Update: Weston Gets New High School…Maybe


Weston is closer to getting a new high school by 2010. . .if the financing and land can be found.

The School Board this week approved a charter school run by directors from the Broward Republican hierarchy.

They include Ken Haiko a veteran GOP insider and sometimes member of the Broward Republican Executive Committee. He’ll be the new school’s president.

Also a director is Laura R. Seidman, former general council of the Republican-controlled North Broward Hospital District. 

And Clarence McKee, a lawyer who was an Reagan Administration figure.

The school will be up to 125,000 square feet, about the size of three average Publix supermarkets. It will be up to three stories tall.

The private firm is estimating the school construction will cost $20 million, about $160 per square foot.  That is low for a school facility which will eventually house 2,500 students.

The group promises to have a purchase agreement for land to build the school within 60 days.  The 500-plus pages of documents on file with the School Board do not state the location of the land.

One possible hitch:

This deal hinges on financing, which might be hard to obtain in this economy.

The group says financing will be obtained from municipal bonds, a bank loan or a loan from a real estate investor.  Documents name no bank or investor.

Meanwhile, the School Board turned down three charter high schools proposed by former school Superintendent Frank Till and Miami Heat basketball star Dwayne Wade.  The staff had called the applications “deficient.



3 Responses to “Update: Weston Gets New High School…Maybe”

  1. Westonmom says:

    It is about time!!!!

  2. Girliegirl says:

    Buddy, no offense but this high school chatter is really boring. You need to blog on.

  3. Westonmom says:

    Wrong, girliegirl.
    This is the most important news in Weston. We have been waiting for another high school for at least five years. My son was in First grade when I got involved and now he is in middle school. I’m crossing my fingers that he will be able to go to this new high school!!!