What Judges Put Up With


When we think of law enforcement, we think of armed centurions patrolling the seedier parts of Broward.

Robed, unarmed judges sitting in their quiet courtrooms are a key part of the law enforcement system, too.

That’s why it is so important that we elect qualified, fair justices on August 24.

Not just experienced judges.  The best judges.

An experience lawyer can be a better judge than a veteran fixture on the bench.

It is an important choice. Because judges stand between us and the worst society has to offer.

They don’t have guns to enforce society’s rules.  They only have the law.

Read here courtesy of the courthouse blog JAABLOG what Judge Lee Seidman put up with.  And how he handled it.

Dwayne Mitchell was charged with resisting a law enforcement officer. He obviously has problems. But his filthy mouth has no place in a courtroom.  

Personally, I think Seidman was easy on Dwayne Mitchell.  He didn’t get enough time.

Read on:






________________ ~I



CASE NO: 09-26111 MM1 OA
(10-1 0895M01 OA)




THIS CAUSE came on to be heard on May 24, 2010, during a hearing concerning the Defendant’s trial regarding Criminal Case Number 09-26111 MM1 OA.

Upon this Court granting a defense requested continuance of the defendant’s jury trial for the charge of Resisting/Obstruction Without Violence, said Defendant repeatedly stated in a loud tone of voice, “Suck my dick, eat my dick, I don’t give a fuck, suck my dick a 100 more times.” These rude, insulting, and obscene remarks were intentionally spoken, directed at this Court and disrupted proceedings in Court by delaying and hindering this Court in hearing other matters also presently before the Court. These
remarks were uttered for the purpose of embarrassing and degrading the Court and to impugn the dignity and authority of this Court.

Present in court when these degrading, rude, and insulting remarks were made by said Defendant in a loud tone of voice were members of the. public, numerous prosecutors, defense attorneys, and other court personnel. The Court is certain that everyone present heard this Defendant’s remarks.

Thereafter, the Court inquired of the Defendant whether he could show good
cause why he should not be adjudged guilty of Direct Criminal Contempt and sentenced to 179 days in the Broward County Jail. Defendant Mitchell not only failed to show any good cause, but continued to repeat his remark of, “Suck my dick,” and showed no excuse or mitigation for his conduct.

This Court is not unmindful of the Appellate Court’s admonishment to trial judges to have ”thick skins” and to use contempt powers sparingly. Schenck v. State, 645 So. 2d, 71 (Fla 4th DCA 1984). However, this is an instance that calls for the imposition of this unique power to bring order to the proceedings and to re-enforce the Court’s dignity subsequent to a Defendant’s multiple degrading and insulting comments made in open
court and on the record.

ACCORDINGLY, Defendant Dwayne Mitchell is adjudicated guilty of Direct
Criminal Contempt of this Court and sentenced to 179 days in the 8roward County Jail.

Defendant has 30 days to file an appeal of this order.

DONE AND ORDERED at Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida, this 25th day of May, 2010.


cc: 8.S.0.

Alexander Hunt, Assistant Public Defender

Fiorella Del Aguila, Assistant State Attorney

12 Responses to “What Judges Put Up With”

  1. What you dont know says:


    Why don’t you ask some lawyers around the courthouse about Lee Seidman….

    You will hear stories about people who came to Court 5 minutes late and were handcuffed to a chair and told they could either plea their case on the spot or have to sit in Jail to await a bond hearing.

    What about the Lee Seidman who LIED to the JNC about not shaking down Hispanics at South Satellite?

    Or the Lee Seidman who the week before qualifying said he went to Tallahassee with 4 envelopes with qualifying papers. 3 envelopes where qualifying papers to run against fellow sitting Judges. A respectful person does not screw around with people’s heads and careers like this.

    You are correct that Judges should be treated with respect. When the Judge himself does not treat people with respect, maybe it all cancels out.

    This Defendant said what many in the Courthouse have wanted to say for a long time. Come January, when he is ex Judge Seidman, I have a feeling quite a few will actually say these things to his face.

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    You know what…

    Judge Seidman can suck my dick. I say it hear and I guarantee I would say it to his face.

  3. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Damn iPad.

    Here instead of hear.

  4. In the Old Days says:

    In the old days, a jerk like that saying such a thing to a judge would get a good beatin’ from a brawny bailiff. He’d learn his lesson for sure. A public apology would be made immediately assuming the jerk could move his lips or open either eye. That would be the end of it and it would never happen again.

    Today we put a jerk like that in jail for 179 days. That impugns my dignity as a taxpayers because I have to pay the bill for that idiot. A judge being insulted should not cost me money. Bring back the good old fashioned public beating and be done with it.

  5. A Genius Knows When to Keep His Mouth Shut says:

    Hey Chaz: You won’t say that to a judge in open court. It doesn’t even have to be Seidman. Just go to the courthouse and stand up in open court and shout it to a judge’s face. I guarantee you’re not going to do it.

  6. Too much time on his hands says:

    I have seen you post here and other blogs.
    Have you no life? Do you live on your computer? You constantly demonstrate that you are an angry and nasty individual who certainly lacks class and refinement.
    Most importantly, you pontificate about things in which you are usually factually wrong.
    Please, get a hobby or a full-time job. You have zero credibility and a very high annoyance factor.

  7. Sadly says:

    “What you don’t know”s comments are 1000000% correct.

  8. Another lost booking photo. says:

    Ahhhhh, the good OLD days.


  9. sunny skies shady people says:

    just because lee seidman refuses to give up the court house to every lawyer that hasn’t got the law on his side does not make him a bad judge. to all you flunky lawyers out there, if your client did nothing wrong you got nothing to worry about! next case please.

  10. SEIDMAN IS AN embarASSement says:

    Thankfully We will soon have Judge Pearlman. Seidman(s) are not liked out there in condo land.


    Buddy it is a known and scary fact that Seidman always has guns plural on his person. He is a gun nut,has panic room and goes around in army looking fatigues. What does this tell us about him?

  12. gives it away says:

    Seidman gave the Courthouse away to that multiple convicted drunk driver who should be sitting in jail but is in a cushy rehab center ass because the day of sentencing the scumbags lawyer made a donation to the judges campaign. I wouldn’t doubt the rehab center gave a donation to him as well.