Update: Broward’s Election Results Means More Women As Judges






In a echo of what played out in the Republican primaries with Donald Trump, criticism by the Ol’ Main Street media did little to influence Tuesday’s Broward primaries.

The Sun-Sentinel proved it is not only a paper. It’s a paper tiger when it comes to elections.

The editorial pages are different, as you will see below.  This is about the work by reporters in the news pages.

The news stories didn’t sway primary voters.  At all.

No politicians have been the target of more critical Sun-Sentinel news stories in recent years than Sheriff Scott Israel and Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

The newspaper even chose to run a story on the Sunday before the primary about Israel’s making staff appointments based on politics. It was largely a rehash of previous articles and, in my opinion, a cheap shot.

Add to that, Channel 10 News’ relentless attacks on Israel. The sheriff’s staff complained to the station on at least one occasion, arguing the coverage was one-sided.

So what did all this Ol’ Media scrutiny accomplish? Nothing.

Israel won easily with 64.4 percent of the vote against four opponents.

Holness’s has a similar story.

The commissioner was attacked repeatedly by reporters, who were right in examining many of his questionable practices.

The result again was nil. Holness won a close one by less than 2 percent, but he won.

The paper did better with its editorial endorsements, a process strengthened this year by Editorial Board Editor Rosemary O’Hara.


rosemary o'hara

Rosemary O’Hara


Endorsements work most in down-ballot races, where voters know little about the candidates. These are called “low information” races.

The ultimate low information races are judicial campaigns and there were 11 on the Broward ballot this week.

Nine of the winners or candidates who made it to a November runoff received a Sun-Sentinel endorsement. Only two of those endorsed lost outright.

O’Hara widened the group interviewing candidates this year by bring in some expert outside help.

One of those experts was Tom O’Hara. He is not only her spouse but also a big gun in the world of journalism.  He led the news staffs at the Palm Beach Post and the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

There was also another veteran journalist Randy Schultz, former (award-winning) editorial page editor of the Palm Beach Post. Both O’Hara’s and Schultz have built-in BS detectors developed after years of interviewing politicians, a trait that is priceless when making endorsement.

Having others take part in the endorsements – even your husband – broadens the viewpoints in the usually cloistered Sun-Sentinel boardroom. It was a great move.


Experts Who Can’t Win Their Own Races



A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

That appears true with campaign consultants, too.

Veteran campaign consultant David Brown was eviscerated on Tuesday by Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes.

This is in part another example of how news coverage didn’t affect the race.  Despite all of Snipes’ well-publicized troubles, she beat Brown 76 to 24 percent.


Decades-long Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar was also crushed in his race for Broward Clerk of the Courts. Ceasar received roughly 30 percent to Brenda Forman’s 44 percent and Liz McHugh’s 26 percent.

I believe voters thought they were voting for Howard Forman, the clerk since 2000 who is retiring, and not his inexperience youngish wife.

Also at work here is the growing influence of black voters.  Forman largely centered her campaign on the black community and with blacks growing in numbers in Broward, the strategy worked.

Since Ceasar didn’t run for a Democratic committee post in the primary, he will lose his chairmanship in December when a new Broward Democratic leader is chosen. He will be running the party through the election and may get an appointment in a Hillary Clinton Administration, if she wins.

However, Ceasar will no longer be the spokesman for the biggest single group of Democrats south of Atlanta, a role he has held for decades. He loses a platform and local Democrats lose their most effective voice.


Satz Should Worry?



Broward County political legend, State Attorney Mike Satz, squeaked by in a tight race against a largely unknown challenger.

Despite Satz’s overwhelming lead in spending, he beat challenger Teresa Williams by only 52-48 percent. Satz spent $280,000 plus thousands more used by a political committee. Williams spent $48,631.

I don’t know if the political mistake by Williams of not closing the primary with a write-in candidate, allowing Republicans and independents to vote, helped Satz. A challenger won’t make that blunder next time.

Is this a signal that a more formidable candidate could beat Satz, who was first elected in 1976? We will have to wait four years to see.



