What If Liberals Were Leading Budget Fight?



The President says that the Republican refusal to pass a federal funding bill is extortion…nothing more and nothing less.

The Republicans say it is a negotiation strategy.

That was made clear on August 21, 2013 in a letter signed by 80 House Teabaggers and sent to House Speaker Boehner.  They insisted that defunding Obamacare be made an irrevocable part of any bill that keeps the government open.

The Teabaggers did sign off on a spending bill that they fashioned. Teabaggers must think Christmas came early and President Obama is Santa Claus.

Along with defunding Obamacare, this GOP spending bill included repealing the tax on medical prostheses, opening the Keystone Pipeline to import tar sands oil from Canada, eliminate requiring birth control in Obamacare, etc.

Democrats and President Obama quickly Deep Sixed the bill.

And that’s where we are.

The polling data indicates that the American people, as they did in the 1995 GOP shutdown, stand with the President by a three to one majority.

The Republican crazies don’t get.

I wonder how they might feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

Imagine that the President was a Republican and the Senate was GOP controlled.

On the other hand the House, because of gerrymandering, was controlled by the Dems. Furthermore, a spineless Democratic Speaker was a prisoner of the Loony Left.

Attached to a bill needed to keep the government running is a repeal of the Hyde Amendment so that Medicaid will cover all abortions with tax dollars.  Add to this the public funding of elections and a resolution to repeal The Second Amendment protecting gun rights.

The Republican President refuses to negotiate.

The Democratic Speaker indicates that she might be willing to limit free abortions to the first twenty weeks of pregnancy and modify the gun issue to only registering guns and gun owners.

The President still refuses to make a deal, calling it blackmail.

Liberal MSNBC denounces the President for refusing to negotiate. Fox denounces the House Democrats as extortionists.

I can make a pretty good guess that by the same three to one ratio the American people would support the GOP President.

The reason is simple.  The American people know there are some lines you do not step over.  Shutting down the government is one of them.  By the end of the month that will also include jeopardizing America’s credit rating.

I am not sure the Teabaggers understand or care to understand this.


17 Responses to “What If Liberals Were Leading Budget Fight?”

  1. Sam The Sham says:

    Come on Sam, you know better than that.

    The US Constitution has the gov set up so that ALL spending bills arise in the House, then go to the Senate. From there, every thing is negotiable. Just who is now not willing to negotiate? The Dems in the Senate have shut things down. The Republican House has offered to have all gov continue Except Obamacare.

    What is the President’s role in this? Nothing. But of course, he inserts himself into the issue and calls Republicans terrorists, anarchists, bullies, hostage takers and every other inflammatory word he can think of.

    On the Spending limit, just what do you propose to bring spending in line? Do you think that spending should not be controlled and that the Gov should just spend and borrow as much as they want? Here is another question for you, the Fed has been buying $85 Billion of gov debt every month for years now. This is public debt but our official debt has not changed for months now.

    The real answer is that NO Number the government gives the public is reliable. Not the debt, not the inflation rate, not the unemployed rate, nothing.

  2. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    I have to tell you I lived for many years on the “grift” and I have to tell you what I have been seeing nationaly and even locally(all politics is local)and I see vast similarities(shame). From the name calling , to Republicans saying this about Democrats, to vise-versa is very concerning. I have never seen in my life a time a sitting President stating that he will not negotiate, no deals, he won etc. You get a little, when you give a little. Vote them all out of office people. To the people that are on Wick, Snap, and all the freebies, how about you get a job, or stop having babies that you can’t support. Those programs are not entitlments. Then you have the President stating that if the dept. ceiling is not raised next week, then the seniors may not get their Social security checks-bullshit. I mean now we do the scare tactics. This President should be careful because if the Republicans don’t cave in your presidentcy will be in ruins. Like it or not He needs them. This could turn into a major fiasco. And remember its on President Obama watch. And get that mother-inlaw out of that Whitehouse. I am sick of paying for her and her limo rides etc. She runs around in DC that she is the cats ass(your not). Those that know me, that would be the day I would have my inlaws living w/ me. Hit the road. For the record my marriage was annulled. Got experience in Cannon Law, as well…..

  3. Anonomyte says:

    Sam, I am so tired of the nihilist teathug mentality of the House of Turds. The teathugs need to quit holding the country hostage to their minority view. They lost the election, but still can’t believe it.

    Like millions of other Americans, I’ve tried to get on healthcare.gov for several days. Yes, I am signing up as soon as the dust settles. Hook, line, and sinker.
    I am tired of paying $700 a month for health insurance, And the bagger fans, can stick that where the sun don’t shine.

    And Marco Rubio, just today his poll numbers have hit the negative side. I have contacted Rubio’s office and left some very unfriendly messages on his Facebook page too. Just to let him know how sick it made me feel to see him shill for Cruz on the Senate floor.

