Update: A Swift Start For Kaplan’s Fund Raising


Lauderhill Mayor Richard Kaplan isn’t waiting to collect money for his campaign.

Two days after filing for office he sent the following e-mail to numerous political contributors in Broward:



For Broward County Commission – Dist. 1 (D)

4866 N.W. 67th AVE., LAUDERHILL, FL 33319   (954)742-XXXX

Email:   Kaplan4Commissioner@gmail.com

Dear Supporter,

As Mayor of an All America City, I have been a part of a distinct honor is serving the City of Lauderhill for over 23 years. But now an opportunity has opened itself to serve in the county as the Broward County Commissioner for District 1.  I hope that as a past supporter of mine, you would also be willing to support me in this new venture.

Being named “Mayor of the Year” was only one of the many honors I have received serving as Mayor.  I believe that my experience and longevity has prepared me to use my talents on a county level.  I pledge, once elected, to work to find ways to improve how Broward County operates, reduce its costs, follow its mission, and establish better working relations with all levels of government.

Hopefully, you have approved of my work in the past, and that you would support me in becoming the next Commissioner from District 1.

If you do, I hope that you can assist in this endeavor by providing a donation to my campaign.  Please send your contributions, payable to the “Campaign Account of Richard J Kaplan,” along with your name and address (occupation required if more than $100.00 and donations are limited to $500.00 from any single individual or legal entity).

At this point we are planning a fund raising party.  If you would like to attend, please let me know, and an invitation will be sent.

If you wish to speak to me, or can help in any other way with my campaign, please feel free to let me know.

With Warmest Regards,




An earlier story is below:


Just days after Sunrise Commissioner Sheila Alu dropped out of the Broward County Commission race, the Lauderhill Mayor Richard Kaplan jumped in.



Kaplan, 56, has been mayor of Lauderhill since 1998 and a commissioner for 10 years before that.

“I told people in October that I would make a decision by the end of November.  Did Sheila’s droping out have anything to do with my decision?  I can’t say it didn’t, but it was just one factor.  The others who are in the race are always a factor,” Kaplan said.

He said other factors in his decision are the approval of his family, gauging whether he could win and deciding whether he could make a different.

Kaplan will now be running in the District One Democratic primary against his colleague, Lauderhill Vice Mayor Howard Berger.   It should make for some interesting times at the Lauderhill commission.

“We will be in the same district.  I am comfortable with that,” Kaplan said.

A third Democrat in the race is Willie F. Roberson Jr.  of Fort Lauderdale.

Kaplan said his strengths include is his longevity in Broward government.

“I have an institutional knowledge of what is needed. I have worked at every level in government. And I’ve been president of national organizations, state organizations,” he said.

A master of law in taxation, Kaplan’s education could bring some financial expertise to commission.  He has also specialized as a mayor and commissioner in transportation and environmental issues.

Kaplan said he was “confident” he can raise whatever is needed to run in the west Broward district.  Berger put in $80,000 of his own and raised another $5,370.

While announcing for office, Kaplan did say one thing I believe everybody agrees with: “The county can do a lot better than its doing.”


8 Responses to “Update: A Swift Start For Kaplan’s Fund Raising”

  1. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    So our little ‘Clarice starling” is backing out. Wow, what a shock.

  2. Anybody But says:

    I am a resident of Sunrise who was cheering when she saw Ms.”Prima Donna” Alu dropped out. I don’t know Kaplan. He has got to be better than the self centered b***ch we are stuck with in Sunrise.

  3. Sunrise McLovin says:

    @Anybody But: I think you’ll be surprised when you find out how wrong you are. Kaplan is worse.

  4. All Screwed Up! says:

    Agreed…Kaplan is worst and he cares nothing about black folks!

  5. Real Deal says:

    There will be more candidates announcing.

  6. get a life! says:

    Kaplan equals Alu, but 10x’s worse. So who jumps in next? Hazall Rogers I hear is next. What is she waiting for? Is she moving from Lauderdale “broke” Lakes to live in dist 1? We shall see

  7. KapKlown says:

    Kaplan is the clown that thought a Sun Sentinel reporter doing her job should be considered a “lobbyist.” Brilliant legal mind at work.

  8. good luck says:

    OMG, this Kaplan guy has the absolute worst writing skills I have ever seen. This guy has a law degree?
    The initial sentence is atrocious and it does not get any better.
    Also, love the way he throws in that he was “mayor of the year” completely out of context.