Vacationing Commissioners Ignore Uber Departure





Uber is leaving Broward County and what is the Broward County Commission doing about it:


Commissioners are in the middle of their June 25 through August 11 summer vacation.

(Of course, Commissioners will only be back at work for less than a month in August because they have cancelled four of the seven meetings in September, too.  They take another three weeks off at the end of the year. Nice job for more than $100k a year!)

Only Commissioner Marty Kiar seems bothered that the popular ride sharing service is being chased out of Broward by the Commission’s over-regulation.

Kiar wrote this e-mail to County Attorney Joni Coffey today:


Dear Ms. Coffey,

I wanted to reiterate our conversation as of yesterday. Although the Commission voted 7-2 to authorize you to take legal action against Uber and other ride sharing companies as you deem necessary, I believe it is not in Broward County’s best interest for you to take legal action at this time, especially when the County Commission is on summer recess and cannot publicly debate said action. Broward County and Uber and other ride sharing companies are working together to iron out the last few remaining issues of concern. If Broward County files a legal action against any of those companies, then it will make it very difficult for all interested parties to come to a successful resolution. I am hopeful that a final resolution will be achieved that will give Uber, Lyft, other ride sharing companies and the taxi cab industry the opportunity to be successful in Broward County. Our residents win when they have a variety of transportation options. As a result, I am respectfully requesting that you consider not filing any legal action against any ride sharing company until after the County Commission has had the opportunity to debate this matter at its August meeting.


Marty Kiar

Kiar joins a chorus of complaints about the Commission forcing Uber out.

Political consultant Mike Ahearn wrote on Facebook:

“Thank you Broward County Commission. Great Job. Viva overpriced cab fare in dirty old crown victorias which many times the ‘ac is broken’”

Dan Lindblade, CEO of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamer of Commerce, wrote this about Uber:

“Our guests expect this type of solution to an otherwise mediocre traditional cab system.”


One reason commissioners have thrown unnecessary road blocks in the way of Uber. Campaign contributions.

For years, commissioners have been showered with contributions from Jesse Gaddis, his bevy of taxi and limousine companies and his paid lobbying flunkies. That could be why for years Gaddis and his companies have had a near monopoly on taxis.

And for years, customers have complained. Not all, but enough customers have complained, especially in a tourist town.

No air. Drivers unsanitary. Drivers can’t speak English. Vehicles dirty.

Giving tourists and residents a choice when they are looking for transportation should be the job of County Commissioners.

But, of course, there are all those campaign contributions.  And a decided lack of vision on the part of commissioners.

A Sun-Sentinel editorial summed up the situation this way:

“This isn’t about Uber leaving Broward. This is about Broward chasing Uber away.

“No matter the frustration, Broward commissioners should listen to their constituents and revisit these regulations.

“Consumers have spoken. They want options in the transportation marketplace. And they want their Uber app to work for them, and everyone.”

But I’ll leave the last word to Eric Hersh, former mayor of Weston now living in Fort Lauderdale.  He wrote

I can’t believe that Uber is about to leave Broward, and the County Commissioners are on VACATION!!!  Over 75,000 petitions signatures, and I know they are flooded with emails, yet, they are still on vacation.

I’ve emailed Mayor (Tim) Ryan several times, no response.  It’s time to call the commission back into session, and work this out.

Thousands of drivers are about to become un-employed, tourists and residents alike will be without a hugely popular service.  

How out of touch are these County Commissioners?






31 Responses to “Vacationing Commissioners Ignore Uber Departure”

  1. Not totally true says:

    Buddy, I would think you’d be better than this. You know that Uber announced they were pulling out AFTER the commission meeting and after the break started. You also have to know that Uber missed meetings, ignored deadlines and basically told the county it would do whatever Uber wanted. They would not compromise and never came to the table. This is not the fault of the county but the onus is on Uber.

    BTW, you dont really think they are pulling out, do you? It’s a threat, just like they’ve done all along. Uber riders, like myself, would never have been notified to contact the commissioners if they were really planning to leave. Scare tactics from the schoolyard bully.

