Waldman: I Won’t Run For City Commission




Former State Rep. Jim Waldman has decided not to run for a seat on the Coconut Creek City Commission.

Waldman instead will concentrate on his job as Keiser University’s general counsel and campaigning for a state Senate seat which opens in 2016.

Browardbeat.com revealed on Dec. 2 that Waldman was considering a return to where his political career began, the city commission.

I will let him explain his reasoning:



Dear Buddy,

Recently, you published an article about the possibility that I would run for the Coconut Creek City Commission while I also pursue a state senate seat. I was truly flattered by all of the calls I received from long time Coconut Creek residents urging me to seek and serve out the remainder of the now vacant city seat and I appreciate the confidence so many have shown in my work ethic, sound judgment and my ability to contribute to forming public policy. I owed it to those constituents to explore the idea; however I knew I would be doing a disservice to my neighbors to serve in a position if I could not devote to it the time it requires.

I have a significant understanding of the major issues facing Coconut Creek (renegotiation of the Seminole Compact; the Wheelabrator/Landfill controversy; the final development plans for Main Street, etc.), but after careful thought, realize that the time demands of my professional responsibilities as the general counsel to Keiser University and the rigorous schedule of my state Senate campaign do not provide me with enough time to also take on the responsibilities of serving the city and doing it well.

It has truly been an honor to represent the citizens of Coconut Creek as a city commissioner, mayor and state representative. During my time on the Coconut Creek City Commission, I had the opportunity to negotiate the compact between Coconut Creek and the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Over the years, the agreement has brought millions of dollars into the city’s general revenue fund and has reduced pressure for additional taxes. It has also provided funds to build parks, repair roads and infrastructure, pay for school resource officers and much more. I also helped to shape the city’s master plan and establish a quality of life that other municipalities strive to achieve. I am very proud of what I accomplished as a member of the city commission.

For the past eight years while in Tallahassee, I have also accomplished much for the district and the State of Florida. Against the odds, I am most proud that we passed the cigarette tax bill which I filed and sponsored. The bill increased the cigarette tax by $1 per pack and that increase has led to a significant reduction in teen smoking (as reported in last Saturday’s Sun-Sentinel) and has generated billions of dollars for the State of Florida.

Nearly a year ago, I announced that I am campaigning to represent state Senate district 29 which Senator Jeremy Ring will be leaving in 2016. That remains my focus and will require a great deal of my time and energy outside of my professional responsibilities. I am overwhelmed by the commitments of support I have already received.

I would like to see someone new become a part of the Democratic farm team and step up to serve in Coconut Creek. Some have speculated on the blogs that I would do this just to be in office to enhance my chances of winning the senate election in 2016 but that is not my style and is both disingenuous and disrespectful to the voters.

In the very near future I will share with you and my neighbors which candidate I believe can best dedicate him or herself to the needs of Coconut Creek; has the work ethic to learn the job and the issues; and help to secure and expand the quality of life in Coconut Creek.

Very truly yours,

Jim Waldman

9 Responses to “Waldman: I Won’t Run For City Commission”

  1. Winston park says:

    Jim Waldman has always been an active and helpful elected Offical for Coconut Creek for many years.

    I would urge Jim to meet with and talk to Josh Rydell. He is an active young resident with a family. I met Josh at a few different events in which he has been campaigning for the Coconut Creek open seat. At these events, after hearing him speak I agreed to help him in his campaign. He impressed me and I believe he could ensure the continuing future of our city.

  2. Observer says:

    Isn’t the Senate run going to be against heavy hitting litigator Gary Farmer, Jr.?


    Farmer is one potential candidate.

  3. The Guess Who says:

    Well, Jim already lost Stacy Ritter’s endorsement. Good job there.

    Everyone knows Skip will run. That puts three men in the race. If Kristin Jacobs runs, she will WALK into the seat.

    Amy Rose and her crew are set to abandon Skip, leaving him with no real consultants. Farmer has hired the Tally morons. And Jim has Dave Brown. A woman with the best consultant in the County in a race with three men with clowns running their campaigns? It won’t even be close. (Plus, Kristin will get Stacy’s endorsement along with Scott Israel, Richard Stark, and just about everyone else of substance in the district.)

    Now, who will run for Kristin’s vacant state house seat? You’ll never Guess Who.

  4. Creek Resident says:

    As one of the Coconut Creekers who urged Jim Waldman to fill out Lisa Aronson’s commission term, which she won after Jim Waldman was elected to the Florida House, I understand Jim’s decision but I wish it were otherwise. Jim has been a truly fine representative. Always honest and hardworking with a sound vision for a better future. I will support him to be our next State Senator and I will support the candidate he thinks will do the best job as our next City Commissioner.
    Thanks Jim for all your work on our behalf.

  5. They Know says:

    @Winston Park

    Don’t think Waldman will be endorsing Mr. Rudely. Josh burned his bridges at Wynmoor. iIf Waldman is as smart as I believe him to be, he’ll decline to endorse anyone in this race.

    Mr. Rydell heavily supported former
    Commissioner Aronson in the County Commission race with a $1000 donation to her failed campaign bid and handed out Lisa Aronson’s palm cards on Election Day at your precinct.

    Think those “Supervoters” at Wynmoor will support and vote for Commissioner Aronson’s Protégé? A quick reminder:
    Precinct F005– Wynmoor
    Aronson – 202
    Bogen – 711

    Time to Break out the Chapstick!! Winter-Spring Campaign Season has begun!

  6. Frayed Knot says:

    Too bad. I was looking forward to having the opportunity to vote against him before 2016.

  7. Dan says:

    Quite the self serving press release

    I bet whoever he endorses will do whatever he wants

  8. forget about it says:

    Consider the fact that Steve Harris who is on the planning and zoning board for Coconut Creek just recently voted in favor of Waldman’s application for a zoning variance for his own personal property from residential to multi family. Now it is time for Waldman to return the favor. It is my opinion that Steve Harris will get Waldman’s endorsement. But it will not be enough. Voters in Coconut Creek don’t like or trust Steve Harris.

  9. Afraid of Waste Management says:

    Stacy Ritter will not be endorsing Jim Waldman because he is helping residents fight Waste Management and her Broward County Agenda Item that allows Waste Management to close the North Waste to Energy plant which will allow hundreds of thousands of tons of smelly garbage to be disposed of in the landfill in northern Broward County. Wynmoor will make sure that any elected official that supports Waste Management in this closure will never be elected again. Waste Management manipulates residents and supports candidates for the sole purpose of profit at the expense of the residents of Broward County and their quality of life. Kristen is against the closure, too; so Stacy Ritter won’t be supporting her either.