Vice Mayor Rescues Drowning Victim


You might think a lot of politicians are all wet.

Jerome “Jerry McIntee, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea vice mayor, actually was all wet last weekend.

McIntee apparently ran into the ocean to save a near drowning victim.

The vice mayor doubles as a volunteer fire fighter in the tiny beachfront community. His picture on the town website shows him wearing a fire helmet.

His good deed kicked up a storm in the tiny town’s political community, where neighbors have been squabbling about the fire service for years.

This month, the town dumped a professional fire department in favor of a new batch of volunteers.

According to town blogger Barbara Cole, volunteer McIntee’s rescue was far from perfect.  Cole prints three different versions she heard of the incident.

All the versions agree, she wrote, that McIntee was so out of breath he needed to be treated on the scene.



One Response to “Vice Mayor Rescues Drowning Victim”

  1. tony the tiger says:

    Glug Glug.

    They should drown the whole commission from what I have read about those clowns.