  2. Old Timer says:

    It is unfortunate that Mr. Gaddis has not kept his taxi fleet up to world class standards. If a taxi ride in Broward was an outstanding experience, exceeding expectations, there would be no need for Uber.

    Uber is a concept whose time has come, and the county commission should recognize that we are in the 21st century … and living in an upcoming area of technology innovation.

    It’s time to side with the people.

    BTW … where are the voices of Uber opposition? The silence is deafening.

  3. phony USCIS agent says:

    Monsieur Buddy,

    The reason the Broward County Commissioners voted down the Uber deal is because the currency for the campaign contribution payment they received was the “drachma”.

    Is it true that ICE Agents will be conduction random traffic checks at the Hollywood Airport on Yellow Cabs and drivers to ensure both are properly documented?

  4. Talks like a politician says:

    Tim Ryan is on vacation even when the Commission is in session. He is notorious for not responding to constituents. A very laid back kinda guy.

  5. Poor Little $50 Billion Company says:

    I can’t believe that Broward County is beating up this poor little company (valued at $50 Billion.)

    Uber has had to go so far as to hire Mike Moskowitz to continue lobbying the County during this difficult time. Before, poor little Uber (valued at $50 Billion) only had the ability to email everyone in each Commission District who has ever used the app, then sent direct mailers campaign style to residents ahead of each vote.

    Then the Big Bad County has the audacity to demand that this little company meet Florida’s insurance requurements? The nerve! Then they want the drivers to have a Licensed Mechanic inspect the car before they can start using it in a commercial enterprise? Is this Nazi Germany!?

    But if that’s not bad enough, the County wants the drivers for this poor little company (Valued at $50 Billion) to have its drivers fingerprinted.

    Fingerprinted? I cannot fathom why the County would want people driving tourists and drunk people to be checked against a national criminal registry? What ever happened to free enterprise? What happened to the days when you could just trust that someone operating a commercial vehicle didn’t have any outstanding warrants in another state? Buddy, what happened to America?

    Please save Uber. They only have billions of dollars, a huge team of lobbyists and a seemingly infinite amount of data on everyone who has ever downloaded the app.


    Michael Moskowitz was too little, too late for Uber. He wasn’t hired until well after this process got underway.

    The taxi industry has over a generation of contacts and contributions. The taxi industry, mostly controlled by Jesse Gaddis, has signed numerous contracts with the commission over the years.

    What I would like you to answer is how Uber operates in literally hundreds of jurisdictions without the strict regulations imposed by the Broward Commission? Has there been a wave of drivers attacking passengers? No. Has there been a wave of accidents? No.

  6. Mark Bogen says:


    While I rarely respond to comments, I would like to address your comments.

    First, I do not know why you claim all of the “Commissioners” are on vacation. As one of the nine Commissioners, I am working everyday and will be at my Commission office all week. I am aware of several other Commissioners who are working as well.

    Second, my fellow Commissioner Marty Kiar is not the only Commissioner who tried to work things out and wants Uber to stay in Broward County. I have used Uber while traveling in many states as well as in London. It is a great service and I believe many of the Commissioners would like to keep Uber in Broward. However, if Bus drivers, Limo drivers, train operators, Pilots, taxi drivers, Van drivers, etc get background checks before getting a commercial license, why shouldn’t Uber drivers? Isn’t our job to make sure transportation companies have “safe” drivers? Do you want to put your family member in a car without doing a background check on the driver?
    A background check is simple, fast and performed throughout the United States for most transportation drivers. I do not believe the public is aware that Uber management does not want to provide the names of their drivers as well as have the county perform background checks on their drivers. If you attended one of the Uber – Commission meetings, Uber said they want to perform their own background checks and not have the county do it. Do you think it is in the best interests of the county not to perform background checks? Does the public really know what is going on?

