While Sailing Through Broward, Charlie Crist Says He Won’t Debate Nan Rich







Former Gov. Charlie Crist was in his element on Tuesday – in front of cameras.

In Broward to raise money for his gubernatorial campaign, Crist demonstrated why he is such a formidable candidate during a 10-minute news conference.




The newly-minted Democrat pirouetted around questions, never deviating from his message that Gov. Rick Scott has ruined Florida and he is here to save it.

Crist loves the media and loves to talk to average people. That’s a big contrast to Scott, who appears both uncomfortable and stiff in many public events.

The big takeaway for the three television stations and two newspapers that covered the event: Crist would not commit to debating his Democratic primary rival, former state Sen. Nan Rich.

Crist was asked twice whether he believed there would be a debate with Rich. “I don’t,” he said twice. “I’m not thinking about it right now.”

Then he spun the question into,  “This is not a race really about candidates. This is a race about people of our state: about teachers, about law enforcement officers, about firefighters.”

Brilliant .

He’s not debating Rich, who has had trouble getting out of the basement of polls?


Only a political novice would debate Rich, giving attention to her faltering campaign.  And if there is one thing Charlie Crist is not, its a political novice.

Crist hasn’t done much publicly in Broward since formally jumping in the governor’s race late last year.

He explained why he soon will start making more public appearances and promised that the media will end up getting sick of him.

“I’m running against a guy who said he’d spend $100 million,” Crist said.

There is no way that Crist will raise anywhere near that amount.  So he needs the free media that news conferences and public appearance provide.

But first he needs to raise money.

Crist spent over two hours passing the hat at the law offices of Greenspoon Mader in Fort Lauderdale, the workplace of one of his chief supporters, former state Sen. Steve Geller.

With Geller at his side, Crist first met with the firm’s senior partner Gerald Greenspoon, who founded the statewide, 10 office firm. Crist then met with some members of the AFL-CIO.

The highlight was a small get-together for roughly four dozen lawyers and politicians in the firm’s reception area.  Two pictures are below.


Charlie Crist talks to Broward County Commission candidate Mark Bogen




IMG_0820Charlie Crist huddles with Democratic Party insider and lawyer Mike Moskowitz

19 Responses to “While Sailing Through Broward, Charlie Crist Says He Won’t Debate Nan Rich”

  1. Rick Scott Is Destroying Florida says:

    Scott has wreaked out state. He cut education to the bone and then put back some of the money and wants our applause. He gutted environmental laws, too. We need to get rid of him.

  2. Ha Ha Ha says:

    MON JAN 27, 2014 AT 08:46 AM PST
    Another Major Medicaid Scandal for Rick Scott


  3. Jack Horner says:

    That pic of Crist and Bogen reminds me of the scene in Boogie Nights..


    Colonel James: I’m looking forward to seeing you in action. Jack says you’ve got a great big cock.
    Dirk Diggler: Well, I don’t know, I guess so.
    Colonel James: May I see it?
    Dirk Diggler: Really?
    Colonel James: Please!
    [stares as Dirk lowers his shorts]
    Colonel James: Thank you, Dirk!

  4. Fact Checker says:

    Check your facts. Governor Scott just proposed a $550 million increase to education. If the legislature passes it, it will increase the state education budget to the highest amount ever the the history of the the state of Florida.


    Charlie Crist is the one who drastically cut education in his tenure. Now he is too much of a coward to debate a lifelong democrat? He is the one who has something to prove.

  5. Real Deal says:

    It strikes me as cowardly, dismissive and disrespectful that Crist refuse to debate Nan Rich. Especially to Democrats.

    Nobody is going to forget that Charlie Crist has been a Republican, an Independent and now a Democrat within a surprisingly short period of years. His explanations of why need to be tested in debate to see if he is sincere or whether being a Democrat is just another of his phases.

    His commentary on the issues has been surprisingly thin. There are no white papers on his website telling us what he believes in. Nothing presented in written form for voters to review.

    He apparently takes for granted that Democrats will get behind his campaign automatically. Possibly he’s right. Perhaps my fellow Democrats are that hard up. Not me.

    Frankly, as horrible as it sounds for many, I’d rather see a genuine Republican in office than a disguised one. You end up in the same place anyway. But you don’t end up feeling like a stooge.

    In order to avoid being labeled a disingenuous political opportunist, in order to show voters respect and clarify his positions on issues, in order satisfactorily explain his sudden and radical philosophical transformations, in order for this Crist campaign to not be considered a convenient lie, he must debate his opponent. He come forward with written information explaining his views.

    If he refuses to do that then I will consider him a fraud and will not vote for him under any circumstance.

