Website: Candidate Sent Weird, Sexy Messages


One of my favorite sins — Jose Lambiet’s — has a story in these final days before the election about judicial candidate Bob Nichols’ alleged Internet flirting with a local woman.

“High-profile Broward attorney Bob Nichols, a well-funded candidate, allegedly text-messaged Susanna Bott that he wanted to “suck on her hard nipples,” Lambiet writes.

The problem is that Tea Party fav Nichol’s is married…to another woman, according to Lambiet.

I can say no more.  I urge you to check out Gossip Extra here for all the dirt.


18 Responses to “Website: Candidate Sent Weird, Sexy Messages”

  1. JAABblog says:

    The Florida Bar needs to investigate Judicial Candidate Bob Nichols.
    Canon 7C(1) states that judicial candidate may not personally solicit campaign funds or solicit attorneys for publicly stated support. Bob Nichols has routinely done both. Where’s the Florida Bar?

  2. JAABblog says:

    Blogger Chaz Stevens was all over this story first. Here:


    I failed to note that Chaz Stevens, the investigative blogger, broke this story first.

    This reader points it out. I’m sorry, Chaz.

  3. deja vu says:

    I read this last week from Chaz Stevens column. Why does Jose say it’s an exclusive?

  4. Watching the race says:

    I hate to say it but Chaz had this story in your comments section last week.

  5. Susanna Bott says:

    Yes! All true, Buddy. I am Susanna Bott and thank you for the article. Olga Levine is the Superior Choice in this Judicial Race. Bob Nichols is running away from the truth, won’t return any of the media’s phone calls. This guy is a pervert and completely took advantage of me. Everything is here except for the PENIS picture he sent me! I think the story is vulgar enough as it is, but feel free to call Bob Nichols and ask him about it (954) 557-6884.

  6. Voter says:

    Thank you for coming forth Susanna. I’m sure Nichols will be posting dirt to try and pull an Obama smoke screen and change the subject or direction of the conversation. Many folks are already aware what a freak he is. His wife needs to dump his sorry can and get her children away from his influences! He is one scary dude.

  7. Must be More to this Story says:

    I have a few observations regarding Messr. Nichols and this story:
    1. regarding the first post above: perhaps if you made a complaint and put your name on it, the Florida Bar would take action? I hate to state the obvious…
    2. I doubt that Tim (Chaz) Stevens was ever “first” in anything in his life, including this story.
    3. If, you really are Susanna Bott writing in #5 above (actually, I think that it is Tim Stevens pretending to be Susanna Bott)why would anyone call Nichols about this story? He would probably say “no comment”. It seems that if we want to know more about the story, we should call YOU. Therefore, Ms. Bott (a/k/a Tim Stevens) why don’t you post YOUR contact number. Since you are willing to post on a blog about this matter, I am certain that you would not mind fielding a few calls?
    4. There must be a back story to the photos and texts (if true). No matter whether you like Messr. Nichols or not, he seems like a bright person. I doubt that he randomly texts or sends photos.
    5. Most if not all of the above post can be attributed to a very lonely, lonely and self absorbed blogger. Take a guess who that would be?

  8. Hmmm who is Sharon says:

    “Sharon” who is cc’d in the email between Chaz and Bott, wouldnt happen to be Tamarc Talk’s Sharon Aron Barron could it? If so it would be more interesting that Olga Levine advertises on Tamarac Talk. Hmmm what in the name of Red Broward could be going on here.

  9. Please Make Timmy Stevens Go Away says:

    Please Timmy, go away. You have had your -5 minutes of fame. You have to constantly try to convince the rest of us that you are relevent by posting your very brief resume over and over again.
    You are not relevent. Rather, you are an occasional blip on the radar in Broward.
    Here is a tip:
    Move out of your Mom’s spare bedroom and get a job. Try to become something of yourself. Also, try to express yourself in something other that a constantly crude and low-class manner. Your writing is evidence that your education level can’t be higher than a GED.
    Please Timmy, just go away!

  10. A Friend of Happiness! says:

    I am disgusted with how many people will take advantage of individuals at their weakest points. Here are the facts:

    Bob Nichols took advantage of his client. Who knows! That may be plural.

