries, funding and building new classrooms.  

Levine did get publicity for her campaign with her complaint.  I’m not surprised.  The media can’t resist such an unusual tale. 

The media used the story, but they have no idea if Levine is telling the truth. 

Neither do I.

What I do know is that squeezegate is a sideshow.  Levine has made much too much out of it. It is a distraction.  I rather hear more realistic answers from Levine on how she will change the School Board.   

Once again like on so many subjects, the Sun-Sentinel’s Mike Mayo had the wisest observation:

 “Thomas denied hurting Levine.

It’s a sad day when even the post-debate handshake becomes a matter of contention.

Never truer words.

45 Responses to “Whiner of The Week: Jaemi Levine”

  1. Git R Done says:

    She’s such a fake person and has not a clue what she’s doing, it’s only to get publicity and recognition so people will “think” she’s been hurt.
    If it hurt her shaking hands with the guy, why didn’t she just drop the handshake and go about her business… OMG, she’s just a “WHINER” and is a sick bi-otch too. Thanks for writing this Buddy, people need to know the scams she’s playing and how really fake she is!

  2. She's Worse says:

    This is an example of picking the less offensive candidate. Dave Thomas, who dedicated himself to the school system and the military for years, has been embraced by the BTU. Jaemi is a light-weight and a shallow individual who doesn’t deserves to sit on the board directing a billion dollar budget.
    My vote goes to Thomas.

  3. Whiner and media manipulator says:

    One thing Jaemi is good at is creating (manufacturing) news. She milked her daughter’s unfortunate incident for years, to the point that the daughter even told people during the primary she wasn’t voting for her mother! Now she’s manufactured this, then promptly called every media outlet she knew of. Interesting that she did not press charges until the S-S reporter told her he wouldn’t write the story unless there were charges filed. Then she ran to BSO to do so, even though BSO was on the scene at the debate that night.

    Also interesting that numerous people who were at the debate said she was shaking hands with people AFTER the supposed incident, and did not seem in any distress.

    She has totally suckered that stupid Pulp person into believing her story. She even got one of her supporters, Bob Sutton, who is on record as supporting her (and everyone in the Coral Springs Republican network knows that), to talk to Pulp and pretend he is an unbiased third party observer.

    I’m glad so many others see right through her. I hope the voters do, too, or we will have four years of major theatrics on the SB for show. Especially since now the workshops are even televised (or shown on the internet), she will be playing to the cameras big time.

  4. Politico says:

    @Whiner and media manipulator

    Careful, Pulp’s been known to be more right this past year than wrong!

  5. BrowardVoter says:

    The BTU endorses Thomas. Well, that means if you are a fan of the status quo, vote for him. If you want any chance of doing things differently, vote for Levine. Check out the other 8 SBBC members. Are there any that are not BTU endorsed? That should tells us that behind all the smoke and mirrors, the BTU is just as involved in SBBC corruption as all of the other lobbyists/vendors/developers/etc.

  6. BrowardVoter says:

    Oh, I think that Gottleib was not BTU endorsed in her successful re-election bid this past August, but she was BTU endorsed when she first ran for and won her seat. Parks is retiring so the BTU is endorsing Rupert in that district. Somehow, in District 6, Hope managed to lose the BTU co-endorsement in her race with Levinson. The BTU now endorses Levinson (wonder if her mother, Florida Senator Nan Rich has anything to do with that??). BTU endorsed Good in District 2, she won replacing Tynan who replaced BTU endorsed Gallagher when she was removed from the Board. Dinnen, Murray, Bartelman, Williams are all BTU endorsed members if the SBBC.

  7. Broward Cleansweep says:

    Bev Stracher?

  8. Joan King says:

    Embraced by BTU – not many of the members; Endorced by BTU – again not many of the Master Stewards! It was a mistake,… many of us have told BTU leadership that!!?? Search & you’ll find out about Dave Thomas’ lies,… 16 yrs a non-BTU member, joined for endorce$$, letter he wrote to Pat S (Marty’s Watchin Brow),… Ivory Johnson!!

  9. NoseBleedSeats says:

    In our great nation the best candidate wins! The voters are regularly underestimated by the likes of poor candidates.I know people believe i am stupid, but I believe the best candidates win because we elect them and we the people are always right! We get the government we deserve. We deserve better than what we have now. When the voters choose, they won’t choose Levine. The won’t choose Levine because when it comes to the issues she manufactures a handshake complaint to try to draw attention away from her empty head. I hope Thomas raises the bar, our children deserve better than they are getting now.