  6. Ghost of McLovin says:

    “Crist hasn’t done much publicly in Broward since formally jumping in the governor’s race late last year.

    He explained why he soon will start making more public appearances and promised that the media will end up getting sick of him.

    “I’m running against a guy who said he’d spend $100 million,” Crist said.”

    Crist hasn’t been to Broward because Scott Rothstein is still fresh in Broward voters’ memories. Crist would spend at least that mush if Rothstein hadn’t been caught

  7. Good one Jack says:

    That’s funny Jack!

    Maybe the newly-minted “Democrat” candidate should drop “Chain Gang Charlie” and run as “Charlie ‘The Colonel’ Christ”.

  8. Broward Resident says:

    Nan Rich should count herself lucky that no one sees her flat, nagging tone, and lack of charismatic speaking ability next to Charlie. She is good on issues but not likable, sad truth.

  9. Kevin Cerino says:

    Crist isn’t afraid of Nan Rich.

    He doesn’t want to debate her as it may force him to take actual stances on issues rather than spewing nice-sounding platitudes.

  10. Wisdom in Abundance says:

    To the Mental Midgets Jack Horner, Good One Jack and Real Deal, who support Crist giving the time of day to Ms. Rich, out of party loyalty?? and the right thing to do??, drink some coffee to clear your hangover induced muddled thoughts, will ‘ya. You should be calling her, begging her, pleading and weeping in front of he, to get her to drop out.

    Crist is the only one who can beat Scott. She needs to do the right thing and drop out. She has NOOOOOOOOOOO chance. It is not about her, it is about Dems having the first truly realistic shot to take back the governor’s mansion since the late 90’s. He is popular and the only one who could beat the 100 Million Dollar Man Scott a.k.a. Steve Austin (the Bionic Man on Fiscal Steroids).

    Stop dreaming folks… and maybe I need to get some medical marijuana so I can join y’all fantasy worlds, where reality is kicked to the curb.

    Duh?? come on,

  11. one thing for sure says:

    as hard as charlie is looking, it is doubtful Bogen has a big…

  12. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Go Charlie go. He will do just fine. He should hit the pavement w/ his wife. She will play a very pivotal role in his campaign-watch.

  13. Plain Language says:

    Winning comes AFTER he earns my vote. First he has to earn it and I don’t know what this guy stands for and let’s not be counting chickens so fast. Marco Rubio was told he had no chance against Charlie Crist until he chased him out of politics. No matter how you look at this, Crist needs to be make his case to the people just like everybody else. It is arrogant for him to think he can win any votes without doing that.

  14. Good One - to Wisdom says:

    Thanks for sharing your brilliance with us Wisdom in Abundance.

    I have no idea how you read my comment and think I support Crist debating Rich. Real Deal was the only one you mentioned that actually took that position.

    You may want to consider using a more appropriate name for future comments.

  15. Buddy says:


    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Former Gov. Charlie Crist is leading Republican Gov. Rick Scott by 8 points in a poll released Thursday.

    The poll by Quinnipiac University also found that 54 percent do not think Scott deserves a second term as governor and that 41 percent approve of the job he’s doing.

    The gap between Scott and Crist is closer than it was in a poll taken in March 2013, when Crist led by 16 points.

  16. intheknow says:

    A debate between the 2 Democratic candidates only helps the Republicans by bringing out each Democratic candidates weak spots for the Republicans to exploit in the general election. If the D’s really want to win back the Governor’s mansion, the Florida Democratic party needs to get Nan Rich out of the race so Charlie can focus on November without any distractions.

  17. Duke says:

    Rick Scott should be in jail for his past medicaid schemes.

    He spent his first two years in office trying to ruin Florida as to hand it to Romney. Now, he’s spending the next two years trying to undo all that. He has no vision. He tried to keep us in the dark ages. He has no empathy. He’s only in it to see how it can further line his pockets.

    He’s in trouble and he knows it. Any day now I expect him to announce that he’s building a bullet train for Florida with his own money and letting Floridians use it for free, and having state employees go to folks houses to help them sign up for Obamacare.

  18. NoDINO says:

    No matter which candidate you support, please support the democratic PROCESS. We should be able to hear and see the candidates debate, and make our own decision about what’s best for Florida. I lose respect for anyone who does not respect the process.

  19. Kevin Cregan says:

    So what happens if Crist is elected and has to deal with veto-proof House and Senate? Especially since he is now (supposedly) a Democrat. And btw Nan Rich is a wonderful, smart and dedicated woman. I served for several years on a Board with her. She’s the best. And I’m a Republican.