Wasserman-Rubin Overcomes Commons Vote


Last December County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin earned the ire of Weston city hall after voting to permit The Davie Commons.

Not only did she vote for it, but she was the swing vote to keep the project alive.  There was talk that her support of The Commons would kill her 2010 re-election.

diana wasserman-rubinWasserman-Rubin

Nine months later, it’s a new day.


Her vote nine months ago sent the proposal to state regulators for review.  If she had opposed it, the project might have died.

Especially annoying to Commons critics is that she cast her vote just hours after lunching with Commons lobbyist Ron Book.

Weston commissioners seethed.

 The Weston commission had spent $100s of thousands—maybe in the millions—on lobbyists to fight against the project they feared would clog Weston streets with traffic.

Now three members of the Weston City Commission a majority– have kissed and made up with her. 

Commissioners Murray Chermack, Dan Stermer and Mercedes Henricksson were on the host committee of her re-election fund raiser this week.

Mayor Eric Hersh, who was Wasserman-Rubin’s most vocal critic, was missing from the host committee. 

No surprise.  Hersh even made noise about running against Wasserman-Rubin, but never followed through.

This split between Hersh and the three commissioners might have more to say about Weston politics than it says about The Commons. Some commissioners have been distancing themselves from the mayor recently.

The 150-acre Davie Commons shops, office and hotel project is planned for Davie east of Interstate 75 near Royal Palm Boulevard.

It is highly unlikely the project will go ahead anytime soon even if it gets all the state, county and Town of Davie approvals, due to the economic downturn.

8 Responses to “Wasserman-Rubin Overcomes Commons Vote”

  1. Davie Dave says:

    Wasserman Rubin has so much else wrong with her, these Weston politicians won’t save her. Can you spell E-T-H-I-C-A-L P-R-O-B-L-E-M-S? The voters can.

  2. The Observer says:

    Angelo Castillo wants this seat. Hecould push this sick corrupt woman out of the way with a feather. Even if Angelo doesn’t run, another decent candidate could beat her easily. She is toast.

  3. ALERT says:

    what happened with mayor hersh?His pal Al Lamberti would not endorse him along with his council members

  4. She's Wrong says:

    It’s time to retire, Diana. Nobody wants you anymore. Joe Gibbons or Angelo Castillo.

  5. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Take a look at how much money she has taken in…the next reporting is the end of this month….so I don’t think anybody could step in and beat her, she is well liked by many many people…of course there are always the negative naysayers like those who wrote above. You Go Diana!!!!!

  6. Beth Is Right And Wrong says:

    Beth The Boundy Hunter is right and wrong. Diana Wasserman Rubin will have plenty of money from the special interests who want to keep her in office, however, that may not be enough to keep her in office. Everybody says she is too sick to make the race if the race gets tough.

  7. Diana is great says:

    First of all – Diana is great and deserves a glowing endorsement from everyone. However, not in spite of the endorsement of The Commons, but because of it. Diana listened to her constiuents and voted accordingly. We need more officials just like Diana!!!

  8. Kindatrue says:

    The Commons project was not approved by the State oversight board–because there were too many traffic and land use problems. At the moment it’s dead, but that could change. Weston didn’t give a care about traffic–in fact they said if they could share in the “revenue” from the project with Davie—they would approve the project. Your facts are really–well–facts Buddy.