    When I speak at many of the condos and tell the residents that Uber does not want us to do background checks or fingerprint their drivers, they become suspicious and agree with the County’s position. What is there to hide? Once an Uber driver fills out an application, they can begin work immediately while the county does their background check. There is no delay in a driver working while the county does their work.

    I agree with Marty Kiar that some of the requirements may be too strict and there may be room to compromise however, to claim that we kicked or forced Uber out of Broward is not accurate.

    Last, when 200 Uber drivers came to the Commission to show their support, I personally asked each driver before the meeting if they mind us performing a background check. I asked each one if they mind a fingerprint check. Only one driver objected. Every driver stated they had no problem with it. So why does Uber Management claim otherwise?

    As for the claim that the Commissioners are showered with contributions, I did not accept one contribution from any company when I ran for office. With that said, the taxi industry stated to me that they only want a level playing field. If a taxi has to be licensed, then Uber should be licensed. If the county does a background check on a taxi driver then we should do a background check on Uber drivers. Doesn’t that argument make logical sense?

    While Uber provides a great service and I certainly like and have used their service, you can be assured that the County Commission is not interested in having Uber leave Broward County.


    Thank you so much for your comment.

    What you haven’t included in it, though, is that Uber conducts its own background checks. These checks include checks of court records and misdemeanors, which will mostly be ignored by the county.

    I’ll ask you the same questions I asked below. Why can Uber operates in literally hundreds of jurisdictions without the strict regulations imposed by the Broward Commission? Has there been a wave of drivers attacking passengers? No. Has there been a wave of accidents? No.

  7. Keep Ignoring Lamarca says:

    Hey Buddy,
    keep ignoring Lamarca because of political party and you’ll miss that he is all over this issue. I’m a democrat but the guy just keeps answering my emails. I hammered him when I thought he was like all the rest, but he has been the only one in support of Uber and for that I give him credit.
    – Thanks, Chad


    I don’t ignore Chip LaMarca. I agree he has been supportive of Uber.

    But LaMarca, who has surprisingly thin skin for a public official, doesn’t like that publishes comments critical of him. Too damn bad. If he doesn’t like criticism, he shouldn’t be in public office. I had someone calling my phone at the Sun-Sentinel for years and just leave the sound of a flushing toilet. I had somebody else write a letter to my wife and tell her I had AIDS. And on and on. I actually kept a file of anonymous hate mail, some with very imaginative obscene drawings of me on them.

    LaMarca should do what I have learned to do. Ignore anonymous comments, which are often akin to graffiti on a restroom wall.

    But he can’t ignore them. He refuses to talk. So I can never get his side of the story.

  8. Bradford Casey says:

    I agree with you Mr. Nevins. The UBER situation in Broward is about corruption at its highest levels. And as far as vacations for the commissioners, 4 weeks a year and that’s being generous.

  9. Kevin Cerino says:

    Only Commissioner Marty Kiar seems bothered that the popular ride sharing service is being chased out of Broward by the Commission’s over-regulation. – See more at:

    Not true. Commissioner Chip LaMarca also spoke out about this:


    See my comments above on my relationship with Chip LaMarca.

    LaMarca has blocked me from his Facebook page and defriended me in the past. If he doesn’t get his point of view in, its his own fault.

  10. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    The majority of the comm. could care less that Comm>Kiar sent Att.coffey . He \is one vote and will be the next county appraiser. Well, so much for your hammer guys. According to some Mr.Gaddis(yellow cab) cashed in. he feels the comm. better back him. $40 bill people. Uber could buy and sell you 100x Mr.Gaddis. I think the comm. should have taken Comm.Bogen ‘ offer of having Uber put up 250g(nice start). No , so now we as a county get nothing. The majority of county residents don’t want to take your cabs Mr.Gaddis. So enjoy your vacations county com. cause when you get back you got some angry Uber drivers and passengers that are pissed. And who is Uber kidding the money you are making in Broward County could by me a new Eldorado instead of the used one I just bought.(nice car-I putting a scanner in it)…

  11. Eric Hersh says:

    Uber has announced that they will be leaving Broward County on July 31st- Here is their reasoning:

    The Broward County Commission has created one of the most hostile regulatory frameworks in the nation, raising substantial barriers for local entrepreneurs trying to earn a living and making it impossible for Uber to continue providing the high standard of service and affordability the community has come to expect and demand.

