Watch Out, Bill Nelson & Other Political Tidbits


Chip LaMarca brought a political heavyweight with him to his swearing in as the only Republican county commissioner

Outgoing U. S. Sen. George LaMieux.

Chip LaMarca

The two are former Broward County Republican leaders.

LeMieux had another reason to show up.  He’s making sounds that he will campaign to go back to the Senate in 2012 and has already contacted potential local donors.

He would run against Democratic incumbent U. S. Sen. Bill Nelson

Do you remember Bill Nelson?  He’s the guy who shows up in Broward when he needs campaign moneyand no other time.

Democrats have been complaining for years about Nelson never being here. I guess the drive from his home on the Space Coast is too arduous.

Nelson should take a lesson from past elections, including the one just finished. 

He will win Broward in two years no matter what.  That’s not the point. He needs to excite local Ds and make sure they want to go to the polls.

Nelson needs a massive turnout of Ds to win statewide.  A subpar margin of victory in Broward has helped sink other Democrats like Alex Sink.

Granted, Barack Obama will be on the ballot in two years.  No one knows if that will be a good thing for Ds or a bad thing.

Bill Nelson and Friend

Nelson better stop taking Broward for granted.  He better start showing up here or get used to a new title: Retired.


LaMarca might be Republican, but he vowed he won’t be an obstructionist to the eight Democrats. 

He pledged to work with them and emphasized his goals of economic development and jobs.


The word of the day at the County Commission was jobs.

Creating new jobs was the common theme running through Tuesday’s speeches by the commissioners who took office.

I fear that commissioners are setting up an excuse to approve every wild and crazy scheme floated by developers. 


Dale Holness was sworn in by veteran black leader Art Kennedy, a former teachers union leader and teacher.

Dale Holness

“He actually taught me to drive a car in high school, Holness quipped.


Kristin Jacobs gave one of the sweetest tributes to her husband Stuart Jacobs I’ve heard at the county commission.

Kristn Jacobs

Kristin said Stuart’s tireless devotion allowed her the freedom to be a commissioner.

“After 20 years of marriage, he still kisses me awake every morning, Jacobs gushed. 


Sue Gunzburger thanked a former judge and a former cop for helping get her elected: Retired County Judge Jay Spechler and one-time Broward Sheriff’s Office undercover wizard Ron Cacciatore, who now cracks down on tax fraud for Property Appraiser Lori Parrish.

5 Responses to “Watch Out, Bill Nelson & Other Political Tidbits”

  1. The Perv says:

    I would like to wake Jacobs up with kisses. She is the best looking thing up there. Stuart is a lucky man.

  2. Senator John Blutarsky says:

    @ The Perv: I couldn’t agree with you more (as long as she doesn’t talk – every time she does it costs Broward taxpayers another 10 mils).

  3. hmmmmmm... says:

    hey buddy, no mention of how the new mayor thanked regular Broward Beat contributor Sam Fields for his assistance on her campaign?

    FROM BUDDY: Wrong. I mentioned it as it happened in the previous post on Gunzburger becoming mayor.

  4. Captain Jack says:

    Bill Nelson has done nothing in Washington. I can’t think of one reason to re-elect him.

  5. Floridan says:

    “LaMarca might be Republican, but he vowed he won’t be an obstructionist to the eight Democrats.”

    Now, what kind of Republican is that?