Mixed Bag For Republican Judges


Two Republican judicial appointments were defeated Tuesday – Matt Destry and Stephen Zaccor.

Gov. Rick Scott appointee Judge Kal Evans survived.

Maybe the difference between the three judges is this:

  • Evans had a dramatic story of working his way up from homeless to become a judge.
  • Destry’s demeanor was criticized by lawyers and others who visited his courtroom.
  • Zaccor, who was said by courthouse sources to be doing a good job, was beaten by female challenger Kathleen McCarthy. Her gender helped her, as did confusion between her and incumbent Judge Barbara McCarthy, say observers.


Women Judicial Candidates Rule Again


Broward’s bench is going to contain more women in the future.

Of the 16 candidates for judge either winning this week or moving forward to a runoff, a dozen were women.

Political consultants consider the gender of a candidate important and worth votes. The influence of gender especially in non-partisan races, which lacks the most important identifier – party affiliation.


Blacks Growing In Influence


Black voters are an increasingly bigger part of Democratic primaries in Broward.

There are roughly 216,000 registered voters who are black Democrats, compared to 220,000 white Democrats.

The poorer performance, i.e. voter turnout, among blacks means white voters still can carry a Democratic primary.  With blacks moving to Broward, that white influence in the primary is diminishing.

You can see that influence in the victories of Brenda Forman, the clerk of the courts candidate who is black.  You can also see it in the narrow victory of Mike Satz, whose loss of some black precincts may be a backlash against his prosecutions of blacks for minor crimes.

“There will come a time soon when black voters dominate the Democratic primary,” said one consultant.


School Superintendent Robert Runcie’s loss 

Embattled School Superintendent Robert Runcie got little comfort from Tuesday’s result.

Yes, his acolyte, School Board member Rosalind Osgood, got re-elected.  But so did one of his toughest critics, member Robin Bartleman. 

There was a concerted behind-the-scenes effort by Runcie and his groupies in the downtown business community to beat Bartleman.

Bartleman, who runs countywide, got the county’s largest vote total against opponent Sharnell Jackson.  Bartleman racked up 114,408 votes in a 72-28 percent victory.

Runcie supporter Osgood beat Nathalie Lynch-Walsh by less — 59-41 percent.


26 Responses to “Update: Broward’s Election Results Means More Women As Judges”

  1. Barack Obama says:

    Who knows if Satz will even live to see another election? The man is a fossil. Hes gotta be pushing 80


    He’s just over 70 and in great shape.

  2. Broward Voter says:

    I think that names were the deciding factor in the Forman/Ceasar race. Not so much that people thought that they were voting for Howard Forman, but that Forman sounds like a Jewish name and Ceasar does not.

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    1. I disagree with any poditive comments about the Editorial Board whose inclusion of non Sun Sentinel employees and a spouse yet is totally unprofessional.
    2. The paper less so than the Miami Herald now admittedly does not give information that is unavailable elsewhere so there is less dependence on it – news or editorial side.
    3. Endorsements where a candidate is an overwhelming favourite should not be used to gauge a papers influence.
    4. The Mitch Ceasar loss means no one in their right mind will pay any attention to MS-NBC or CNN appeaattentions as they are meaningless.

    5. The Mitch Ceasar loss means no one in their right mind will ever pay attention to the County Committee.
    6. The crushing of Canova and both Graysons means the Left & the Florida Squeeze crowd of Bernue Sanders has ni future in Florida.

  4. Bartlefan says:

    Please give credit where credit is due. At the bottom of the ballot was Robin Bartleman who received 114,000 votes. That is impressive.

  5. NW Broward MODC says:

    Re #4

    If Ms.Bartleman would show half of the courage addressing the nightmare of ESE that she did on the Broward School Police hiring issues, our disabled kids may have a chance.
    We are extremely disappointed that Lynch-Walsh will not be on this board.
    Another few years of ” leading ladies” gum snapping, ” You know i’m starting to feel like….” Hair twirling when addressing the Superintendent, bringing every issue back to oneself. Perhaps someone on this board could point out that the public does not care about the personal feelings of the board members. You are here to serve the students of Broward County. If you can’t take the heat,you may want to remove your green sorority hat.

