What Is Nan Rich Smoking? Delusional Pol Says She’s Gaining Strength




Is Nan Rich trying to divide Democrats, waste their slender resources and insure they lose the governors race ‘s 2014?

Let me make this clear once again:

  • Nan Rich can‘t win a statewide campaign against Gov. Rick Scott.  She’s too liberal.
  • Nobody knows Nan Rich.  The value of Charlie Crist is that he doesn’t have to spend one dollar on name ID.  Everybody knows Charlie!  Where is Rich going to get the money to become known in fourth biggest state?
  • Because she is unknown, Scott’s $100 million will define Nan Rich before she can do it herself.  The Republicans will turn her into a scary Frankensteinian combination of Bella Abzug, Emma Goldman  and Karl Marx out to destroy Florida.
  • Her continued stubborn ego-fed campaign only benefits one person – Rick Scott.


Here is the latest delusions on Facebook from the Weston-based former state senator still searching for her Last Hurrah:


Nan Rich · 16,824 like this

15 minutes ago ·

Until this past weekend, I didn’t know you could really “feel” momentum. But you can! And everyone who attended the Florida Democratic Party conference did!

The “Nan Fans” were waving at every one of the 11 caucuses I attended and my Sunday morning speech to the delegates was interrupted nearly two dozen times by cheering and applauding supporters!

It was a weekend of genuine people-powered momentum – and it still feels great! But now I need your help more than ever to keep that momentum alive.

We will soon be announcing campaign co-chairs in counties across the state. We are building a real grassroots campaign and you are a very important part of what will make it a success.

Even a “people-powered” campaign like ours needs funds to run effectively. That’s why I’m asking you to help in any way you can.

Please make any contribution you can afford today – and then forward this email to your friends, family, and co-workers. Tell them you’re “Standing With Nan” – and ask them to join you in our campaign. www.nanrich2014.com/contribute

Thank you for being such a good friend and supporter. Together, we are going defeat Rick Scott and get Florida moving again in the right direction!


Nan Rich

20 Responses to “What Is Nan Rich Smoking? Delusional Pol Says She’s Gaining Strength”

  1. Floridan says:

    I don’t get this shilling for Charlie Crist — to the extent that he is the supposed leading Democratic candidate for governor, that is more of an indication of the Florida Democratic Party’s pathetic leadership than it is a reflection of grassroots support.

    FROM BUDDY: I don’t “shill” for anybody. I’m being realistic. Below is the link to my story on Rick Scott on newsstands and in bookstores now:

  2. Creekgirl says:

    Buddy, I was at the Democratic Convention and witnessed something extraordinary when Nan Rich spoke to the Activist base of the FLorida State DEC. They fell in love with Nan!!!

    Sam Fields is absolutely correct when he wrote ” “Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line”.

    By delaying his entry into the Govenor’s race, Crist has lost a lot of ground. Charlie has name recognition, but now, Nan has gained the love and support of the democratic activist and grassroots.

    Instead of lamenting on Nan being “delusional”, maybe you need to take Charlie to task for not getting up off his tanned ass and formally get in the race.


    This is the coverage from the most influential political site in the state, the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald:

    Charlie Crist center of attention at Florida Democratic Party conference
    By Adam C. Smith and Marc Caputo, Times/Herald Staff Writers

    LAKE BUENA VISTA — Charlie Crist could barely walk through the crowd without stopping to greet, hug and mug for pictures.

    Democratic activists packing the Disney convention hotel Saturday at their state conference flocked to the former Republican governor.

    Crist was loose and chatty. He threw his arms around Nan Rich, his likely Democratic governor’s race rival. He clowned around with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

    An aide tried to move him along at one point. Crist was more than 30 minutes late for a meeting with party bigwigs. Crist demurred.

    “This is more important,” he said, leaning in to hug yet another white-haired lady.

    If Crist, the formerly self-described Ronald Reagan Republican, faces hurdles uniting his new party for another gubernatorial run, there was little sign of it among the more than 1,000 Democratic activists gathered.

    “People say to me all the time, ‘Yeah, but what about the activists and Crist?’ ” said Bob Poe, former state party chairman, who only a few years ago blasted Crist in press release after press release.

    “Look right there,” Poe said, pointing to a crowd lining up to shake Crist’s hand and pose with him for a photo. “I’m not worried about the activists. I can’t even get him across the room.”

    The enthusiasm, or at least acceptance, of Crist wasn’t universal among this group of hard-core Democrats, but many fondly recalled his tenure and record as a moderate Republican governor.

    “I believe voting rights are extremely important, and he helped restore the voting rights of ex-felons,” said University of Florida student Christina Ford of Safety Harbor.

    “Who got Obama elected in 2008?” Martin County Democratic state committeeman David Dew asked. “If Charlie Crist had not extended early voting, Obama probably would not have won.”

    Crist, 57, did not give an address to all 1,300 delegates at Disney, where activists distributed “Pink Slip Rick” buttons and “Hillary 2016” T-shirts. Still, he sucked the air out of the room.

    And backers of Rich, a former state senator, are miffed.

    “If people would stop the negative comments all the time that he is the only person that can win, she might have a chance,” said Susan Smith of Odessa, president of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida…..

  3. Shitty Activist #15 says:


    Is your husband allowed to travel with you out of the county? Or does he wear an ankle braclet?

  4. Sone Cold, a.k.a.Political Genius says:

    Nan, you’re a great Dem. But drop out, will ‘ya when Chalie announces. This is our best shot in so long to get the Governor’s Mansion back. Pleeeease, do the right thing…
    and that’s the bottom line ‘cuz Stone Cold says so!

