What I Noticed In Case Against School Board


If high-powered Fort Lauderdale lawyer Mike Moskowitz did it law school, what grade would his law professor give him ?


Representing the giant debris removal firm Ashbritt, Moskowitz is fighting with School Board over fees from Hurricane Wilma. 

I’m not going into the details of the case. 

But what I noticed on the recently filed Petition for Declaratory Relief is that Moskowitz apparently used the template from another case.  That may not be unusual in this computer age, but Moskowitz’s firm didn’t even bother to remove the other cases’ ID!   

If I was your client, Mike, I would want you to do original work.  Or at least be a little more careful and remove the ID of the other case.

Sloppy. Sloppy.  

See below in the upper left hand corner of the court document. 

(click on it to enlarge)

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    I worked for the law firm. This is no surprise.