Well-Known Attorney Opens Campaign Against Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz




As if U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz didn’t have enough problems already with her aide being caught trying to flee the country after accusations of bank fraud.

The longtime Democratic Congresswoman kept Imran Awan on the taxpayers payroll even after being told he was suspected of a crime.

Tomorrow prominent attorney Carlos Reyes will file as a candidate against Wasserman Schultz.

Reyes is a legitimate candidate. But no matter how good a campaign he runs, Reyes has a very tough uphill battle.

Wasserman Schultz’s U. S. House District 23 was gerrymandered to be heavily Democratic.  Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in the district 62 to 36 percent.

Still, because Reyes is a credible and well-spoken candidate against one of the most hated figures among the Republican base, he should easily be able to finance his campaign.

A longtime activist in the Hispanic legal community whose parents immigrated from Cuba, Reyes was a member from 1999-2007 of the governing board of the South Broward Hospital District, which operates the public Memorial Healthcare System for the southern 1/3 of Broward County. He was appointed by former Gov. Jeb Bush. 


Carlos Reyes


Here is Reyes’s e-mail late Sunday announcing his candidacy:


From: Carlos Reyes
Sent: Sunday, August 6, 2017 6:32 PM
Subject: The journey begins … tomorrow!

My Friends, Colleagues, Clients and Supporters –

As all of you receiving this email are part of my circle of friends and supporters, excuse the broad stroke of this email, but things are going to get exciting, challenging, and hectic (or crazy) around here real soon (I’d say dramatically so).  I’m taking the liberty of sending this communication in this form to give you  advance notice and frankly, to ask for your continued support as I embark on a new adventure tomorrow (or today if you’re reading this Monday).

Knowing me all these years, you know I am routinely well acquainted with the legal and political issues of the day.  As to the latter, I’ve been blessed to serve our community for most of the 29 years I’ve been practicing in South Florida. Like most of you, I’ve been engaged serving the community on boards, community groups, bar associations, all in fulfilling the personal mission Nancy and I have been on for years, easily summed up in the phrase taught to me by “brother” Paul Finizio’s dad (“Mr. Fin”), … to always try and “leave people better off than when you found them.”

In that regard, I’ve built a successful practice, along the way being a partner in and partners with many great lawyers in small and large law firms.  All amazing in their own right, Montero Finizio, Greenberg Traurig, Akerman Senterfitt, and now, the Reyes Law Group,  … all experiences which have served to enrich my professional life.  Yet, it has been community service that has been so fulfilling.  I’ve had the pleasure of serving on boards and community organizations that have made an impact of the lives of so many (e.g., Light of the World Clinic, Memorial Healthcare System, United Way, Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Kids Voting, Community Foundation of Broward, etc.).  Throughout those years, I have been more than happy to help fundraise and support for those willing to venture into the public sector to serve the community by way of elective office (starting at the local level, all the way up to the Presidency).  We’ve had some fun and wild adventures along the way, and frankly, it’s a role that has fit me well and I have enjoyed.  And frankly, I believed that was more than enough to help serve my community.

Yet, today, as I consider all that is happening in the country, the disharmony we see everywhere, the drastic decline in values, traditions, education, respect, and challenges to bedrock principles that have served our great nation from its’ foundation, I can’t help but think where will this end?  I look around and for the first time worry about what world, what America are we leaving to our kids, our nieces, nephews, and their kids – as a grandfather of three those queries are more relevant to me than ever.  An America that truly appears to be on the decline, one, which I can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch.

I’ve been encouraged for years to jump into the political arena.  And truly, I didn’t need it.  I always looked around and believed there were others more capable, knowledgeable, and prepared who I was always willing to support because of the hard work that is needed to run for any office.  But the day has arrived when I looked around, see what’s going on and honestly, ask, “who is going to speak to the ‘insanity’ and simply demand some ‘normalcy’?”  Better yet, who will speak just plain old, “common sense?”  I’ve honestly decided, we need more people saying what needs to be said in positions where it makes a difference.

With that, tomorrow – Monday, August 7th – I will be filing with the Federal Elections Committee to be a candidate for the U.S. Congress House of Representatives, District 23, in the Republican primary.  There are 2 other announced candidates, but the goal is to get to the general election, and end the long run of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Yes, her.  Now once you get over the “shock,” believe me, we’re not kamikaze pilots, there’s a strategic and tactical plan to get this done, and you’ll be hearing and seeing more about it over time.  For now, I need immediate help in 2 ways:

1)               Calendar to be at the Signature Grand on Tuesday, August 29th at 6:30 pm.  That’s our Announcement Rally.  Details are still being worked out but the date, time and location are fixed.  So calendar it please, … I’m counting on your support in being there if at all possible.

2)               Money – you know the saying – it’s the “mother’s milk” of politics.  It’s unfortunate, but true – to take on this huge task we will need to fundraise in a major way.  There is a plan that is coming into focus and will help us with the heavy lifting.  However, I need to kick-start the fundraising with my supporters, … my friends.  For this election, the maximum one person can give per cycle is $2,700, or $5,400 per couple (& THEY MUST BE “PERSONAL CHECKS – NO CORPORATE CHECKS).