  10. BrowardVoter says:

    Gee whiz, Ms. King. Are you implying that not all BTU members / stewards are in agreement with the Infallible and Glorious BTU President Pat S.?

  11. Dear Broward Cleansweep says:

    It is hard to take someone serious who hides behind a phony name. You are so worried about Bev Stracher you should clean sweep Ilene Lieberman because she works for her. You are paying Bev Stracher’s salary.
    The problem with a clean sweep is that you have to have somebody to replace the ones swept out. The list of alternative candidates, INCLUDING LEVINE, are horrible.

  12. Git R Done says:

    Maybe the ONLY reason the Pulp/Bob Norman is writing about Levine is because IF she does get elected, then he will have a lot of dirty shit to talk about her, LOL…
    Gottleib and Dinnen worked for the BTU, so of course they have been endorsed by them, where have you all been? The Union “thinks” that if they get any all or former teachers on the Board, they will get a raise, NOT!!! The Union is so corrupt, it’s a good thing that Dave Thomas didn’t accept their nomination, it was reported earlier too. He hasn’t been involved w/them for a long time. Besides, Pat Santeramo is such a pain in the ass and also the Pulp/Bob Norman should write about him, double-dipping and all. This County is going down the tubes and it has been since 2006, what a horrible bunch of knotheads the Union is, they’re weirdo’s…someone needs to check into their doings!

  13. Chaz Stevens, Author says:

    Question: Ever review Hope’s Board issued cellular phone bill(s)?

    I have…

    Answer. Not impressed and very concerned with what I found.


  14. Joan King says:

    “Embraced by BTU, talk to the BTU stewards who attended the Full-Steward Mtg. @ the Quality Inn Endorce. Intro. on Sept. 29, 2010 in Plantation, & those who recently attended the area mtg. on Tues., Oct. 26, 2010,… where we continued to complain about Dave Thomas being endorsed after he has been caught in lies about his joining BTU in June,… proof in black&white to that lie! He only joined the day AFTER he found out that he’s getting the “committee” endorsement with BTU, FOPE, Brow College,… (AFL-CIO)! His letter on Marty’s Watching Brow. tells all the REASONS to Pat S.(BTU pres), WHY he’d NEVER be a BTU member for his 16 yrs.?! That’s when he cancelled his June 15 Primary Endorse. Interview! It was also a CONFLICT of Interest! His Ivory Johnson, FB fake name insulted BTU stewards & teachers,… but he JOINED for the money! He was witnessed squeezing her hand & it WILL come out in court! If he & his cronies don’t stop insulting teachers, they may hear from our lawyers too!!

  15. lpeerman33063 says:

    Git R Done
    “The Union is so corrupt, it’s a good thing that Dave Thomas didn’t accept their nomination, it was reported earlier too. He hasn’t been involved w/them for a long time.”

    He did accept their endorsement as well as all the unions that followed BTU’s lead.
    I predict the teachers will get a bonus this year from the left over money that the raised millage rate brought in. A bonus lets the board give the teachers a “raise” without having to give all the rest of the SB employees a raise.

  16. lpeerman33063 says:

    Buddy here is how I look atit
    1. If I am squeezing someone’s hand and that person says “you are hurting me” the 1st thing I would say is I’m sorry I did not mean to. NOT “I did not do that”.
    2. If I was being accused of something and I was called about it by a reporter I would return the call, yes he returned it after The Pulp updated that Jaemi filed charges and then only to say he would not comment.
    I’m sorry but a herd of lawyers would not get me to not comment if something untrue was being written or said about me. I did not do it is hardly going to hurt a court case.
    3. Having a brother who is a retired Naval Officer I can easily see in my mind’s eye the intimidation conversation that reportedly occurred.
    4. Having “seen” Mr. Thomas’ knee jerk reaction to something and how he handles it I can easily see in my mind’s eye him exerting more pressure than necessary to get his point across.

    The Sun Sentinel has asked people who were there to talk to him, I am sure The Pulp offered the same but so far NO ONE with a real name has come forward. Only Anonymous posters who are slinging stuff about Jaemi unrelated to the incident. That bothers me.

  17. picture says:

    Did you see the alleged picture of her hand on Pulp? It is visibly swollen (about 2x the size).
    People do wierd things but do you really think she would purposely injure her hand to curie favor?

