What’s Up With Judge Aleman?


For almost ten months, Sandra Perlman has been shadow boxing.

The assistant public defender has been running hard against Circuit Judge Cheryl Aleman.

Aleman has been nowhere to be found.

This is a race which may turn out not being a race at all.

Cheryl Aleman


Time is running out for the controversial Aleman, who was publicly reprimanded by the Florida Supreme Court last year for being discourteous to lawyers.

The five-day qualifying period for judicial office begins April 26, although candidates can file their papers early beginning April 12 under a state law.  

Aleman hasn’t even begun raising money yet.

I have no idea what is in Aleman’s mind.  She didn’t return telephone calls to her office for comment.  Two supporters told me she did not return their calls, either.

Is Aleman is plotting a Machiavellian move to rob her rival Perlman of the chance to beat the judge in an election?

The gossip is the judge will resign her job rather than run for re-election. A resignation would toss Aleman’s Group 51 seat to the governor to fill by appointment.

That would be a blow to Perlman, who has been running for the seat since May 28, 2009.  She is one of those public defenders who have virtually no chance of being recommended to the governor by the very partisan Republican Judicial Nominating Commission.    

Sandra Perlman

A resignation would be Aleman’s revenge against Perlman.  Perlman was one of the lawyers who got the judge in hot water with the Supremes. 

All this has thrown a blanket over the race.

“I’m not focusing on what Judge Aleman is going to do or not going to do, Pearlman said. “Everybody wants to talk about what she is going to do. I’m just running my race.

She could always switch to another race, if Aleman doesn’t run. 

But this is something of a grudge match — Perlman denies my characterization. 

But I believe she picked Aleman to run against because she fought with the judge, who she believes isn’t fair to defendants.  Would Perlman have the fire in her belly to run against another candidate?

“I’ll cross that bridge when I have to, Perlman says.

Perlman has run a great race so far.  She filled her iPhone with contacts during the past ten months and collected money early.  She had $50,205 in donations through the end of last year.

Getting a head start was a good move.  The field is now filled with over a dozen judicial candidates all trying to coax money out of the same law firms. Perlman was there first.

She also is a refreshing candidate, compared to some of the less qualified folks running against judges. 

Perlman is a top homicide defender in Howard Finkelstein’s office with more than two decades of court experience.  She already has good salary and a state pension. She doesn’t need a job, like some of the other judicial candidates.

“I want to make the courtroom a fair place for everybody.  Only a judge can do that, Perlman says.

She has the training.  She has a well-oiled campaign machine.  Now all she needs is an opponent.

11 Responses to “What’s Up With Judge Aleman?”

  1. Losers? says:

    “She also is a refreshing candidate, compared to some of the losers running against qualified judges.”

    Well Buddy, now tell us how you really feel….

    I’d like to know who you’ve classified as the “losers” running agianst sitting judges.

    I think all your readers have a right to know your biases in the various races so when you report on them, we’re clear as to which side you’ve already decided to go with.

    FROM BUDDY: I have changed the language, which on second thought and after reading your comment was too strong. It now reads “some of the less qualified….”

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    I suggest a pillow fight between these two dames in bra and panties… We can call this, the ahem 2nd coming of Judge Julian…

    I am offering to TOFTT and be the ref…

  3. Lady Law says:

    Cheryl Aleman has been an embarrassment because of her lack of judicial deportment. She is rigidand biased towards a judicial philosophy that views defendents and the poor as guilty before the case is heard. Maybe it is because she is married to a former DEA agent or she just doesn’t understand the law.

  4. Is There Judge School? says:

    Major League Umpires have to go to a special school where they are taught how to apply their pre-existing knowledge of the game as umpires. They are also taught to expect confrontation and what temperament to use at those times.

    It seems to me that just about any attorney that wants to get out of the rat race and secure a steady salary plus pension is deciding to run for judge these days. Few of the attorneys are of high stature in the legal profession.

    Years ago, an attorney would make their millions and then “retire” from private practice and become a judge for the last portion of their career.

    Anyway, the question was is there anything like judge school?

    FROM BUDDY: There is school for judges, but I don’t know much about it.

  5. Broward Voter says:

    Aleman is one of the meanest and least fair judges we have. She seems like she would be joining the tea party movement if she leaves–lots of anger with little substance to support her.

  6. Losers = Less Qualified says:

    Buddy – Still intrigued by your comment and by your clear belief as to the qualified and the “less qualified” candidates and judges.

    When do we get names?

    I mean, your bias in some of the races is already crystal clear (Merrigan/Golburgh for example).

    Not criticizing your preference, just looking for full disclosure.

    FROM BUDDY: Merrigan and Golburgh is the clearest example.

    The incumbent is more qualified than the challenger. Just look at the experience of Merrigan compared to Golburgh — both life experience and legal experience.

    Plus, Golburgh has already stumbled in his campaign with his now-withdrawn Facebook remarks.

    I will write more about this in the future.

  7. disenchanted says:

    the pendulum swings again,, always does, from a law and order judge to a devoted life long PD just what we need another let em go lebow, and she is one of these, but she is one nice person. and buddy u xhose the correct word, must of those running are so un qualified they make the other looooosers we elected last time look great, never thought that could happen.

  8. loser or liar? says:

    Lloyd is at least a liar if not both a loser and liar.

    Either he lied about judges breaking the rules trying to get him out of the race or he is a liar for not naming names and meeting his ethical obligation. Either way he is unfit to be a judge. It’s very simple Lloyd, don’t make accusations if you are not going to meet your ethical obligations to back them up. Lloyd is a fraud.

  9. Broward Lawyer says:

    The Seiler-Ahearn-Judy Stern slime machine is at it again and Buddy buys into their crud. Don’t think for one second they are not afraid Goldburgh can take Merrigan out. They are.

    PS to Buddy – You heard it here first. Aleman is running and will beat the Buddy Nevin’s annointed Sandra “Sandy” Perlman.

  10. guess whi says:

    So Barry is Lloyd paying you by the blog post? As a “withhold” Felon your smears against honest people who are void of a criminal past and or pride themselves of freeing criminals is what we should expect from you and Lloyd. If Lloyd was ethical he would tell the truth behind his blog post. Heck having a campaign run by a “withhold” felon how much ethics can be expected?

  11. Tommy the Fry Cook says:

    Aleman is an egotistic, maniacal right-wing sociopath who lacks the maturity, temperament, and emotional stability to have EVER been a judge.

    Whether she loses an election or simply resigns and slithers away under a shroud of humiliation and self-inflicted embarrassment, I don’t care. The sooner Broward County can flush the toilet and be rid of her, the better.