    Consider the consequence of Uber’s departure

    · Hundreds, and perhaps thousands who rely on Uber for employment will loose their livelihood.

    · Thousands of tourist will loose this valuable service

    · Using Uber keeps people off the streets after drinking

    · Uber keeps people out of their cars, helping traffic, parking and congestion

    · Over 72,000 people have signed the petition asking the county commissioners to re-consider their regulation, and make sure Uber can operate in Broward

    Despite the overwhelming support of the public, and despite all the compelling reasons to keep Uber, the County Commission is ON VACATION and is doing nothing to prevent this from happening. In fact, the majority of the commission voted to take legal action against Uber to drive them out of business before going on vacation.

    Who are they protecting? Clearly, the taxi industry, (I’m sure they are big campaign contributors). Certainly they are not looking out for the public.

    Anyone who has used Uber knows that the service is far superior, and much less expensive than the unreliable taxi services offered in Broward.

    It’s no wonder the public distrusts their elected officials- here’s a perfect example of putting their political interests ahead of the public’s interest. Forget all the garbage they are saying about “Protecting the public”- it’s nonsense- this is all about politics and money. Part time drivers don’t need full time commercial insurance to protect the public. Anyone who’s taken a cab knows the quality vs Ubers quality. it’s a about political power and money to the county from fees at the airport and seaport, and new fees for registration of drivers. These are just more taxes that ultimately would be passed on to the residents of Broward.

    The County Mayor should be immediately calling a Commission meeting, and reverse this absurd position, and find reasonable solutions (like most of the rest of the county) to keep this valuable service.

    For the record, Mayor Ryan is my district commissioner, and hasn’t returned any emails from myself or others that I know emailed him. Nor did he bother to respond to emails sent before the votes on this issue.

    It’s time for leadership in Broward- I’m hoping someone on the commission steps up- otherwise; it’s time to replace EVERY county commissioner at the next election.

    Eric Hersh

    Former Mayor of Weston

  12. Coconut Creek says:

    Uber is good enough for Commissioner Bogen to use in other places and its not good enough for his voters???!!!

  13. Chip LaMarca says:

    Good one Buddy! No thin skin here, my friend. I just decided to simplify my life after my last campaign, having beaten the odds again (9% disadvantage) and never hearing a positive word from you. You see, when your former boss at the local newspaper tells me that the best way to handle you is to deliver a three word sentence that cannot be uttered in church, I have the decency and the common sense to not follow that advice. However, I do find it ironic that even my opponent’s failed political hitman and your weekly lunch date, Michael Ahearn agrees with me on this issue. Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll keep promoting the free market and healthy competition.


    Ha ha. Good one.

    Just to let you know, my former boss Earl Maucker, who followed you on the Lighthouse Point Commission, and I get along great when we see each other.

    I do eat lunch every month or so with Michael Ahearn. I have also eaten lunch with you. Just because I eat lunch with somebody doesn’t mean I agree with them. Just ask my wife.

    You called me after my comments above and told me you were unblocking me on Facebook. You can add Twitter to that.

    When you unblock me, I’ll post your comments below.