  18. Git R Done says:

    LPeerman 33063:
    Just for your info, you don’t know crap about the Union.
    Thomas was just being nice to accept their endorsement “AFTER” he had not been involved with them for over 16 years.
    Santeramo was just doing that because Thomas is a teacher, wake up Peerman! Get your facts straight. Geez, you’re a dummy for sure.
    I compliment him on that for “HIS RESPECT” and for just being nice to them for the endorsement.
    Try and understand, the union is so bad, uncontrollable and unruly!
    Believe me, all the teachers around Broward County are being plagued to “NOT” join or get out.
    If the Union are unhappy about not getting a raise, then why don’t they do something about it? Because they “don’t know what to do” that’s what.
    “NO” they’re not getting a raise this year, haven’t you heard the news?
    Santeramo is a “JERK” and you don’t even know him, so why are you commenting at all?
    Your acting like this because you have decided to run for election in Margate and your just trying to make yourself pro-active. Geez, this County is really going to the Dogs!

  19. Whiner and media manipulator says:

    @picture–I absolutely believe she would do that. This woman would do anything for free publicity and she sure is milking this story for all its worth. She even got channel 10 to air it last night. She loves the attention and the media spotlight.

  20. Lpeerman33063 says:

    Oh Git R Done
    I have been around and pro active for longer than you have probably had your fake name.
    If you think Thomas took the endorsement to be “nice” I am sure one of the other more respected people who post here will help you with that when they are done laughing.
    I do not disagree about the Union or Pat S(oh wait I guess that means I do know something)
    I respected Thomas for his letter to not interview with the union because in his words “At that meeting, you also inquired about my integrity and loyalty stating that you knew I was not a union member and suggested that I reconsider before the Union held its official candidate screenings.
    I have considered your position carefully over the last few months. While there is now no incumbent in the District 4 race, BTU’s premature endorsement of Ms. Rupert in the District 7 race against Mr. Parks speaks volumes about its loyalty! As for my becoming a union member to secure union backing, I must agree with Board member. Kevin Tynan, that it would be a “potential for a conflict of interest.”
    For him to take the endorsement and the money (oh yes there is money Get R Done)to me compromised his integrity. Whether he became a member or not did not change that. He did it to get elected.
    Maybe you can answer me a burning question(no I won’t ask your real name)Why is it that a large percentage of the Thomas supporters who post resort to name calling or are belligerent instead of being able to have a discussion?

  21. The Real Truth says:

    Jaemi Levine cleaning up corruption???

    Less than six months ago, The Pulp attacked Jaemi Levine for writing a letter of leniency for Bev Gallagher. Now The Pulp has changed its tune because somebody in the Levine camp – Judy Stern? – has pulled Bob Norman’s puppet strings.

    The Pulp wrote:
    “Another boneheaded letter came from “Mothers Against Predators” President Jaemi Levine — who is actually running for the seat being vacated by Board Member Stephanie Kraft. “I know she must pay for her mistakes but I would ask for leniency in her sentencing,” Levine wrote.
    No, Jaemi, not “mistakes.” Mistakes are things you don’t mean to do. They are accidents. What Gallagher did is called a “crime.” The fact that you don’t know the difference doesn’t bode well for your political career (or perhaps it will bring you great success).”

    Jaemi supports a convicted extortionist Gallagher in writing. Stephanie Kraft, who has not been convicted of anything yet, endorses Dave Thomas.

    A blogger who once attacked Jaemi for supporting corrupt officials, now contends she will clean up corruption.
    Inconsistencies are showing once again.

    Judy Stern vehemently denies she is involved in any aspect of this Levine/Thomas School Board race and says she doesn’t think she even met either candidate.

  22. Broward Cleansweep says:

    hey look, Le Peerman, a woman, being attacked by a bunch of Kraft machine shills. You stay classy!

  23. Nicholas Steffens says:

    This is what I envision happening,

    “Stephanie: Jeanne, it’s me, no, no, I don’t need bail money. Listen, Buddy Nevins just put up something anti-Jaemi like I told him to, you need to go on there and push it hard.

    Jeanne: Oh yes, overlord master. Whatever you say.”

  24. Nicholas Steffens says:

    There’s also this:


  25. Tyler says:

    Women in politics…….

    The only way politics could become more petty is by more woman running for office. My comment is sexist and accurate.

  26. browardmommie says:

    I am sure every woman regardless of where they stand on this issue feels offended by your comment, Tyler. We are in the 21st Century, where more women are the bread winners and the head of their households. Women deserve a voice and to be leaders as well as men do. Yes, your comment was very sexist, but not very accurate. Some of the most petty races run right now involve men. The sex of a person has no bearing, its based on individuals.