I need checks to kick-off the fundraising.  Plain and simple.  If you feel like I do, you know the drill – I need your check yesterday.  If you’re my friend wanting to support me, then frankly, the same urgency.  And if we need to talk about it – call me.  In any case, I’d love for you to reach out and tell me the best way to receive or pick up your checks.  (Just reply and we’ll make it happen.)


Well, that’s it for now.  I hope I can count on your support in all the myriad of ways needed to climb this steep hill and bring us to victory in November of 2018.  Ultimately, in the words Robert F. Kennedy, some “look at things the way they are and ask why?  I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”  Why not my friends?  Why not BRING COMMON SENSE BACK TO AMERICA?  We can, starting with District 23.  The journey begins tomorrow.  Join us.

Thank you and God bless.

  Carlos J. Reyes

  Attorney at Law


15 Responses to “Well-Known Attorney Opens Campaign Against Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz”

  1. A. T. Fishbaum says:

    Wonderful choice

  2. Talks like a politician says:

    What karma! Debbie, who claims to be a strong advocate of immigrants will be challenged for her position of power and influence by a son of immigrants.

    Best of luck to Carlos Reyes. It is way past time for Debbie to leave Washington.

  3. Just Saying says:

    Debbie Downer is horrible in and of herself … but Carlos Reyes is a Mike Huckabee religious right activist. A total rightwing misfit non-starter for that very liberal Democratic district.

    DWS could perhaps be vulnerable in a primary challenge against a viable opponent (note: Canova is no longer viable since he’s become one of those crazy conspiracy theorists).

  4. Sober as a Judge says:

    He left out having worked for Scott Rothstein’s firm on his resume. Was that an honest omission or an intentional oversight?

  5. Cindy Ruiz Levine says:

    I have known Carlos for 30 years. Carlos Reyes is by far the BEST candidate for this position! He is a man of integrity, honesty & faith. He treats everyone he meets with respect and dignity. He has wonderful family values. We need an honest person in this position and Carlos is the perfect choice!

  6. Millie & Joe Renefo says:

    You go Carlos, you got our support!

  7. Priscilla Ford says:


  8. Reyes & Rothstein says:

    You forgot to leave out the juicy fact that Reyes used to practice law at the esteemed Rothstein Law firm. Any dolt who could not figure out that guy was a crook is either a fool, or crooked himself. You choose.

  9. Broward Voter says:

    What bothers me isn’t that he worked at the Rothstein law firm. Many good people did and had nothing to do with the crimes being committed there.

    What bothers me is he didn’t disclose it.

    That tells me what I need to know. I am no longer a DWS fan because of two things. First I don’t care how she cheated Nan Rich out of a debate with Crist. Second, she had no business putting her thumb on the scales for Hillary in her race against Sanders. That’s just not what an honorable DNC chair does. Knowing that much is enough. Now we have this new story about the IT guy and even without all the facts, the story is not good. She’s become a disappointment.

    When someone challenging her fails to disclose something he must know others will ask, that too seems dishonest. I would have respected him had he been up front. He failed the test.


  10. Not A Scarlet Letter says:

    @9 Broward Voter

    I echo your sentiments. Being part of the RRA firm should not be scarlet letter. There is at least one other elected that I am aware of that was a former partner there. The haters get pretty tiresome in this town. That said, Mr. Reyes should have disclosed his employment with RRA along with the other firms he worked for. No one has ever accused him of doing anything wrong while he was associated with RRA. Why try to hid something that is going to come out anyway ? Working at RRA should not disqualify anyone from public office or future employment unless there was some wrongdoing on the part of the individual so employed. I don’t know that I think that Mr. Reyes is particularly well qualified for the office, but it is not because of his association with RRA. We don’t need someone to replace DWS who has the same kinds of issues over their lack of transparency.

  11. Reality says:

    Carlos is a great guy and a great candidate but let’s be straightforward here…as Buddy says this is a district that has been gerrymandered to elect a Democrat. Whether it’s DWS or Canova or some other Dem, the Dem will win in the general election. A Republican primary is really a contest of who will lose the general election to the Democrat.

  12. Sober as a Judge says:

    The Debbie seat was not gerrymandered to elect a Democrat.

    It was a sacrifice seat, gerrymandered to make sure more Republican districts around that district were created.

    By giving up one seat to D’s, the R’s that carved out those districts intentionally made the other districts around it to become more competitive for R’s.

    You got the gerrymandering part right but the goal wrong.


    We are both saying the same thing.

    It was gerrymandered to elect a Democrat as part of a Republican process to give themselves an advantage. By packing the district with Democratic voters — thus guaranteeing the election of a D — the Republicans ended up with more favorable voters in their districts.

    Gerrymandering is not a process that Republicans invented. When Democrats controlled the Legislature, the districts were gerrymandered for various reasons, many times to protect an incumbent.

  13. Sober as a Judge says:

    They both did it, yes. Both parties are guilty of it. The R’s most recently.

  14. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    I think Cavona is the one to beat her.She should have fired the Hindu before he tried flying the coup.Pooe judgement.Reyes here tainted blood on his hands working for Rothstein.

  15. sick of politics says:

    Debbie should be hung in public for treason the IT scam alone, selling off our national security just a scum sucking piece of crap