Veteran Broward Lobbyists Join Anti-Crime Firm



The company that markets SmartWater — a clear liquid that can be used to mark property and prevent theft — now has a pair of veteran Broward political operatives working for it.

Bob Butterworth, the former Attorney General  and Broward Sheriff who lives in Hollywood, is a consultant for the British company’s Fort Lauderdale-based American subsidiary.

Bob Butterworth

Jack Cory, a lobbyist who got his start in Broward and who still represents Broward clients in Tallahassee, will handle lobbying the Legislature. The other lobbyists helping with state lawmakers are Cory’s wife Keyna Cory and Erin Daly.

Fort Lauderdale recently announced a partnership with Smart Water to fight property crimes in the South Middle River neighborhood.

According to a news releasing announcing Butterworth’s recent hiring, SmartWater is “non-hazardous liquid is virtually impossible to remove, unlike microdots, and leaves a long-lasting identifying mark that is invisible except under ultraviolet black light. Law enforcement officials can take the smallest micro-fragment of SmartWater from stolen property and send it to SmartWater’s forensic laboratories, where it can be scientifically analyzed to identify the owner.”

Logan Pierson, President of SmartWater CSI, is quoted in the news release as stating that “Bob Butterworth’s wealth of law enforcement knowledge and judicial experience will be an invaluable resource to us as we introduce SmartWater to law enforcement agencies across the U.S. He knows first-hand what it takes to stop criminals.”

Butterworth, who is also a former Broward judge and sheriff from 1979-82, said in the news release, “In all of my years in law enforcement and the judicial system, I have never seen a technology that has such a demonstrated impact on deterring residential and commercial property crime, including metal theft, as SmartWater.”

(Personal disclosure: I worked for Jack Cory’s lobbying firm, then located in Lauderdale Lakes, on a range of clients in the 1970s between stints in journalism.)


Jack Cory watches a client make a presentation

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  1. Gabe Toney says:

    It is sad that Broward has influential lobbyists and not legislators.