  27. Parent says:

    That really makes a difference, Mr. Nicholas Steffens, or Jaemi Levine, your real name.
    Nevins wrote an innocuous e-mail five years ago!
    Wow, that’s real love.

  28. Lpeerman33063 says:

    It is as relevant as what The Real Truth posted. I believe what Nick (yes his real name, yes a real person)
    was trying to say was that Yes, Pulp changed his mind but so did Buddy.
    Bloggers do that sometimes so do regular people.
    Browardmommie, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  29. Broward Parent says:

    I find it amazing that Nick Steffens can mock some one he has never met and only had limited conversation with over facebook. I also wonder how he is still on the DEC after aligning himself with Tea Party people.

    Another mindless robot who laps up the drek being spewed on some of the blogs.

  30. Hypocrites says:

    Nick Steffens and the rest of the Jaemi supporters are such hypocrits just like Bob Norman. They condemn Dave Thomas for his association with Stephanie Kraft, who, it must be pointed out, has not pled guilty or been found guiltly of anything, and they try to connect dots between Stephanie and people like Bev Stracher, for her involvement with people like Ilene Lieberman and the Chaits. Yet when its pointed out that Bev STracher actually was helping Jaemi in her earlier race, that’s ok.

    They condemn Dave for his association with Kraft, but downplay Levine’s association with Patty Atkins Grad and the fact that she wrote a letter of support for convicted felon Bev Gallagher.

    They condemn Lori Levinson for her associations with various people, yet have no problem with the fact that Gallagher’s daughter helped Hope, that Gallagher invited Hope, of all the board members, on to the FBI boat, and that Hope herself has a criminal background.

    The hypocrisy of these people is truly amazing.

  31. Nick Steffens says:

    What Tea Party people have I aligned myself with? Name names and offer proof.

  32. Broward Parent says:

    Why offer proof when you have aligned yourself with the lets put every lie in the county crowd and see what sticks? And BTW, people in the DEC know. 🙂

  33. Nick Steffens says:

    Broward Parent:

    1. Say your name.

    2. They can’t “know” something that’s not true.

    3. The candidates I’m most closely supporting in this election are Jaemi Levine, FJ McLawrence and Ron Klein. I’ve also helped out a bit with the Sink campaign. Where are the Tea Party members?

    4. Your English is horrendous. Read that over. Seriously.

  34. Lpeerman33063 says:

    Would you and the rest of your flipping fake name group please learn the word SOME because it is really starting to piss me off with the blanket statements. I have repeatedly asked how I personally fit into your
    “the rest of the Jaemi supporters” statements and no one has yet answered.
    As for you whole post, where have you been? Pictures of Jaemi and Patti have been shown around the internet with snide comments attached, as well as her letter. I do not know who Bev Stracher is nor do I care. Recently an 8 yr old traffic ticket Jaemi got was posted, I have seen many FB people like comments if it has anything negative about Jaemi in it so before you post maybe you better check the facts. SOME of the Thomas supporters are doing the exact things you claim all of Jaemi’s supporters are doing.
    As for Hope and Levinson I don’t have a horse in that race but I have seen some pretty nasty stuff being put out about Hope so I would say that SOME of both candidates supporters are doing the same thing.
    You did not ask but just for the record, I have said Stephanie will not go to jail however the minute her husband called and asked her to have an item moved on the agenda and she did, she lost my respect, doesn’t matter if money was involved or not. She worked for the PUBLIC and by doing a favor for her husband she abused the public trust. It is that simple for me.
    See that name up there that is the real me and I stand behind what I say or I apologize if I am wrong.

  35. Broward Parent says:

    You align your self with a tea party member just the same Mr. Steffins.

  36. Lpeerman33063 says:

    Broward Parent
    Do you teach your children tolerance?
    Do you teach your children that just because some one is of a different race, religion, ethnic background, political party, etc that doesn’t mean that the person is not a good person or could not be a good friend?
    Just curious.

  37. GetsWorse says:

    In answer to your question, I won’t post the link. The link is to an article that is unfair and unproven as far as I’m concerned.

  38. Broward Parent says:

    Did you? Is Nick Steffens teaching his children that you don’t take the word of some one who has never talked or know the people he is bashing? Nick as taken the word of a creep and judge civicly active people on nothing more than theories. Are they going to follow thier father’s example?
    My children have turned out well. They are responsible kids that are kind and treat people well. People who know us can well atest to that fact.

