Video: Panther Release At Bergeron’s Ranch






Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation rangers released a two-year-old female panther on entrepreneur Ron Bergeron’s 7,000-acre Hendry County preserve on Monday.

The panther had been hit by a car and rehabilitated in an animal hospital in North Florida.  The kitten had a broken leg, rib fractures and bruising around her lungs.

Attorney General Pam Bondi, who’s running for re-election, showed up for the release.

That’s Bondi on the right and Bergeron on the left.


When released, the cat had a radio collar on.  Rangers monitoring the device said that the panther hunkered down in the woods near the release site and predicted it would stay their until nightfall, when it would hunt.

Bergeron’s property has varied wildlife, including wild deer and hogs, for the panther to eat.

What you don’t see in the still photo is Bergeron’s friend, country musician John Anderson, who warbled his hit “Seminole Wind” as the panther ran off into the woods. Check out the video here:






5 Responses to “Video: Panther Release At Bergeron’s Ranch”

  1. modeengunch says:

    I love “Seminole Wind” and Apopka’s own John Anderson. And I believe it’s Hendry County, Buddy.

    FROM BUDDY: Indeed it is Hendry County. Home of La Belle and Clewiston. Only a few miles from Broward, but truly rural.

  2. John Anderson Is The Man says:

    John Anderson is great in this video. His voice is pure country.

  3. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Thanks for letting us know which is Bergeron and which is Bondi. Otherwise we might have gotten them confused. Just kidding, Buddy. I get it.

  4. tell the truth says:

    Nice to read good stuff from locals
    Good luck to the panther and
    Thank You Buddy!

  5. Abolish the BOCC says:

    It is amazing what drug money has done for so many people.