Wasserman-Schultz Disliked By Many, But Should Win Easily



U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz doesn’t play in Peoria. And she is not that popular in much of Florida, either.


She’s an outspoken woman (Debbie haters would call her pushy).

She’s ethnic (Jewish in this case), not White Anglo Saxon like our forefathers – the Real Americans.

She supports all those liberal causes which excite the Democratic base.

Such as a woman’s right to choose and gay rights. Such as Obamacare.

Wasserman Schultz is against the privatization of Social Security and Medicare, a GOP touchstone.

And worst of all, she even supports President Barack Obama.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

She is everything the nation between the two coasts loves to hate about Democrats.

And you don’t even have to go that far. Apparently there is a lot of folks in Jacksonville, St. Cloud or Two Eggs who don’t like her, either.

A statewide poll in late September put her unfavorables at 27 percent  and her favorables at 22 percent.

That doesn’t mean she won’t be re-elected.

Her South Broward and eastern Miami Dade House district 23 is stacked in her favor – 196,853 Democrats to 106,190 Republicans as of July 16.

There are 105,848 independents, but her Republican opponent Karen Harrington would have to get almost every one to win. Or pick off some Democratic votes while holding on to every Republican.

Karen Harrington

I don’t think that’s about to happen.  Harrington, in my opinion, has as much popular appeal Yiddish Theater in Birmingham.

Her positions are not attractive to most Democrats and many independents, plus some Republicans:

  • Abortion. Harrington opposes abortion in “all cases except in instances when the life of the mother is legitimately endangered” and makes no exception  on her campaign website for women who were raped.
  • Gun control. She opposes any and all gun control.
  • Energy. She wants to open up the coast for more drilling. She doesn’t say whether that will include the Florida coast. I can’t believe that is a popular position in a beachfront district.
  • Immigration. She wants to restrict the number of legal immigrants and foreign workers, plus throw out any child born in the U. S.  to illegal immigrant parents.
  • The Budget. Harrington opposes any cuts in the defense and no new taxes for anybody, but still vows to balance the budget.  Can’t be done.  As the president says, do the math.
  • Gays. She’s against gay marriage and gay rights.

I don’t believe positions like these will propel Harrington into the U. S. House from a Democratic district in Southeast Florida.  Almost every other pundit agrees with me and have already called the race for Wasserman-Schultz.

Thus, it is getting almost no attention.

So Harrington has resorted to stunts to try and get free media.

Late last month, she sent Wasserman Schultz a birthday cake decorated with a wish that they debate soon.  She crashed the Broward Democratic Party meeting with a videographer in two and, according to Ds, tried provoke a reaction.

But Harrington will need more than publicity tricks to win.

The numbers say Harrington will need South Florida Democrats and independents to abandon Wasserman-Schultz.  She will need to soften her positions to appeal to more voters.

Neither of those are going to happen.

So despite her unpopularity in much of the Unites States, Wasserman-Schultz will almost surely be re-elected.


20 Responses to “Wasserman-Schultz Disliked By Many, But Should Win Easily”

  1. Real Deal says:

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz has always been about doing what she wants not what her constituents need of her. She is much more than pushy. She is arrogant and dismissive, people are seeing that in her. There are strengths worth mentioning also but annoyingly nobody else’s opinion matters when in her presence. People see that and are turned off by it. We are also seeing how she stabs people behind the scenes. It is a gift she has but word is out there.

    If her effectiveness was measured by what she brought back to her congressional district, she becomes even less impressive. She would be wise to speak less and listen more. She is losing touch in a community with rapidly changing demographics.

    All that said her opponent has no capacity to do even that. She is a dud.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    You forgot to mention that she is Obamas lapdog with a very mean streak. She never pretends to be feminine or civil. I don’t agree that she will slide in to office but may just squeak by which will be difficult for her in any manner.

    It’s time for a huge change in Washington starting with WS and you did not pretend to be fair in this report I.e. no bullet points for WS? It’s difficult to remain an unbiased reporter I guess…

  3. Mike Rogers says:

    You might be surprised Buddy. A lot of Dems hate DWS too! I’m not a Harrington fan, but I will vote for her to help fire Debbie. BTW, Karen is not opposed to gay rights, but is to gay marriage. I researched her. She is a lifelong Dem, turned Ind., turned Rep. She ran 2 years ago vs. Debbie and got in the 40%s. If Ind. lean hard Rep. this time, and she scores all the Reps., and some of those Dem haters I mentioned, she will win. The district was redrawn this year and the Dem advantage within it dropped by 7 points.

    You are a nice guy Buddy, but wrong sooooo often on politics, like Lamberti not getting elected four yrs ago, qualifying by petitions this yr, and others, that you probably should have been a weatherman instead!


    You are right. I should have been a weather forecaster and I could have worked with yesterday’s version of Channel 7s Julie Durda or Vivian Gonzalez.

    I am wrong a fair share of the time. So are other so-called political experts. After all, in every big election there is a team of well paid political operatives working for the loser.