    Bartleman and Brinkworth do bring something to the table. Let’s hope they step up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Alcee Hastings endorsed Dale Holness. That’s why he won.

  7. Anonymous says:

    When the people of Broward realize who they elected as clerk of court they won’t wonder why our clerk’s office continues to be the laughing stock in Florida. Mrs. Foreman is going to be busy in the next several months printing those damn flyers that decry a lack of funding and asking for patience because they can’t find or keep descent employees and can’t seem to figure out how to benefit from technology to improve service. Oh well, there’s always 2020. #worstclerksoffice

  8. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    I totally agree with #4 Bartlefan. Robin Bartleman is and has always been a total School Board member and candidate; always dedicated to your students and their teachers. I am so glad that she earned the most votes in Broward County this past Tuesday. Well over 114,000 educated voters selected the best Broward School Board member in recent history. Bartleman was constantly out there campaigning and spreading her word to every area of Broward County. This includes the Black and Hispanic areas. She has never discriminated against color and race! Even when an ill-advised and gutter smear campaign was unfortunately launched against Bartleman. Some tough guys thought they could easily cut down and destroy a 5’ 2” pipsqueak of a female Don Quixote. How wrong they turned out to be! Rumors run strong that it originated at the highest levels of the Broward School Department. See original story above. There are well over 300 public schools in Broward County and only a most dedicated champion would spend the necessary time and effort to visit each one; sit down with all principals and listen to their concerns. That is what Robin Bartleman has achieved for so many years. And she did not stop there. She also has made the time to heed the deep concerns of all teachers, staff and most importantly, the parents. Robin Bartleman has also taken the lead in Broward County to cut down on the humongous amount of terrifying tests thrown upon our young children and students. Third graders need not to freak out knowing that another state mandated test will be coming around within the next 6 weeks. How many other politicians have sacrificed and lost so much in recent years as Robin Bartleman? Especially as her own personal and family life that have been thrown into total disarray. Summing up: Superintendent Runcie needs to go. The sooner the better! Two years ago the voters of Broward Country voted overwhelming to spend $800,000,000.00 to improve every school. All now we all see are ONLY plastic signs on every school stating: “Improvements Coming Soon.” Disgusting! Runcie and his boatload of cronies have screwed up way too long and no one is held accountable for him and his mile long lists of failures. It is imperative for you, your family members and your friends to vote in all future School Board member elections in order to achieve this mighty goal of throwing this Runcie out on his butt. Do all that you can in the next few School Board elections to achieve this noble and well worthwhile goal. The lives and education of your children and grandchildren ride on riding on the balance.

  9. Lalala says:

    I heard Teresa Williams say during early voting how a large amount of people thought she was black because of the last name “Williams” funny, but I think that’s why she got so many votes. Black Dem in Broward will be the white Jewish vote of the past

  10. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    No one cares about the School Board because its the Poor n Minorities who go to Public Schools in most of South Florida.
    No one cares about the lazy stupid corrupt politicians because if you are smart you are rich if you are rich you hire a lobbyist n get what you want.
    Moreover everyone in South Florida with brains has at least one Northern or Rockies home so that houses in South Florida are disposable assets.
    Only people with limited brains no talents and no escape routes run for office in South Florida or care that much

  11. Oh says:

    Dale Holness won because he painted Chris Smith as a Republican and lobbyist by linking him to Trump, Rick Scott and Jeb Bush.

  12. Sammy says:

    Kathleen McCarthy actually helped Barbara get votes. Not vice versa-look at the difference in numbers at the precincts. Also she brought out tons of millennials and had a kick ass social media campaign. Look at the specific numbers-

  13. Stormwatch says:

    I’m shocked that Mitch Ceasar lost. He was by far the better choice. Those people at the clerk’s office are surly and lazy. Most of the stuff is e-filed so they dont even see lawyers, paralegals or couriers anymore. Why are they closing at 3:30 every day. Good to see more women on the bench in Broward. As long as they don’t get all hopped up on the happy pills and drive down 595 like Mrs Magoo. The Richards v. DiPietro race should be interesting. But not as interesting as 2018.