  14. Chip LaMarca says:

    I am writing the following response to those who will be affected by the statement that Über released today.
    I have been supportive of Broward County residents and visitors having the opportunity to utilize all modes of transportation for hire. For me this has never been about politics – only public safety. Both the riders and drivers agreed that we should know who is driving our loved ones around.
    However, when regulations become so onerous that it appears as if government is looking to exact a punishment against those who look to make their lives better, then I have to break with the majority. I DID THAT BY VOTING AGAINST THESE OVER-REACHING REGULATIONS…EVERY TIME.
    Our goal should be to bring back this ordinance and make the necessary changes that allow for open competition without jeopardizing public safety. Join me in suggesting this solution in Broward County.
    Thanks for listening,
    Commissioner Chip LaMarca

    If you are an Uber user, like me, then you will be getting the following email.
    Since Uber came to Broward County last August, thousands of local drivers have provided more than one million safe rides throughout the county. And during that time, dozens of states and municipalities have embraced innovation and consumer choice by passing sensible ridesharing regulations.
    Unfortunately, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners has taken the opposite approach, creating one of the most hostile regulatory environments in the nation. It is impossible for Uber to continue providing the high standard of service and affordability the community has come to expect under the burdens of these unnecessary regulatory barriers. Rather than provide substandard service, we have decided to suspend operations while we seek a path forward.
    As a result, you will no longer be able to request a ride in Broward County, starting on July 31. You will still be able to get dropped off in Broward, and Uber will remain as reliable as ever in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties.
    It is our hope that the Board of County Commissioners will revisit the issue and pass a sensible regulatory framework in line with the more than 50 other jurisdictions that have created a permanent home for ridesharing in their communities.
    We are committed to Broward, and we will need your help as we work hard to bring back the Uber you know and love. Stay tuned for updates on our progress.
    Thank you for all your support,
    Your Uber South Florida Team

  15. Chaz Stevens says:


    You and I share mutual friends … and these friends share with me your “behind the scenes” whining and bellyaching.

    Suck it up bro.

  16. Eric Hersh says:

    I applaud support by Commissioner LaMarca & Commissioner Kiar (who did respond to me), however, effective leader’s don’t accept being in the minority and blaming the majority. They get the job done- These commissioners should DEMAND that the commission return from vacation, and deal with this issue. We elect people to get the job done- not to blame the majority. We’re all looking for a leader to emerge on this issue.

  17. Bernie Parness says:

    Lets censor you. Why not. Forget your freedom of the press. Ignor them the way Uber flaunts our laws. Why bother have any laws. It interferes with business and profit has become your mantra. Make it easy for Uber Why when every other transpotation company has to obey the law. Let their be uninsured,uninspected cars on the road goog for public safety ?.

  18. Marc Oram says:

    It seems apparant what troubles the bureaucrats on the Broward County Commission is they can’t find a way to make money from Uber.

  19. Ross says:

    Buddy, are they the commission trying to say that to get a taxi cab license in Broward County you have to be fingerprinted.. That is absolutely not true. Check it out.

  20. Grow up says:

    Commissioner LaMarca, please grow a pair. If you weren’t in foreclosure and didn’t put yourself in horrible situations, Buddy wouldn’t write about you. I will admit you are a lucky sob to keep getting elected, but as any seasoned gambler knows, luck eventually runs out.

  21. Chip LaMarca says:

    Former Mayor Hersch,
    As much as you and I agree on many things, your comment is misguided. With my position as a party of one on the BOCC, it’s somewhat difficult for me to change eight minds, although it’s been done in the past (see Dangerous Dog Ordinance). As for what a good leader should do, I would have to be on the prevailing side to reconsider a vote.
    Our commission should reconsider this issue and allow for a vote for what this community wants.

  22. Judy Stern says:

    Buddy- As you know, I normally don’t post anything on your site. However, as a single woman, and a mother of two single daughters, I believe I have the best voice of the perspective of government regulating for the health and safety of its residents. Many of the individuals who are listed above that are attacking the County Commission would not be able to grasp that perspective, especially since some may not be a parent. I would have grave concerns for myself getting into a vehicle, or my daughters getting into a vehicle without being ensured that the driver has undergone a serious and thorough background check. Or that the vehicle (even it looks sparkling clean and new) isn’t undergoing periodic vehicle inspections. (See the story of the UBER driver rollover on 595 due to being stoned on pot, driving with bald tires). It is a simple matter of common sense and smart safety.