    I believe you are wrong about Lamberti. Here are some of my old stories and headlines:

    Why Lamberti Has A Good Chance: Obama Fan Backs The Sheriff in East Broward
    Saturday, November 1st, 2008

    GOP Polls Agree With Browardbeat.com: Lamberti Ahead
    Thursday, October 30th, 2008

    If you would have said Ilene Lieberman, I plead guilty (something she never did). I, along with every so-called expert I know, believed she would win her race for judge. She got trounced.

    The voters always have the potential of surprising any pundit like me.

    Thanks for your contribution.

  4. Ledbetter says:

    It’s always a problem to elect a conservative in a district with a huge liberal base. You correctly point out that Dems out-number Reps. But rather than concede the race based on the apparently true, rather, why not consider the obvious. Among the Dems there is a considerable and intelligent group of conservatives who will jump at the chance of voting for someone with matching morality and a similar summation of reality.

    So, why is it that DWS is so unpopular in Kissimmee and Palatka? I believe it is because, she has an unmistakable proclivity to embarrass herself, all Dems, and her constituents by supporting ideas and spouting facts from an alternate universe (according to Anderson Cooper), as if they were part of our reality. Perhaps it is simply a problem of proper framing of the discussion, but frameworks get lost in the repetition of sound bites. She knows that.

    If she is re-elected, it will be an embarrassment to us all, despite her appeal as a youthful, beautiful, intelligent, Jewish woman and for that I am deeply dismayed. I am consoled by the idea that there is an Esther still out there, yet to be discovered. DWS is a party hack, nothing more. We should dump her. South Florida will be no worse off for the decision.

  5. christine says:

    I used to like DWS and I am a conservative Republican. I didn’t care toio much for her take on a lot of issues; but I perceived her as smart, concerned ,and was touched b yher outreach door to door distributing water and food after one of the hurricanes to senior citizens. But she has become inceasingly argumentative and polarizing. Her exchange with Anderson Cooper clearly illustrated how drunk she is on the kool aid. At this point, she is no longer credible. Nor viable. Vote her out.

  6. Tamarac Talk says:

    Drill Karen Drill!

    Over my dead body.

    Harrington is seriously out of touch with her potential constituants. If she was a moderate Republican, she may have a shot. Well, probably not either…you see, everyone loves to hate Debbie Wasserman Schultz. That is, everyone outside of her district.

    Here are the facts. The Dems in her district, such as myself, LOVE, LOVE LOVE DWS.

    Especially women. She will protect our rights, protect Obamacare and not drill off our coasts. So who gives a darn how the rest of this state feels about her. What matters is her district and they will be reelected her once more in November.

  7. Nunz says:

    Say what you want about DWS but I am not sure how anyone with a vagina can support Karen Harrington and her willingness to set back freedom of choice for women.

  8. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> not sure how anyone with a vagina can support Karen Harrington

    I suppose you are referring to Bob Norman?

  9. Debbie! says:

    There are stories on MSNBC that much of the Democratic hierarchy dislikes her also. The people in Chicago dismissed her as a campaign companion for Obama. She has little influence on the campaign trail and will be replaced once Obama is re-elected or not.


  10. christine says:

    A woman has a choice Nunz. She can always use contraception as opposed to murder for birth c0ontrol.

  11. TDD says:

    I always laugh when people from other parts of the country find out who my Congresswoman is and then ask if there’s a chance she’ll lose.

    As much as I can’t stand her persona or views, evidence suggests she’s a devoted wife and mother and she’s plenty hard working for her party. There’s a strange sense of pride being represented by someone so infamous.

  12. john cleese says:

    I am voting for karen because we both love spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam…

  13. Close Associate says:

    Devoted wife and mother? That’s a joke. Her personal life would make Bill Clinton blush.

  14. modeengunch says:

    I say let her be a wife and mother.

  15. Politically Incorrect says:

    DWS supports a woman to “choose” what?

  16. TDD says:

    I apparently stand corrected.

  17. Floridan says:

    All these people objecting to DWS’s strident tone are probably all in for Allen West (who makes DWS seem like the Singing Nun by comparison).

    I wonder what “Close Associate” is using as his (or her) source for this allegation.

  18. s only says:

    Must be the scared MALES making these ridiculous comments about Debbie WS. Can’t stand the sight of a strong intelligent woman because it reflects poorly on them? Watch out guys—better be nice to females because one day we will be in charge. And I would definitely vote for DWS.

  19. Antarctictoothfish says:

    Delusional Debbie will never be Speaker of the US House, there never will be a US Senator Wasserman-Schultz, there will never will be a Governor of Florida Wasserman-Schultz.
    Yes, there still are enough mouth breathing condo Jew Yorkers to get her elected one or two more times, but her act is old and worn out, even democraps want to move on.

  20. TDD says:

    Some of us love strong, intelligent women so much we marry them. Her gender has nothing to do with anything.

    And about my previous comment about how hard she works for her party…oops:

    The DNC ran out of money on her watch.