    Susanna Bott is just looking for support and all she needs is for her voice to be heard.

    I praise her for actually saying something instead of enduring acts like these just to get what she needs out of it. Susanna, You should be proud.

    For all those in disbelief that Chaz Stevens broke this story first should know that he did.

    However, Chaz I must tell you because you were the 1st with a great article, other people want and are trying to copy your work.

    Susanna is telling and has told you all the truth. Your great article has induced others to follow your lead and now susanna’s phone will stop reading. She has done interviews with the same info. She just wants this to be over and a judge that is truly fit to take office.

    Chaz, there is know need to threaten when you know you have done a great job. You helped Susanna find her voice. As Her Friend, Do Not take it away now!

    I want to remind everyone that Our Plans dont always go The way we expected. Many times, everything planned is changed. However, the one plan that should never change is our integrity. No one should have to play the game to get the help they need.

    I hope everyone will look at susanna as the Victor rather than the Victim. In my eyes she is.

  11. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Like tell the entire story?

    I thought that was called reporting..

    By the way Gary, my Mom’s deceased…

  12. Get off your high horse Chaz says:


    Not to burst your bubble but Susanna Bott has been throwing her name on every blog in town for 6 months so you didn’t conceal her identity.

    Susanna has been pushing this story on to bloggers/news outlet all over town. Just happens that your were the one with such high journalistic ethics to write it.

    While it could never be proved I am left to wonder since the email was CC’d to “Sharon” if Tamarac Talk fed you the story because she wouldn’t write it. If, true it shows what high regard she has for your journalistic integrity.

    It certainly seems more than a coincidence that some of your recent stories about Red Broward and Nichols, would begin with a blog post from you then immediately be posted on the Tamarac Talk Facebook page. Of course I am sure no collusion was going on here, just mere coincidence.

    Then again, calling you a journalist is an insult to the profession. As the goal of an investigative reporter is to find the truth, not just as you said, share a common goal to;
    “The only reason I’m not going to write about this on my blog is because, at the moment, you and I are seeking the same goal – to keep Nichols from office.”

  13. From JAABblog says:

    Bob Nichols is severely lacking in integrity, honesty and many other important qualities necessary for a judge. He and his Tea Party did a smear job on Judge Rebollo in 2010 when Nichols ran against Rebollo. Fortunately, Judge Rebollo won.
    Nichols is a tea-bagger that has paid money to DEC member Terry Scott for Democratic support, paid Red Broward for thier support. He blasted an email personally soliciting campaign funds, a huge no-no. He has continually violated many Canon 7. I’m very surprised he hasn’t gotten a bar complaint. He’s a charlatan that has hoodwinked many people.
    I have no beef with Bob Nichols, other than this is not the kind of person Broward needs as a judge.
    Forget his infidelity, hell Bill Clinton did a good job. Bob Nichols is severely lacking in integrity, honesty and temperament.

  14. Tamarac Talk says:

    I published a blind item about this in August and turned over what I knew about the case to Chaz Stevens, a person who knows what to do about corruption.

    If I really cared about hurting Bob Nichols I would have written about it.

    This was way too sordid for me, I also did not want to ruin a mans life based on the hearsay of one person.

  15. Susanna Bott says:

    Thank you for the beautiful comment!

    You are right, this is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

    Chaz, I do appreciate you & thank you for being first to break the story. Let’s be peaceful with each other. 🙂


    Susanna Bott

  16. KellynKim says:

    Ms. Bott,
    Not to worry.Males with Asperger’s have issues with people universally. They are social retards. They possess no empathy, no compassion, and in this case are like a little fat boy screaming in the mioddle of the room, jumping up and down”Notice me! Notice me!”. Instead of anger, feel pity.

  17. Sam The Sham says:

    Susanna Bott claims to have a nude photo of Nichols that he sent to her from his smart phone. Susanna, produce the photo or shut the Hell up and go away.

    You have demonstrated that you are an unstable liar so produce some evidence if you want anybody to believe you.

  18. Buddy says:


    This is going nowhere. I have now closed the comments. Thanks for reading.