    Most of the professions today require a license to practice, and ethics and background checks. Lawyers, Teachers, Medical Doctors, Child Care workers, Hair dressers, and most professions today where you have direct access to vulnerable individuals require it, so why would you not want that of someone who controls the wheel of the vehicle, the driving path, and the locks of the car doors, to have the same requirement?

    Second statement that I find absurd, is the constant attacks on the conditions of our cabs. Living eastside, I use the cabs to and from our airport when I travel, which is often for my trips to NYC. I know when I return to my home in Fort Lauderdale, because every cab I have been in (always get air conditioning service and has never been a crown vic – those are undercover police cars, not cabs) immediately start playing a recorded video from my long time friend and a political ally, My Mayor Jack Seiler. Mayor Seiler does a fabulous job on the video played by the yellow cabs welcoming residents and tourists to our county, to our airport, to our port, and to all areas as he promotes our quality of life and tourism in the Fort Lauderdale area. The message from Mayor Seiler is a great way to make one feel that Fort Lauderdale and Broward County cares about the community. And Mayor Seiler would not place himself in a position to detract from his over 20 years of commitment to public service unless he believed his PSA was the right thing to do.

    I occasionally use Uber when I travel in NY. Why there, and not here? Simple. Uber is a regulated industry in NYC no different than the private car services and cabs I employ there. I talk with the drivers all the time and the only problem I see in NY with the Uber drivers, is their concern that their company is flooding the market with too many drivers compared with when they first started servicing the area, therefore the driver’s income is on the decrease from too many competitive cars from their employers, plus their concerns not being given an opportunity to grow with their company.

    Lastly, a true story. As we all joke about my cell phone growing attached to my head, I unfortunately left my cell phone in a Yellow Cab here in Fort Lauderdale. I was able to call dispatch, they located the vehicle and notified me they were holding my phone for pickup. Other friends of mine have had a similar experience with Yellow Cab, and in their case since they don’t reside in Fort Lauderdale like myself, the cab driver actually drove back to their home to return the phone.

    Uber in NY?? My daughter discovered as she arrived at JFK, she left her phone in the Uber car. When she called 411, she was connected to a company named Uber in NYC. However, that company did not know what she was referring to, as they UBER was NOT a transportation company. She then contacted me while she was getting on her plane and asked me to attempt to track down her phone with UBER. So I did the same thing, called 411 in NYC and kept being connected to the only phone listing for UBER and the woman was insistent that I had the wrong number. I went on line, and could not locate a phone number for UBER. It was quite frustrating to say the least. Finally, a young woman called my cell number, and asked I had lost a phone. She was a passenger in an UBER car in Brooklyn, and while the driver was ignoring the constant ringing phone in the back seat, she decided she should look and call back the last number and see if it was a lost phone. Thankfully, she took the phone and returned it to my daughter’s apartment. UBER had no contact or public phone listing in the NYC area for us to reach out and try to track down the phone. And the joke was, they asked if we would use their app, they could track it. However, without her phone and being at the airport, it was an impossible feat. Hopefully, they have since corrected this issue.

    Lastly, I noticed that Yellow Cab has been proving more PSA these days– How many of you recall seeing a Yellow Cab also painted as BSO car advertising Dont Drink and Drive.

    Can our home town companies do better? You bethca! But if they can agree to stricter governance, what is UBER afraid of. They already do it in NYC and Houston, why not here?

  23. Floridan says:

    Background checks are hardly a burden — thousands of youth sports coaches do it every year. It takes a few minutes.

    More important, is the proposed requirement that Uber drivers possess a Florida chauffeur’s license. I don’t see a real problem in asking those who convey the public to be held to a higher standard.

    But her’s a little brain exercise: what would be your position if some other multi-billion dollar company asked to be exempt from regulations that their competitors had to comply with — say the Related Company or Publix? Why couldn’t they police themselves?

    Uber doesn’t want to compromise because they don’t want to set a precedent. It has nothing to do with anything else.

