Weston City Atty: We Can Regulate Uber




Weston City Attorney Jamie Cole says his city can regulate ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft despite any countywide laws.



Jamie Cole



Here’s the catch, says Cole: Weston can regulate the services only within the boundaries of the city.

In  a letter to the Weston commission, Cole says that riding sharing could be allowed in other cities if those cities adopt an agreement or the same regulations as Weston.

This puts Cole at odds with an opinion from County Attorney Joni Coffey, who last week told Broward Mayor Tim Ryan that the county had the authority to “exclusively regulate” for-hire passenger vehicles.

This one could be headed to court.

Meanwhile, Uber says it is leaving Broward at the end of the month because of the County Commission’s over-regulation.

Here is Cole’s opinion followed by Coffey’s memo:


Website–Uber — Cole Letter Re Municipal TNC Regulation

8 Responses to “Weston City Atty: We Can Regulate Uber”

  1. Drive by says:

    Fort Lauderdale has it’s own taxi regulation and has been regulating taxi’s before Broward did.

    Perhaps they can allow pick up in the Fort Lauderdale portion of the terminal. Too bad the city let the County take the airport after the war….


    I think Mr. Cole is scary looking

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The Weston City Attorney is saying municipal law trumps county ordinance, and that’s simple wrong and, frankly STUPID! A “higher authority”, i.e. the Federal Government over State Government in areas the Constitution says are Federal, in all areas the States above the counties THEY CREATE as well as the inferior to the counties cities, who in turn have to abide by County Ordinance unless in violation of State Law or Federal Law.
    To have lawyers paid by the public spounting his jibberish recalls the nonsense about Supreme Court Decisions that South morons tell to the terminally stupid in places like Texas and Arkansas. Floridans should not fall for such nonsense.
    It goes back to the old, “you are entitled to your opinion BUT NOT YOUR OWN FACTS” that reportedly US Senator from New York City, and former Harvard Professor and Ambassador to India Daniel Patrick Moynahan said in not too dissimiliar circumstances to another redneck Southern jerk!
    And, yes, Mayor Tim Ryan of Sunrise, IF HE EVER SAID SUNRISE ORDINANCES COULD OVERRIDE COUNTY ORDINANCES he is another headline grabbing fake! IF HE SAID IF, if he didn’t he’s not a headline grabbing fake in this case.

  4. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    Its a start. I should become an Uber driver w/ my Eldorado. Can you see it now as Judy Stern states” these Uber drivers stoned on pot”. I wish I was stoned on pot right about now…..

  5. Poor Little $50 Billion Company says:

    Hey Count, Tim Ryan is the Mayor of Broward County. He hails from Daina Beach and represents District 7 on the Commission. He’s serving his year as Mayor in the rotation on the dais.

    You seem to have him confused with Mike Ryan, no relation, Mayor of the City of Sunrise.

    Which is one of the many reasons you shouldn’t be quoted as a political observer in the Sun Sentinel.

  6. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    No. 5, yes I confused two elected officials named Ryan from a county I have only lived in for 10 years, most of which time I have been in Europe, Australia or D.C. or New York City. My comments, if you ever read them, or here, are based not on a few Ft. Lauderdale City commission meetings, and NEVER in audience at a County meeting, but a 60 years plus experience including elections to office in Manhattan, appointments by the New York City Council, elections to Democratic County Committees in both the states of New Jersey where I went to school and New York City where I worked on Wall Street. As for historic preservation and financial issues, I serve as Trustee of two Jewish Memorial Funds here in Europe and one in the US, have written for a general interest national newspapers and an historical monthly in New York City, circulated through out the US. The fact is Broward County is constantly making mistakes already exposed in New York City and particurly Miami Beach. There are four current Fort Lauderdale projects that mirror failed projects in, of all places, Katowice Poland, London England, Chemnitz, Sachsen, Germany, as well as the forementioned New York City and Miami Beach. Frankly most the stupid mistakes in South Florida are re-runs of errors made in the the last century of the Roman Republic. Strangley enough one of the major improvements Emperor Augustus made about 10 BC was to traffic in Rome, too bad the people in Fort Lauderdale never read Suetonius, Tacitus, Plutarch or even Gibbon, the problems on Sunrise and Oakland Park boulevard would be decreased. Minor errors always creep into comments when large issues are discussed. Too bad you can’t see the trees because the forest is in the way. Macbeth seems to be your guide to wisdom!

  7. Independent says:


    You may know New York, but you don’t know Florida and you don’t know Federal. In this case you are completely wrong in many cases.

    The US Constitution specifically reserves rights to State that do trump Federal matters.

    The County does have rights under the State Constitution that trumps the State.

    The City has rights under the State and County Constitution/Charter (and sometimes laws) that trumps them both.

    In Broward, cities and counties are both chartered and sometimes the County controls, sometime the Cities control and sometimes they have concurrent power.

    You need to read the County Charter, specifically 11.01 (I think that is the section) to see just some of it.

    That is why in this case they are saying cities could take control from the county in their own boundaries on the State’s and County granted City Home Rule provisions.

    In counties that are non-chartered, unlike Broward, cities have even more authority over counties.

  8. Poor Little $50 Billion Company says:

    Wow, Count, I’ve heard of living in the past, but you actually took a conversation about Uber to the decline and fall of ancient Rome. I’m sorry, but the only thing that Jack Sieler has in common with the Emperor Augustus is the nose.

    As for everything else, you clearly have an impressive resume of jobs held everywhere but here.

    My point still stands, you’ve lived here, there, and everywhere else, and we wish you safe travels on the Appian Way back to Chodkiewicz County. You just don’t know that much about Broward County, and you shouldn’t be quoted by the Sun Sentinel.