Weston Commissioner Challenges Nan Rich




Former State Sen. Nan Rich was only without a possible opponent for an open Broward County Commission seat for two days.

Weston’s Mayor Dan Stermer, who was widely rumored to be about to launch a campaign against Rich, instead announced on April 22 he wouldn’t run for an open Broward County Commission seat.

On April 24,  Weston Commissioner Jim Norton jumped into the race.


2011_JimNorton-headshot2Jim Norton



A Weston commissioner since 2010, Norton will challenge Rich in the Democratic primary. Observers still give Rich the best chance of winning based on her long history in Broward politics and her losing race for governor last year.

The former publisher of the Sun-Sentinel’s community newspapers, Norton left that job in 2000 to start local lifestyle magazines.  He later sold the magazines and is now a Realtor.

Norton and Rich are running for Commission District One currently held Marty Kiar, a former state representative who has held it since 2012.  Kiar is leaving the commission to run for Broward County Property Appraiser.

Rich has been running for the seat for several months.


District One County CommissionCounty Commission District One

9 Responses to “Weston Commissioner Challenges Nan Rich”

  1. Ha Ha Ha says:

    This guy is the Class A moron behind the complete ban on nightclubs in Weston. He thinks banning nightclubs is exactly what he is supposed to be doing…


  2. Just Saying says:

    Jim Norton is a Democrat? I thought he’s the former President of the Weston Republican Club. How long has Norton been a Democrat? Five minutes?

  3. Broward Voter says:

    He has no chance of winning whatsoever. None, zero, absolutely no chance.


    I don’t believe he has “no chance.” I do believe it will be a very difficult uphill battle.

  4. Rick Scott says:

    I’m just saying.



    Anybody can set up a website and say anything. Its the updated version of Watergate-era Donald Segretti’s “Dirty Tricks.”

    As far as Norton being a former Republican activist, so was state Rep. Richard Stark, D-Weston — the same area. Last time I looked Charlie Crist, the Democratic nominee for governor last year, was a Republican governor from 2006-2010.

    If a political party is only for those who have been members for years, it is ignoring a potential avenue of growth.

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I disagree w/ a lot of you. I think Mr.Norton will do just fine….

  6. Ghost of McLovin says:

    We need fresh choices – although Norton isn’t the best option, it certainly beats a 72 year old career politician that is out of touch and a perpetual has-been

  7. Delusional says:

    Norton thinks that because Crist can switch parties and beat Nan Rich he can too. If he is starting with almost universal name ID and can raise 8 figures like Crist he might have a shot. Here in the real world he does not stand a chance.

    Also Buddy, Stark was a Democrat who turned into a Republican before he switched back. Norton will get no support, and I doubt he will qualify once reality sets in.

  8. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Outside of unemployables looking for a campaign job, who in their right mind would push a not too successful White male Christian candidate to run against a long time Jewish liberal female public official? How many Jewish Democratic elected officials come out of Weston? Anyone who thinks Mr. Norton has a snowball’s chance in Hell to defeat Nan rich in a Weston heavy commission district must also be buying the Brooklyn Bridge and seeing flying pigs!

  9. Enough says:

    Somebody wake me up after Nan’s victory speech.