  24. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Mr. Oram has hit the nail on the head! The bureaucrats in municipal, county, state, and Federal Government care only about l). their jobs, and 2). squeezing as much money out of us as they can, as Sir Humphrey Appleby explained so well. Government for the bureaucrats isn’t about improving peoples’ lives or government itself, it’s about squeezing the money out of the people who work hard to earn it. It’s not Jesse Gaddis campaign contributions, real or imagined, that is behind this vendetta against Uber, its the Commissioners not knowing how to squeeze contributions out of Uber or the staff squeezing fees out of Uber. Don’t blame a private businessman for the obvious malfunctions of the County Commissioners and their staffs.

  25. Neil Goodman says:

    Just one instance (of many!)….
    Wanting to hire a very nice applicant for a chauffeuring position for my company, he was rejected a license by Miami-Dade County due to a prior conviction. I suggested to this convicted felon that he apply to Uber, and within 2 days he was approved and was sent a welcoming letter along with a handbook and a smart phone!

    No need to worry, if County Commissioners are unable to bring Uber and other TNE’s down, the DOL will finish the job by deeming all their drivers as employees and not independent contractors. Their 50 Billion Dollar valuation will be diluted immediately, and their investors will be pulling their money out so fast, you will think that their all fugitives, running from the law.
    Which they ARE!

  26. Judy,Judy,Judy says:

    Judy Stern controls LaMarca, Ryan, and Wexler.. They must be scared coming on Nevin’s blog in her
    name. Uber fans keep the pressure on them. Cowards.

  27. Eric Hersh says:

    * I served as an elected official in Broward for almost 20 years- so I think I can grasp the issues.
    * I have 2 young adult children- and we rely on Uber to get them home from the nights out safely, and as a parent, I think I understand.
    * I’ve been taking yellow cabs for 4 years in Ft. Lauderdale- I know the condition of many is awful, and have NEVER heard a message from Mayor.
    * Lastly, you failed to disclose that you are a registered lobbyist for the taxi industry. See below:
    Judith Stern Judith Stern Consulting, Inc 808 E Las Olas Boulevard Ste. 103 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954) 524-3434
    Client Name Client Address Client Phone Subject
    All Broward Services 221 W Oakland Park Boulevard Fort Lauderdale UNITED STATES FL 33311 (954) 565-8900 General: Ground Transportation
    Specific: Shared Ride

    Does anyone think this isn’t about lobbyist and taxi money, and taxes to the County?

  28. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I live in Commissioner Ryan’s District and I don’t think Mrs. Stern or anybody else “controls” Commissioner Ryan! He comes from a long established Broward County political family that has THEIR OWN IDEAS and PRINCIPLES and to say an old line political family is “controlled” by a lobbyist or political consultant is to insult both the public officials concerned and the VOTERS WHO FREELY ELECTED THEM!

  29. Joe Smith says:

    Uber brokers jobs to partners 80/20 cut
    Unlike other online booking systems like Priceline or Travelocity, Uber connects their customers with partners that are not legally eligible to provide the service requested. Just like gas stations or sandwich shops, new brands starting in new markets comply with local laws specific to their industry in the case of Uber ( vehicle for hire )
    If its not economically feasible for that potion of Uber partners ( casual drivers ) to comply with requirements like insurance etc. Then it’s not viable just like $1.00 per gallon gas is not viable but wouldn’t we all like it and patronize the heck out of a UBER gas station. That is until they got shut down for breaking every rule in the book

  30. Ross says:

    ERIC HERSH, excellent answers to each question thrown at you. I loved the way you exposed that Judy Stern.. Keep up the good work and run for County Commissioner…I’m sure the other’s that voted against UBER are done Politically for Life…. Take their Hundred Plus salaries and benefits away..

  31. Ross says:

    Did the Yellow Taxi that ran over the pedestrian in Miami and killed him and left the scene have the required background checks, fingerprints, etc etc..