    However, using Broward CleanSweep’s excuse for not revealing himself, I need the protection from people like Nick Steffins.

    I have also taught them to spot liars and the fools that follow them.

    This isn’t about Jaemi Levine. This about people qho xan throw up an email from 5 years ago and convince some of you that blue is purple. This about the double standard of supporting candidates with clearly shady pasts and inventing things to taint good candidates. If you and Nick have a good excuse for the last four months I would love to hear.

    Otherwise peddle your ridiculous double standard to whomeverwill drink your kool aid.

  39. Lpeerman33063 says:

    I have done nothing to be ashamed of the last 4 months so I do not need an excuse. My question to you was because you made it sound dirty that Nick may know someone in the Tea Party.
    I have invented nothing about your candidate, everything I have gathered to form my opinion has come from him. I have not delved into his past, I have based my opinion on actions by him and not his supporters who I hope, when he said he does not condone what some of his supporters are doing he meant it. I care not one bit who his friends are or who wants to support him.
    That is how I pick a person to support. Broomie is amusing and informative to read as is Marty, The Pulp,Chaz and Buddy. However most people do not base their decisions on what 1 person writes. It is unfortunate that you can not accept that.

  40. Broward Parent says:

    Yet people do form their opinions based on one person’s ridiculous postings. Why would Nick Steffins be mocking a person he doesn’t know?

    The Tea Party people, IMO, do not represent the values I have nor politics I suppport. My father is a big supporter of the Tea Party in the state in which he lives. I speak to him but he doesn’t do what Nick Steffins does.

    Nick Steffins aligned himself with a site that was promoting tea party candidates and as a democratic operative that is a problem.

    Lee, while I admire you ability to be level headed, you absolutly particpated in the pile on against some who sought to defend themselves on Broward CleanSweep’s facebook page.

    People are getting creeped out by having their houses photographed by strangers, and let’s not get started on the stalking behavior.
    Please do presume to lecture me, when by your participation you fed, in part, the creepy behavior of those participating.

  41. Lpeerman33063 says:

    Broward Parent
    If what you are saying is true then please send me that particular thread. And I will publicly apologize if I “piled on”. If me asking someone who was using their position in certain group if that was allowed according to that groups bylaws is piling on. Then yes I am guilty of that, I read what the poster posted as a threat and inquired about it. The poster explained what she meant and it was done. According to your logic anyone that posted on Broomies FB page “fed” into what you allege happened.(I say allege because I was not there so I do not know if it happened or not)That is alot of people.

  42. Nick Steffens says:

    I didn’t start talking to “Clean Sweep” or supporting his site until Bob Sutton (the Tea Party member you won’t mention by name) was out of the race.

    In the primary, I supported Robert Mayersohn (and, for the record, before Stephanie Kraft announced her “endorsement.”) Now I’m supporting Jaemi. I’ve aligned with Clean Sweep because he’s supporting Jaemi. If the race, for example was anyone v. Sutton and Clean Sweep was supporting Sutton, I’d be against him. To be perfectly honest, it’s a relationship of convenience.

    And for the record, I’ve told Clean Sweep that it’s stupid and lame that he’s hiding. I don’t hide.

  43. Broward Parent says:

    Still haven’t addressed the issue of why you would be a bully and participate in the bullying of people who don;t know on facebook, Mr. Steffens.

  44. Broward Parent says:

    There were 5 or 6 active posters on Broward CleanSweep’s page, 4 of which would viciously attack anyone who didn’t support their candidate and who could not stand to be disagreed with. When you parrticipate in the conversation where bullying is taking place, then you become an accomplice. Mr. Steffens is also guilty of this.

    At least Mr. Nevins posts the facts as he has investigate them. The operative word having been investigatd and a new one confirmed.

  45. Lpeerman33063 says:

    Broward Parent
    We will have to agree to disagree on this one, what you say is me being an accomplice to bullying, I say is me trying to have a discussion. I would be happy to take this discussion to FB if you would like since you know who I am and I think I know who you are so as to not take over Buddy’s site.
    I will agree with this statement,
    “At least Mr. Nevins posts the facts as he has investigate them. The operative word having been investigatd and a new one confirmed.”
    which is why I think he would not post a link that GetsWorse wanted posted.

    GetsWorse says:
    October 30th, 2010 at 5:15 pm
    In answer to your question, I won’t post the link. The link is to an article that is unfair and unproven as far as I’m concerned.