Video: Shaq Endorses Sheriff Israel’s Re-Election




Sheriff Scott Israel’s re-election got a big endorsement on Friday — 7 feet 1 inches.

NBA legend Shaquille O’ Neal has endorsed Israel because he “brought crime rates down.”

“I care about safe streets,” O’Neal said.

Israel, a Democrat, is running for re-election to a second term in 2016.

O’Neal called a few days ago and asked Israel what he could do to help. ┬áThe results is the video below.

Although O’Neal doesn’t live in Broward County, he has family in South Florida and is frequently in the area, according to an Israel campaign source. ┬áThe sheriff and O’Neal bonded over a love of sports.

O’Neal made warm remarks about Israel a year ago during a broadcast of basketball, as pointed out to me by @redbroward. That is here.

Here is the endorsement video:


4 Responses to “Video: Shaq Endorses Sheriff Israel’s Re-Election”

  1. Lt Dangle says:

    Shaq just wants the inside scoop on $1500.00 all inclusive per week yacht rentals, for a family of five (5). Living large.

  2. Stuart says:

    Nevins scoops Sun-Sentinel on political news … again
    #energizerbunnyofbrowardpolitical reporters

  3. Dead Norm Abromowitz says:

    Alls I gotta say is at least Shaq O’Neal was alive when he made his endorsement unlike dat jerk Granteed who lied about Joe DiMaggio endorsing him. I mean like what kinda horse’s ass would do a ting like dat? Claim to have a dead guyz endorsement? If dat don’t take the asshat prize Idonno know wat does.

  4. Joke says:

    This endorsement is a joke. Is that the best endorsement a sitting sheriff can get is someone that doesn’t even vote or live in the county. Said had nobody endorsing him with any credibility. He is a joke, this endorsement is a joke and him getting re elected is a joke.