Eleanor Sobel Running For Hwd. Mayor




State Sen. Eleanor Sobel is running for Hollywood Mayor.

The 69-year-old Democrat filed her papers in Hollywood City Hall today.

Sobel, who is term limited out of Tallahassee next year, could be expected to win the job based on repeated polling figures over the years.  Tests of her popularity on surveys run in Hollywood have consistently shown Sobel is among the most popular politicians in Hollywood.

An earlier story on this is linked here. 

Here is Sobel’s announcement:


Eleanor Sobel Announces run for Hollywood Mayor

Today, State Senator Eleanor Sobel announced her intention to seek election as Hollywood’s next Mayor. The two-term Senator, former State House member, Broward School Board member and Hollywood City Commissioner brings well over 20 years experience to the race.

“My commitment to the people of Hollywood and my passion for serving them has only grown since I first began serving in public office. This is a great city — one of the best in America — and I want to be a leading part of Hollywood’s next great chapter,” said Sobel. “Hollywood needs a fighter, someone who cares passionately about our future and has the experience to make a difference for the people who call this city home…I believe I am that person,” she added.

As a state lawmaker, Sobel has championed sensible and effective beach renourishment for Hollywood beaches, won hard fought protections for frail seniors and has been named by the American Jewish Congress as “Woman of the Year.”

Sobel was born in Brooklyn, New York, was educated at Brooklyn College, and earned Masters Degrees from both City University of New York and Columbia University.

Eleanor Sobel


17 Responses to “Eleanor Sobel Running For Hwd. Mayor”

  1. Broward Voter says:

    Sobel is a wacko. Her mind is out to lunch. Looney. If she does for Hollywood what she did for the school board or the senate, the city might just collapse. The last thing Hollywood needs is a crazy old super liberal hippy.

  2. John Henry says:

    Well her options were to either play the ole’ Broward career politician musical chairs scam or get a real job in the private sector.

    Having a 20yr gap on practical job experience left her only option to be the latter.


    Another option is to retire. She is 69 years old. Her husband is a physician. I don’t really believe she needs a job, if finances are the only consideration.

  3. Talks like a politician says:

    Here we go again, another political hack that cannot stop feeding at the public trough.

    Where are all the competent, qualified young people? Oh, they must be working at real jobs.

  4. AS says:

    This is exciting news!

    Sen. Sobel has always been a champion Hollywood. She’s always been a leader for public education, child safety, our environment and senior issues!

    It’s good to see someone with her experience getting in the race!

  5. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Eleanor Sobel has helped turn a Democratic State into a bastion of Conservative Republicanism because tmy Monroe-Miami-Dade-Palm Beach Counties Democrats have become a real n contractors’ lobby hiding behind Gay Lesbian Black n Jewish Liberals how proclaim reform n open government then operate with. Sleaze that Frank I Am The Law Hague. James Michael Curley Mark Hanna or Boss Tweed wont dare.
    As for the American Jewish Committe hiving an award, its a paper group that has no operation in Broward County like the American Jewish Congress because outside of getting awards Jewish Elected Officials dont do dittle for the Jewish Community. Eleanor Sobel. Lois Frankel Nan Rich totally useless human beings.
    Rebecca Gratz, Peggy Guggenheim Gertrude Stein Princess Artil Gourielli (Helene Rubinstein for the yettas in Boca) Glueckel of Hameln must get heartburn looking at this group of sour latkes.

  6. Andrew Smith says:

    I guess if you have anything positive to say your you get deleted!

    Sobel has fought for democratic values for years and truly cares about the city of Hollywood.

    That is enough for me!

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    THis was no surprise. This is where Lauren Book you pay attention to. You make Sobel’ supporters your supporters. Get her doner list, court them, introduce yourself. Her supporters will get you elected. Forget about some of these comments people post. Also go to her meet/greets so people get to know you. Get her email list from the State etc. (#5 you are an embarrassment to the Jewish community)(yes….)

  8. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I am sick n tired of people saying elected officials in the US are fighting for democratic values when it turns out what they want are taxpayer funded jobs for lazy stupid unemployables with higher taxes on us in the private sector n more government regulation n intrusion into peoples lives.
    The sad fact is Eleanor Sobel has made zero contribution to improving government and simply pariots like lois frankel n ted deutsh the latest faddish crusade of the faux intellectuals in South Florida.
    Someone asked what educated young men are doing. My Jewish cousins – male n female who are the brightest are building up careers in law so that like Sheppard Broad DeHirsch Meyer or Leonard Abbess’ father they can own investment banks or real estate holdings.Unlike the current crop of life time Jewish elected officials, the Levys Wolfsons william Lehman Richard Stone had successful business careers which informed their public terms in office they did not use public office to define their lives or justify their existance.

  9. Snott VV Rothstein says:

    @5 & @7

    Spearing each other, and the winner is?

  10. Oh, No! says:

    I have known many elected officials, and Eleanor Sobel is the stupidest that I have ever dealt with!

  11. Also Attended says:

    I agree with #1. Sobel is a babbling baffoon with a political machine behind her. Speak to her for just 30 seconds about any subject and you instantly realize. She has more than just one screw loose. For the good of our community she really should retire. Enough damage has been done.

  12. dadto three says:

    Before you share an opinion, have a 5 minute conversation with the Senator about anything substantial she should be well versed in, then decide how clueless she is

  13. Child Care Worker says:

    Sobel is responsible for new laws in Florida that needlessly tear struggling families apart instead of helping them stay together safely simply to avoid bad press. Sobel pushed legislation that forces thousands of Florida’s children to be torn needlessly away from their mothers.

    They will grow up without parents, blaming themselves, developing attachment disorders and trust issues rendering them unable of forming normal relationships. That’s what tearing children from their mother does. The emotional pain a child endures defines them. Most can expect to live disfunctional lives of crime, addiction, homelessness and mental illness. Most will become shattered human beings. Sobel knew this and she put politics above it.

    Sobel traded human pain and suffering for avoidance of bad press for the state. That’s what we can expect from Eleanor Sobel. Worse there’s no additional funding to pay for these additional children who soon will have nowhere else to go.

    Thousands of Florida’s children are needlessly being pulled out of their homes every month because of Sobel’s new laws. More than ever before and with no place to put them. A crisis is inevitable.

    When the child protection system in Florida blows up please remember that the source of it all was Eleanor Sobel. Ask anyone in child services you wish. I dare you to get a different answer.

  14. Oh, No! says:

    #12 – I challenge you to have a 5 minute conversation with Eleanor Sobel and not fall asleep!

  15. Zowie says:

    Our towns need people with fresh ideas and the energy and dynamism to put them into practice. Let’s send the old horses out to pasture.

  16. Leo says:

    Sobel, Blattner, Asseff.. let’s add
    Mara to the mix and we’ll get a 2016 dog fight going here..!

    This should be fun to watch
    . a real knock down drag out fight in our home town Hollywood

  17. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I watched sleepy pleasant downtown Hollywood become an overpriced tacky over produced people hostile retail killing ghost town for out of town developers n investors n unemployable miami beach has beens just like what is happening in parts of ft lauderdale with some of the same characters