We Hear That….


John Howes is running for judge again.  Howes lost in 2008 in a race eventually won by Judge Merrilee Ehrlich.

Howes hasn’t opened a campaign account yet, so he can attend Democratic Party meetings.  He was at the May meeting of the Tamarac Democratic Club with Lottie Albert.

Albert, 93, has been a Broward Democratic fixture since 1973.  Once a powerhouse in Hawaiian Gardens in Lauderdale Lakes, she now lives in Sunrise Lakes condominiums.

She has been involved in more campaigns than I can remember, including her share of judicial races.  Just ask Circuit Judge Charlie Greene, who was helped by her.

Albert is beloved and respected by Democratic activists all over Broward.  Howes would be smart to bring her aboard any future campaign.


….Well-connected political friends of Judge Ilona Holmes are lobbying hard for her appointment as U. S. Attorney for Southern Florida.

It would be a return to the U. S. Attorney’s Office for Holmes, the Broward administrative judge for the  circuit court/criminal.  She worked there as a prosecutor from 1991-95 in both the criminal and civil divisions.    

Then in 1995 with a lot of help from then-Sheriff Ken Jenne, Holmes was appointed to the county court by Gov. Lawton Chiles.  Three years later, Chiles moved her to the circuit court.

In an interview with the Miami Herald right after taking the bench, Holmes said she “knew at age 7 I was going to be a lawyer. I never had any doubt.”

She attended Texas Southern University Law School and then worked as an assistant state attorney prosecuting career criminals and sex crimes in Dade County.

From the Dade State Attorney’s Office, she went to the U. S. Attorney and then the bench.

I personally like Holmes for her great sense of humor and her warmth.   I have no doubt she would make a terrific U. S. Attorney.

For Holmes, that might just be a stop on the road to something higher. 

In that 1995 interview with The Herald, she laid out just where she wants to cap her legal career: . “I see me on the U.S. Supreme Court one day,”


12 Responses to “We Hear That….”

  1. Judge Not says:

    Howes is a established lawyer, but would he make a good judge? We don’t know. He isn’t the biggest bat in the dugout.
    Holmes has been a lightweight on the bench. Is that what we need for U. S. Attorney?

  2. Sam's Fan says:

    Sam Fields for judge! At least he can think.

  3. Sam Field's Groupie says:

    I second that, Sam’s Fan! Hey, there are two of us, we should form a club – or a PAC.

  4. political observer says:

    The Code of Judicial Conduct defines “candidate” as a person seeking selection for judicial office by election or appointment. “A person becomes a candidate as soon as he or she makes a public announcement of candidacy”- regardless of opening a campagin account. So holding oneself out as a candidate makes that person a candidate pursuant to the code of ethical conduct for judges. Howes has been “campaigning” for his second run since last August when he lost his bid for election. Everyone knows that he is going to run again in 2010- we just don’t know against whom. He should not be going to democratic club meetings as a judicial candidate. Period.

    And with all do respect to the great lady, Lottie, Howes had her by his side 24/7 last campaign. He lost.

  5. Democrat says:

    Lottie Albert is respected. Howes, however, will need somebody younger, with energy and connections to the new young Democrats also. Otherwise this race will end up like the last.

  6. TAMARAC DEM says:

    Howes was a good candidate last year. He connected with a lot of voters who saw him as friendly and approachable. He also seems quite knowledgable on the law and the role of a judge. last time he was an unknown running against two much better known people and of them I don’t think the best one won.

  7. alert says:

    Frist I agree with Buddy,Lottie Albert has been a loyal true activist,longer then I could remember and even tho Mr Howe lost to merilee,Mr Howes appeared to be knowledgable,personable,witty and a good sense of humor,I believe he would be an asset to the bench as well as Lottie Albert helping in his campiagn,but Lottie Albert would be good for him on the democratic side,since he has to run county wide he needs somebody who could help him on the republican and independant side of his campiagn.GOOD LUCK YOU WOULD BE A GREAT JUDGE

  8. Hello!!!!!!!!!! says:

    The guy came in third… he apparently connected with no one. Ok, you could say Eichner with his political background was a challenge but to lose to Merilee, which means those he connected too thought she knew more about the law…ouch

  9. Mister Courthouse says:

    Sam Fields for judge!?!?!?!
    I can’t think of anybody who is less judicial and more opinionated than Sam Fields. What a great judge? If you were wearing a cross, he would rule against you!

  10. a-lert says:


  11. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Mr. Outhouse

  12. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Mr. Outhouse
    If I were elected judge–not likely since I would be 66 and will not run–I would be respectful of Christian traditions. For example I would revive the auto de fe, the rack, dunking stools. And in imposing the death penalty I would use lions