Voters Say No To Moore Development


The downtown Fort Lauderdale crowd must be crying in their chocolate martinis today.
Slow growth advocate County Commissioner John Rodstrom on Tuesday beat the darling of the development industry, Carlton Moore. Moore is a pro-developer Fort Lauderdale Commissioner.
If Moore had won, there would have been one more vote for big buildings once the economy turned around.
Moore might have won if Robert McKinzie, another well-known face in the black community, stayed out of the race.  Moore and McKinzie pulled over 1,400 more votes than Rodstrom.
Davie Council member Bryan Caletka, who had health care workers in the Service Employees International Union Local 1991 campaigning for him, came in fourth.
Caletka – Who may or may not have gotten advice from former County Commissioner Scott Cowan.  There are mixed reports about this – he could return to the Davie Commission after his term is up in November. 

3 Responses to “Voters Say No To Moore Development”

  1. anonymous says:

    Oh Buddy

    JUst burns your ass to say Judy Stern still runs the show in this town. This and Israel shows she is the top guy around here.

    Judy Stern is one of the more effective campaign managers in Broward County. However, I think campaign managers get too much credit.
    Why don’t we talk about some of the races Stern lost, like County Commissioner Jim Scott?
    It is the candidate who either wins or loses a race. Israel had a name and a strong law enforcement record which propelled him over the top. Handing out flags of Israel at the condo polling places didn’t hurt either, which could have been Stern’s contribution.
    In the end, my friend, nobody run this county except the voters.

  2. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    First of all I didn’t realize I was in John Rodstroms area until I received a nasty campaign flyer against Caletka and then nasty about Moore, both sent out by John and it was only for that reason that I voted against Rodstrom. You are correct the McKenzie/Moore kept one of them from taking Rodstrom. so it’s business as usual.

  3. anon says:


    Jim Scott lost because
    a)He didnt walk and was a lazy campaigner.

    b) A little bit of a DEM wave, remember that, you know the one that washed Clay Shaw away.

    Judy is only as good as the candidate she consults. You are right, if they dont work they dont win.