What You Can Do About Attacks On USA: Boycott Pakistan, Indonesian Goods



If you feel like I do, you want to just want spit when you see news reports that the Muslim World is rioting because of some 15 minutes of a stupid movie.

They insist we jail the idiots who made the movie. They insist we narrow the First Amendment rights that we hold sacred.

No Real American agrees with that.

But don’t expect this government or any other Administration to do much about these fanatics that are attacking our embassies.  They won’t shoot the bastards; they won’t even cut off foreign aid.

However, there is a legal, effective response that will hit at least two of these jerk off countries where it hurts…in their pockets.

I am talking about Pakistan and Indonesia.

These are two countries that every year net out $15 billion in trade with us and that does not even include foreign aid.

So what I am asking you to do is for one month read labels and boycott anything made in either country.  Let’s start now and call it: “Out With the Indos and Send the Pakies Packing Month”.

Don’t tell me that the factory owners are not the same folks attacking our embassies.  People making a fortune on trade with us need to get some skin in the game.  This is quickest and best way to get them to care about the problem of their countryman using our embassies for target practice and our flag for kindling.

So if you wanted to find some way to vent your outrage, check the label.

What’s made in Pakistan and Indonesia?

Sheets, towels, clothes, sneakers and other merchandise.

For instance, Nike makes lots of its shoes in Indonesia.

Reject Pakistan and Indonesian merchandise and buy what you need from some other Third World sweatshop.

Oh, one other thing you can do?  Pass this along to your friends on the Internet…you might even use Facebook.

10 Responses to “What You Can Do About Attacks On USA: Boycott Pakistan, Indonesian Goods”

  1. politics 101 says:

    Finally, a ‘once in a row’ sensible column from Sam!

  2. Charles says:

    Sam’s on fire! I really want to continue disagreeing with him but this is spot on. I even wanted to disagree and say the people who are trying to engage in international commerce are probably not the people in the street but Sam is right on that too. I am sure a majority of those people are not condemning these actions in a public way and they need to realize that its going to hurt them if they let this continue to go on.

    I will disagree with his try to make Obama’s failure bipartisan. Reagan dropped bombs on Libya, and while yes I’ll say its different this time in that the (barely existent definitely completely helpless) Libyan Gov’t seems to condemn these actions, I am sure their are some terrorist camps and/or militia camps that we can shoot some missiles at, something just do something.

    How bout at the very least OUR (i do acknowledge he is my president) President acknowledges that this was a terrorist attack. And if your going to say he has through his spokesman Jay Carney, just look at what he said to Uni-vision after Carney’s remarks.

  3. Wake up says:

    I just want to spit when educated Americans still buy into the BS narrative that “the Muslim World is rioting because of some 15 minutes of a stupid movie.”

    The movie was an after the fact distraction. Our embassy was attacked on 9/11! The subsequent protests are an ‘astro turf’ event. There have been numerous reports of advanced warnings of the attack. Stop buying the Obama adminstration’s story which is blindly being reported by the media.

    BTW, I like your idea Sam.

  4. Lois says:

    Sam, while I for the first time agree with something you say (the efficacy of a boycott), I regret that you fail to acknowledge that “the movie” is and has been a red herring since the thoroughly corrupt Obama administration first raised it. At first I thought that might be where you were headed, but, alas, no. Or maybe your column is just so poorly written today that I am missing what you truly mean? Hope springs eternal…

  5. read the label says:

    I boycott as much as possible when not made in USA. egyptian towels, indian and indonesian clothing, turkey, etc. Makes buying anything down right difficult because so little is ‘Made in the USA. Whether you shop Dillards or Marshalls, the labels make it clear not much is made here. So just buy less! I also have not bought BP gas since April 20, 2010. We can fight with our wallets, which is the most powerful weapon we all have. Add to that list all imported foods from questionable countries, whether olive oil, olives, spices, etc. Its not a huge dent to them but satisfaction for me.

  6. Ed Foley says:

    I like to boycott GE and the other crony capitalists on Wall Street who finance the corruption that is Obama. I also boycott everything from China, Europe and those ungrateful South American countries, as well as most blue state products.
    And let’s include those sneaky Canadians and Mexicans who richly deserve our disdain as well.

  7. wow says:

    I actually agree with Sam. That is the most lucid column I have ever seen from him. I agree with the boycotts and the we should also cut off aid to these countries as well.

  8. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Ed Foley;

    You forgot to include the need to boycott the fucking liberal fucking news fucking media.


  9. Paul Giordano says:

    Your idea is really bright. If you stop buying products from all these countries very soon Romney and his republican buddies will see their bottom line vanish. Without the maximum profit at cheapest possible cost the US extreme capitalism will dwindale??

  10. Steve Savedow says:

    THE USA MUST STOP GIVING PAKISTAN MONEY FOR FIGHTING TERRORISM AND BOYCOTT ALL PAKISTAN PRODUCTS !!! Join the Facebook Group entitled “Boycott Pakistan Products in the USA” http://www.facebook.com/groups/128158150593186/ – Read Our Articles & Make Up Your Own Mind. We’ve gotten over 650 members in 2-3 months, and hope for 5000 by this time next year. Pakistan leather, saddlebags, boots, textiles and many materials are Extremely common here in the USA and are cheaply made and sold, in large factories that are not safely-kept and dangerous even to walk in the door, YET as they are literally in sweatshops and young children are FORCED to work there, and they are worked overly long hours (as much as 12hours a day) for pennies per hour, they are literally “Sweatshops“ Also, the Pakistan government is Highly know to be corrupt and they support Al-Queda, the Taliban, HagganI and MANY Numerous Terrorist organizations that HATE The USA. They burn our flags on a daily basis and send suicide bombers to kill our citizens AND Our US Troops trying to free the area of Terrorism !!! So why do we pay them our hard earned US dollars ??? Pakistan Taxes All of Their Goods HEAVILY and then SUPPORTS Terrorist Organizations. LET’S MAKE THEM POOR SO THEY CANNOT SUPPORT TERRORISTS !!! It is EXTREMELY Wrong for the USA to purchase Pakistan Products and SUPPORT their corrupt government and These Terrorist Organizations. Look it up on Googlr or check all the artcles on this Face Book Site noted above. MAKE A CHANGE, SUPPORT THE USA AND FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM AND THOSE WHO FLEW PLANES INTO OUR TWIN TOWERS ON 9-11 !!! It is an OUTRAGE that we are continuing to pay Pakistan government money and to purchase their products when OUR $$$ go to support Terrorism!!!