  14. Who are the "observers" says:

    Who are the “observers” you are referring to in this article Buddy.

    Certain candidates were/are extremely arrogant and obnoxious. The sense of entitlement was a turn off and the true factor in some of the races.

    Whoever has your ear is not representing the vast majority of courthouse employees or has observed the true nature of the candidates.

  15. krissy says:

    why do we waste time with the school board. Robin is the biggest fraud I ever met. I heard her talk very bad about another board number and 10 minutes later heard her saying nice things about that same board member to someone else. She is a mess. Just watch the meetings. The Osgood lady is a Pre-Madonna. I was surprised to see how little she campaigned. Other people campaigned for her. She is lazy. She should just go back to modeling

  16. new clerk says:

    number 7 anon: brenda formen was smart enough to marry formen she will be smart enough to put the right people that she can trust to do the work just like he did.

  17. Real Deal says:

    All I ever want from any news source are the facts. I can make my mind up on my own. I ignore editorial today even more than I used to because it takes too much effort just to get reliable facts today from news sources, so I consider their opinions to be even more suspicious.

    For sure I am not so much of a sheep as to be guided by their endorsements. But when it comes to last minute propaganda, thrown in just before elections, that’s an x-ray into the character of a reporter and the media outlet they work for.

    It says to me their agenda isn’t to report but to control the news. They want to drive what happens and that is not their role.

    Corrupt journalism explains why no one trusts the news anymore. They have prostituted their credibility and franchise. Soon our laws will need to change. The legal protections the press enjoys were given to protect the truth not spin, unethical behavior or to help them misinform or engage in propaganda.

    No wonder America is in trouble. We can’t get the facts from a free press anymore.

  18. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    “Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:
    August 31st, 2016 at 5:39 pm
    No one cares about the School Board because its the Poor n Minorities who go to Public Schools in most of South Florida.”

    Once again The Count “The Stupid GOP Tea Bagger” knows NOTHING about the TRUTH!!!!

    MS Robin Bartleman, Broward County School Board Member At Large has ALWAYS sent her two daughters to Broward County Public Schools. Her ex-husband has always been wealthy. But Robin has always believed in the local public schools.

    Too bad the Count is too ignorant and lazy to find out the truth! We now all know that The Donald will be earning at least one vote here in Broward County!

  19. NW Broward MODC says:

    The Count is on to something.

    #18, take a look at the demographics of who is leaving BCPS and opting for private school. This is very real. It happened in New York; and it is happening in South FL too.

    Our teachers are being burned out; due to low pay, crappy health insurance and low morale as a result of the curve. The desperate recruiting of teachers from other states has brought in a band of Billie Jo hillbillies that will never stay in an urban area for the long haul.

    The children of the poor, many with a 504, will remain the “hostages” of the BCPS Matrix as their services are strategically denied or ripped away.

    Which ‘F” rated violent and drug infested high school will house the next new charter school?

    Parents don’t care if BCPS offers an exclusive charter school for rocket science. They are NOT bringing their kids to a dangerous school for any reason. The new charter at CC (the most violent school in Broward County) will eventually crash and burn like all the rest.

    The radical leftist curriculum, lax disciplinary practices,and presentation of the attention seeking primpers of the school board have all but forced parents to seek other educational options. Crap rolls down hill.

  20. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #15 krissy has no idea how a successful politician and candidate continues to win year after year. There is nothing wrong with Robin Bartleman bad mouthing another fellow Broward County School member. If the truth must be said, then say it. Most of the School Board members are totally overwhelmed with the size of the School Department budget and a majority have no ideas on how to handle such a vital and important issue in their lives. And if by chance any school board member does anything well, what is so bad with Bartleman later on complimenting her? krissy, aren’t there times where you hate your boyfriend and then other times you love him? Just don’t let your husband know about all this!

