West’s Departure Shaking Up Politics: Kristin Jacobs To Run?


County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs is the second Broward politician who is considering running for the congressional seat being abandoned by U. S. Rep. Allen West, according to several sources.


Kristin Jacobs

Jacobs has expressed interest in running for the seat in the past.

A commissioner since 1998, Jacobs styles herself the voice of the environment on the usually pro-development commission.

Commissioner John Rodstrom is considering a run for the same congressional seat.  But Rodstrom is termed out this year, while Jacobs has two years left on her term.

The Miami Herald reports that Republican Adam Hasner is about to drop out of the U. S. Senate race to run for West’s congressional seat.

Jacobs has been repeatedly romanced by national Democrats, who have tried to prod her to run for Congress. She lives in Pompano Beach in West’s district.

An attractive woman, she would be a stark contrast in any primary debate to Patrick Murphy and  former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel, other Democrats running.

(Frankel, an Old School progressive, reminds me of a Bella Abzug retread with her thick New York accent and her FDR-style politics.   However, while being attractive helps in broadcast situation, it is no guarantee of anything, especially of the candidate can’t cut it in other ways.  Remember Michelle Bachmann?

And before women start writing me saying I’m sexist, this goes for good looking men, too.  Many pundits believe the campaign of U. S. Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass, two years ago was aided by him being a former male model and Cosmo’s “America’s Sexiest Man.”)

Jacobs could not be reached this morning to confirm reports from several sources inside the Government Center.

Her departure could leave an open seat in Northeast Broward if she decides to resign. I’m not sure she could run for office full-time, hold the commission seat and keep a straight face. If she did resign, it would prompt a number of candidates to enter the race for that commission seat.


16 Responses to “West’s Departure Shaking Up Politics: Kristin Jacobs To Run?”

  1. Go Kristin! says:

    Kristin has represented my family her entire time on the commission and I can’t say loud enough Run Kristin Run! She’s smart, attractive and very qualified – though we would miss her here!

  2. Chipster says:

    I would not rule out Chip jumping in the race….. just saying.

  3. Partida says:

    That would not be a good idea for Chip, I think. He’s doing great where he is. Kristin has the experience to move up to this level.

  4. Richard J Kaplan says:

    Also, under the new Florida law, you do not have to resign to run for a federal position. So Jacobs does not have to give up her seat to do it.

    Note: It was written for Charlie Crist, who at the time was considered a possible VP nomination by McCain.


    She doesn’t have to resign. I added a line which states it would be hard to run for Congress and represent Northeast Broward on the commission. But that’s up to her.

  5. Looker says:

    Rodstrom’s good looking!

  6. Mark Alan says:

    How about the choice, “none of the above?” Anybody, but…

  7. DeeDee says:

    Rodstrom got Jacobs elected because he couldn’t stand the incumbent, who I believe was Sylvia Poitier. Now they will be competitors. How typical of Democrats to fight among themselves

  8. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Well, well, well, my friend gorgeous here now is interested in running for Congress. Maybe then we can get all your green inatitives paid for by Washington instead of us here in Broward. Really gorgeous here Comm.Jacobs is in Washington more than the President(see her travel ledgers Markam Pk-while you have Holeness staying at the Motel 6-sure we will leave the light on Dale-just for you). The real story here is chicken -shit Allen West-whats the matter giggie can’t handle the heat -so go north-oh th e red necks will just love you. Where’s your big-mouth now Mr.West-and your big mouth Kaufman(you deserve each other). See you in whats it district 18-bozo has his eyes on-see you there bitch-I don’t live up there but neither does Harriet Tubman aka Allen Bozo West.. By th eway who is black when its convient for him. West is a disgrace, and I’m th e perfect one to up against him…..

  9. Jo says:

    No one wants Jacobs. She is a joke for women’s rights and the people of Florida….go swimming crazy lady. Lois Lois Lois

  10. commissionwatcher says:

    Kristin Jacobs is a nasty, mean spirited person. She talks down to people who don’t agree with her and she isn’t smart. She would be a disaster. Rodstrom is very smart. He understands the money issues, which Kristin doesn’t. He has a law degree, which Kristin doesn’t. He would understand all the budget stuff in Congress, Kristin doesn’t. He looks out for the taxpayer and is a voice of reason, Kristin doesn’t get it and is a spendthrift with our money. Run John run.

  11. Deerfield says:

    Please, all Rodstrom does is sit on the dais and trade stocks on the taxpayer dime everyone knows that. Sure he can read a budget but what does he fight for? Nothing. Jacobs would be an extraordinary Congresswoman and I can’t wait to vote for her if she enters the race.

  12. Floridan says:

    commissionwatcher: “…she isn’t smart”

    I think this says more about your judgement than it does about Jacobs’ intelligence.

  13. you people are crazy says:

    Rodstrom and Jacobs are friends! And as for being green, woman’s rights and looking out for tax payer dollars she is the person you want!

  14. Nick Steffens says:

    I think many people have had the same problem with both candidates on the Dem side of this race:

    Patrick is not experienced enough.

    Lois is too experienced (how PC is that?!)

    Kristin seems to solve that issue, but many have already invested time, energy and money with a particular candidate that despite their ‘issue’ with the make-up of the candidate it may be difficult to switch.

    Also, Lois and Patrick were able to raise a lot of money because they were running AGAINST Congressman West. That is gone (unless one or both move North, which is permitted by law obviously) and it may impeded the fundraising ability of Kristin (or John Rodstrom.) Of course, the fact that the District is great pick up opportunity for the Democrats will help money come in but maybe not until the general.

    Sorry for being so long.

  15. Could Get Interesting says:

    Any news as to whether or not Lamarca would run? Seems to be the only sane one on that commission these days….it would be tough to lose him.

  16. Derick Pase says:

    Individuals will buy anything that is ‘one to a customer.’
    One’s mind features a method of making itself up in the background, plus it suddenly becomes clear what one ways to do.