  5. Yo Creekgirl says:

    Notice how the cyber rapist has disappeared off these pages after you called him out? Hope him and inflatable “wifey” are enjoying life at Pops.

  6. modeengunch says:

    I’m sure she bakes a great brownie.

  7. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    Charlie Christ is our answer to get rid of Gov.Scott. He is the only one that can beat Scott. Run Charlie run…

  8. Real Deal says:

    Nan Rich has every right to run her own race and saying whether she can or can’t win is a mistake Charlie Crist made not so long ago.

    If Crist turns out to be the Democratic choice to oppose Scott so be it. But he has to earn that right by competing against Rich. Further, that field may not yet be closed.

    If Bill Nelson gets into the race, I think they all lose.

  9. Chris LaMarca says:

    Maybe nan was bamboozled into this way of thinkng?

  10. Anonomyte says:

    Nan Rich needs to face reality. I’ve been a Democrat in Broward County for 27 years. I was one of Nan’s constituents. Nice enough lady, very professional. But I’m not going to vote for her for Governor.

    Give it up Nan Rich. Charlie needs everyone’s support to take back the governor’s office. I want experience in that office. I voted for Charlie when he was a Republican.

  11. Watching says:

    Let me say that I like Nan Rich. That said, I don’t think she has a chance to beat either Crist or Scott.

    If she had any chance she should be overwhelmingly being supported in South Florida, and I don’t think she has that kind of support.

    If she doesn’t have it in South Florida, how does she expect to carry the rest of the State where she is very much unknown?

    Lets be realistic here.

  12. The Real Truth says:

    It takes more than 16,824 “likes” to win a statewide race. Especially when the state outside of South Florida (gasp! it does exist) doesn’t know who Nan Rich is.

  13. Floridan says:

    ” I voted for Charlie when he was a Republican.”

    This time you may be able to vote for him now that he is a chameleon.

    Obviously he would be better than Scott (anyone would), but don’t kid yourself, Crist as governor would be GOP Lite.

  14. Watching the Race says:

    @ Creekgirl

    While Buddy contradicted your assertion that Nan did well with the base. So what? Do you really think a liberal Dem can win Florida? Have you paid any attention to state wide politics? There are only 2 hopes for a Dem Governor Charlie Crist; or in the unlikely event that Nan wins the Primary, that Rick Scott succumbs to some illness or is called home planet Geldor between the Primary and the General.

  15. Lane Kiffin says:

    Maybe Nan is smoking the same dope that got Carl Pelini fired at FAU?

  16. Kevin Hill says:


    Kudos on the Emma Goldman reference. As someone who teaches Political Ideologies in college, it’s nice to see journalists still know their 100 year old political history!


    FROM BUDDY: Thanks. Sometimes I feel like I’m 100 years old.

  17. Christine says:

    Maybe Nan is not smoking, just popping an Ecstasy pill or two. Check out these side effects:

    Mental and physical euphoria
    A sense of general well-being and contentedness
    Decreased negative emotion and behavior such as stress, anxiety, fear, and paranoia
    Increased sociability and feelings of communication being easy or simple
    Increased urge to communicate with others
    Increased empathy and feelings of closeness or connection with others
    Reduced insecurity, defensiveness, and fear of emotional injury
    Decreased irritability, aggression, anger, and jealousy
    A sense of increased insightfulness and introspection

    Sounds like most hopeful but deluded politicos doesn’t it? They think ( wrongly) that everyone loves them. They couldn’t be more wrong.

  18. Creekgirl says:

    @14 Watching the Race

    The article Buddy posted did not contradict my assertion. If anything, the article is the political media spin Buddy (as well as moneyed Democrats supporting Crist) is using to tell Nan Rich, she should bow out of the Governor’s race.

    Re-read the article. The fact is:The Democratic State Convention began on Friday Oct. 25 and ended on Oct. 27th.

    Crist (and the reporter) was only there for the Big Money Democratic “Big Wigs” private party and the $175 a plate dinner. Crist (and the reporter) was not there for the entire conference. He was not at the Caucuses held early on Saturday and Sunday. Nan Rich was there.

    During the convention, Nan Rich personally visited most of the Democratic Caucuses held. I am member of the Democratic Disability Caucus of Florida and Nan Rich did stop in and speak at our meeting. I bet if a straw vote was held by all the Caucuses and delegates attending the conference on who should be the next Democratic candidate for governor, Nan would have won.

    Crist really needs to get it together and get in the damn race.

    I have been paying attention to state wide politics. Democrats statewide do have a great opportunity to pick up a few more State House and Senate seats. The shutdown had a very negative impact on Republican strongholds near Pensacola and Jacksonville (U.S. Military installations nearby) where a lot of furloughed government contractors are genuinely pissed off at their elected Republican leaders. Gov. Scott’s own dismal record gives me hope that a Democrat (Nan or Charlie) will win next November.

    Not convinced? A Democratic woman, Amanda Murphy, recently won a FL. House Seat in a heavily Republican district. The rejection of the “R” label has begun.

  19. Frank says:


    Definitely took a toke or two

  20. Tomato Tomatoe says:

    @ Yo Creekgirl

    The Genius has been MIA on this blog. He is definitely lurking on LEOaffairs Coconut Creek. Cyberbully posted a link to a blog that has the dirt on him. Looks like Chaz has something in common with Slyvia, Steve, and Al . . . an arrest record.