  21. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewiczsadly says:

    You are without knowledge.
    I have been a Democratic Party Official Democratic Party nominated Public official and appointed a Commissioner of Deeds by an overwhelming Demicratic City Council.
    My political donations here have been


    all whom everyone knows are Democrats.

    Unlike FAKE NAME bloggers like you no one can check YOUR DONATIONS!

  22. Broward Truth Tellers says:

    The 2000 Presidential Election proved to America that Florida DESERVES the placement among the “Top Five Biggest Political Polling Mistakes in U.S. History”. Yet here we are, SIXTEEN years later, and Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes, releases the Primary Election results BEFORE the polls even close! Oh, I apologize. She said, “It was a vendor”? Right??? Who is being charged with the felony?? Where is the ACCOUNTABILITY?? This constant passing of the buck is embarrassing to our County and our State! My bet is that we will also make the “The #1 County with the Most Confused & Uniformed Voters” List”. Fault lies with Broward County’s “Last Name Voters”. They vote by the feeling they get from the candidates’’ last names.
    We had The McCarthy’s & The Foreman’s. Two candidates’ with the “Right Last Names” running in the Primaries in elections for circuit Judge, and The Broward County Clerk of Courts respectively. I can see the confusion! Wait, no I can’t! First I research. Then, I vote! I don’t choose which name sounds more Black, more Jewish, more White, or more Hispanic. Here’s why. Let’s take the 2 candidates’ with “familiar” last names: McCarthy and Foreman. Based on “Last Name” voting, McCarthy beat her challenger, Zaccor, because voters confused her with another incumbent, Judge Barbara McCarthy. What a shame, Zaccor was a good Judge, just born with a wrong name.
    This brings us to the next “Last Name Voters” mistake, and it is a HUGE ONE! Let’s look at the elected position as Broward County’s Clerk of Courts. I am sure the name Howard Forman rings a bell. If not, it should. He is the current Clerk of the Courts and this is the year he retires! Yes, HE RETIRES! I wish him the best. Three candidates ran for the Foreman’s position. Broward County had 2 highly qualified candidates, full of the experience needed to manage over 750 employees and a 40 plus million dollar annual budget AND the Clerk’s wife Brenda Foreman, not to be confused with his late wife who passed in 2011, Susan Joy Forman, a lobbyist/political consultant/Democratic activist, was also a candidate for his position, You probably guessed who won that one!
    Brenda was employed briefly at the clerks office, when she met the Clerk They married soon after, then Mrs. Brenda Forman ran as a candidate for her husband’s note-worthy position as Broward County’s Clerk of Courts and won!
    I thought being voted against because you were born with the wrong “Right Last Name” was the worst, but what about those voted in simply because they’ve married the “Right Last Name”?
    Broward Truth Tellers

  23. city activist robert walsh says:

    No big surprises Dr>snipes concerns me when her vendor(buck stops w/ you) released election results before closing bell. Not ,right. Oh by the way that little oversight, is a felony. State atty. off investigating. Can she go the distance, or her staff??. Robert Walsh certainly can….._

  24. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    #21 is such a True GOP Blowhard! What a complete loser he is. I made a single and honest comment in #18. ONLY writing about MS Robin Bartleman. Nothing else!! REPEAT: Nothing else!! Too bad this idiot #21 could not stay on that simple subject. And why did I remark that he is a GOP? Only a child of two GOP parents would spell the word “Democratic’ as “Democratic”….

  25. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:


    Does any sane person believe ANYONE WANTED TO LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT by releasing returns early? It was idiotic BUT NOT A CRIME.

  26. Broward Election says:

    The results were really quite impressive. Bradford Peterson received large numbers without sending out one mailer. We did see his signs all over town. Ian Richards received a ton of votes spending very little money. Kathleen McCarthy received more VOTES than Babs. The Duffy-Rifkin race will be interesting to watch.

    Sokoloff-Barner race will be very interesting. Of course we have Gunderson Vs. Krauss.

    Once in office one should not walk around with their nose in the air.