    And now the down river layoffs start, with the military industrial complex announcing their layoff plans. Was this the bagger plan all along? My brother works in the defense industry. Thanks baggers, for your senseless screwing with the livelihood of working Americans.

    What a bunch of whackadoodles. Anyone who votes for GOP-thugsters needs to have a mental evaluation.

  4. Kevin Tynan says:

    Your title is misleading – two out of the three branches of government are led by liberals.

  5. Real Deal says:

    Actually Kevin they are not liberals. Harry Reid and Barack Obama are clearly moderates. If they were liberals you would know it. The Republicans on the other hand are right and righter. Ronald Reagan would not be welcomed among them for being too liberal. Him, Nixon both Bushes the same, too liberal. The few moderate Republicans left are being tossed out by the ultra right and that is a loss to the entire nation. Those commanding the charge from the right seem to have no traditional understanding of how the legislative process can work without civil war. So much for conserving traditions. I would be much more concerned with my own camp if I was you.

  6. City Activist robert walsh says:

    Another way of looking @ the situation Pres.Obama is saying ” i’ll call your bluff and no backing down(foolish) and so on etc. Be careful because when that “bluff” is called, you don’t really know if that was really the “bluff” they holding out on. Master this “bluff”, and you will be a genius…..

  7. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    Government is suppossed to be done by negotiation, by creating consensus. Both Chambers need to negotiate and the President needs to stop spouting inflamatory nonsense and might want to get on the phone and cut some deals. It is called “leadership”. I realize it is a step-up from being a community organizer, but hasn’t he had enough on the job training already?

  8. Obama Must Negotiate says:

    Obama should have never boxed himself in by declaring he would never negotiate because the government is designed to work through negotiations. Budget limit ceiling votes have been passed before after both sides negotiated. Obama treats the 80 or so congressmen like they weren’t elected and there constituents are somewhat less equal than the ones who elected him. Obama isn’t the entire fault. He is part of the fault. He needs to show LEADERSHIP for a change and get past this crisis.

  9. George Mihaiu says:

    Amazing how little we’ve all learned about the dangers of partisanship. In every case here, if you lean Dem, Obama is right and the Reps are at fault…if you lean Rep, Obama is at fault. Tiresome.

    BTW…anyone else think Robert Walsh kind of looks a little like Rafael Nadal? I was struck by it watching the recent US Open Tennis tournament. Now if he could only hit a tennis ball like Nadal! 🙂

  10. Anonomyte says:

    @Obama Must Negotiate.

    I hope my President never negotiates with terrorists of any persuasion. Teabag thugs holding the government hostage should not be negotiated with. Just voted out of office. Boehner couldn’t carry the votes, even when Obama negotiated with him. Boehner’s just an empty suit.

  11. Sam The Sham says:

    Obama will negotiate with terrorists and outlaw states but will not negotiate with Republicans. He bows down to turd world potentates but calls Americans with a different idea, “Terrorists”.

    The US Treasury takes in approx. $225 Billion per month in taxes, fees and other income. Our debt only amounts to approx $25 Billion per month. Given that, why would we ever default on our debt? It is time to live within our means on a measley $200 Billion a month.


  12. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #9 George. Steve Glassman said the same thing to me. Don’t forget I am almost twenty years older than he is. From a distance(long), w/out my glasses- ok….

  13. Duke says:

    In my lifetime, I am witnessing the gradual demise of the republican party. What are these tea baggers going to do when Hillary takes over? As of today, there’s enough republicans to pass the vote. Boehner knows it and won’t let them vote. That dry drunk is not a leader. Will voters remember all of this in 2014? Are we going to have Hillary Clinton with dem majority in the house and senate in 2016?

  14. Sam The Sham says:

    How many versions of the Shitty Activist are there?

  15. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #14 Sam the Sham-Well I can tell you in regards to how many versions of me are out there. Not many. Since 90% of my friends esp. the ones from the “grift” are either dead, or in prisons all across this country. So “shitty activist” did something right. Although reason why I came out of the “grift” is because I had two parents that loved me(who cares if one of them was a junkie)….

  16. John Henry says:

    “The polling data indicates that the American people, as they did in the 1995 GOP shutdown, stand with the President by a three to one majority.”

    Didn’t the President’s approval rating drop down to 37% this past week?

    Its a novel idea to hypothetically reverse the situation but it cannot be done for one simple reason—The liberal main stream media.

  17. Duke says:

    Could this be the republicans way of trying to derail Hillary? Let the country go down the tubes under a dem as to try and convince Americans we need another republican in the WH in 2016? I believe in my heart and my mind that republicans would gladly blow the whole thing up if they thought it would result in a republican getting elected president next time around under the guise of saving the world. But they’re risking a majority of Americans siding with the president and deciding to give Hillary a dem majority in the house and senate. Yes, repubs are certainly rolling the dice with America’s future. I bet they lose and we win.